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Artist Jimmy Wright

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Someday I will have a Jimmy Wright painting of my own.  I have admired his work for years and I even found a reproduction of one of his Polar Bears that I could afford… but what I really want is a REAL piece. Sadly he passed away in 2008; Occassionally his work is for sale in a local gallery but they are becoming harder to find…I must not wait too long.

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Fall Wreaths

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I think Fall is my favourite! It’s not quite fall here on the westcoast yet, but this is for all of you who ARE experiencing the turning leaves and cooler days.  These wreaths are my inspiration this season, Perhaps they might inspire you?? Dont forget your michaels coupon before you head out the craft store!! I’ll post some pics if my results are half as beautiful as these

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Good Deeds

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Great Canadian shoreline Clean-up this weekend! I was lucky this year to have such an upscale beach to work on… Thanks Victoria, you are so clean! On my way home I doubled down on my good deeds as I saw a little black dog on the road.  I managed to catch her and brought her home.  I located her owner through the animal control and brought her back to them that night.  Her name was Bella and my dog was such a great host to her for the afternoon. Here’s a pic of them chillin.

K-Man and Bella

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Hair Don’ts

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OK,  the greys were showing and to be honest about 4 months of roots (re-growth for the un-initiated), the stylist is on holiday until mid October and funds are a little tight-ish so the logical choice is a DIY project, Right?.  I see those skinny witches with their long flowing locks tempting me on TV with a 10 minute fix GUARANTEED!  And honestly with every pony-tail day I was becoming more desperate and willing to believe that I too could have natural looking, shiny, multi-faceted (WTF does that mean?) hair color.   I did the deed and it looks so bad, I’m not joking, I look like Im wearing this dark wig I got for a halloween costume a few years ago. Dammit!  It’s sort of got a brugundy twinge, OMG I hate even writing the words. NOT GOOD.

I guess the issue here is why did I do it? I am certain (and husband confirms, YES) that the last time I did it myself I hated it and cursed the hair monsters.  He thinks that maybe there is a chemical in there that causes me to forget my previous experience..interesting theory.   I have a twisted relationship with my hair. Straight curly, long short, blonde brown ughh. Not a wonder they call many of the hair products “therapy” – I think I need some.  Box says 28 shampoos until it washes out.

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Squash is Good

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Sunday Dinner Sep 12, 2010

I love cooking, but I hate cleaning up! I will try to make this a regular contribution….when the meal is worthy!

My Inspiration: Anniversary dinner at Italian restaurant on friday night

My Menu: Roasted squash Manicotti and Pork Tenderloin with apple gravy.

My Wine: Sovereign Opal 2009: Calona Vinyards

What I did : Roasted butternut squash Manicotti  Cut the squash in half (substitute, acorn even pumpkin – not spaghetti tho), scoop out seeds and score the flesh with a knife. Pour olive oil all over and add salt pepper and garlic and bake at 350 for approx 2 hours or until fork tender. Scoop out into a bowl and mix it with about 1 cup of shredded asiago (could use parm or any other stronger cheese) some freshly ground nutmeg and more salt and pepper. (Adding ricotta or cottage cheese would make it go further.) I Boiled some Manicotti, filled a ziploc bag with the cheese and squash mixture, snipped off the end and filled each one. Tip for not ripping the noodle is to squirt a little into each side so your squirts meet in the middle. Bake them together for about 1/2 an hour with a drizzle of olive oil. Serve with roasted Pine Nuts (try with a cream / cheese sauce, pesto or a tomato sauce but they are also REALLY good just on their own). These would also be great in shells or as home-made ravioli   Pork Tenderloin with Apple Gravy Marinate the pork for about 4 hours in olive oil, mustard, salt pepper, apple cider vinegar, fresh rosemary, honey and garlic.  Bake @ 350 or BBQ the pork basting it occasionally with the juices until the temp reaches approx 170 degrees.  Add a touch of flour to the drippings and instead of water use some apple juice or apple sauce, stir until cooked.

Oh and a salad on the side :) – N

I'm not a food stylist....yet

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