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Resolution Redux

Written by on 29th November 2010 in Blog POSTS with 2 Comments

Celebrate New Years Again on New Years Day Eve.

That’s right, I’ll be taking it relatively easy this new years eve in order to run a 10km Resolution Run on New Years Morning….SO My party will be getting started as soon as I cross the finish line!!

Who – Everyone welcome – Running or not.

Where – Nicole and Chris’ House

When –  Jan 1st, 2011

What – Happy New Year (dé·jà vu  style) – Activities for the kids – Raclette Station (mmm) – Fondue station (m mmm) – Great music and good times.

Hope to see you there!

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Holiday Apps

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 These are for all those lucky i-phone owners out there.  I have not yet set foot in a mall, and it is not yet Dec 1st but I am looking forward to all of it!!!!

Free – “Fast Mall” – Mall Directory and GPS to find your car

.99 – “Christmas Calendar” – interactive advent calendar

Free - Menorah” – Light a candle for each day of Hanukkah

.99 - “Snowball Runner” – Snowball game

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Oops I did it again……

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I made another light fixture, this time for my master bedroom. Chandelier style fixture (Rona $29), Lamp Shade (Winners $16.99).

Be sure to get an up-light style so you don’t have to look at the bulbs. Why isn’t everyone doing this???

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Snow Day

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I went away for a few days to visit friends and came home to a winter wonderland – I am ready to get into the holiday spirit!!

View from my back door

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Final Fantasy Tree – My Guy

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My ‘final fantasy’ tree is a nod to one of Chris’ favourite video games and draws to a close my journey through a couple fantasy trees.  I have to get busy and put up the real thing!  Love you Chris…this one’s for you! xoxo

Sasquatch, bikes, cheese, x-box, keifer, sushi, coke zero +whiskey, bike parts, starbucks, caribou, more x-box, favourite berry, Canucks, Zombies, more X-box and Ghostbusters…why not.

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Fantasy Tree – Candyland

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This fantasy tree is actually my sister’s fantasy – She’s been in love with the idea ever since a 2008 trip we made to do some xmas shopping in the states.  It happened in Target…that is where she fell in love… with the candyland tree.  She has yet to take the plunge and buy a whole swack of new ornaments. Until then…

This one’s for you Kelly! Happy Holidays xoxo

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Before and After – Desk

Written by on 7th November 2010 in Blog POSTS with 5 Comments

I finally finished my Desk Project last weekend and got around to photographing it this morning! I’m really pleased with the results. Recap: Old Ikea Desk, Inspiration from Pottery Barn Desk Series, 2 Old oak file cabinets from Craigslist, Some Paint and lots of time!

Wall Colour Benjamin Moore CC-90 Natural Linen

Desk Colour Benjamin Moore Tmid White



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Fantasy Tree – Nature

Written by on 5th November 2010 in Blog POSTS with 2 Comments

Some folks do fantasy hockey teams, baseball etc etc. Me, I do Christmas.  My dear friend Amber does not know that she is my first subject – but the kind, beautiful and natural  way that she moves through this earth makes me think her Tree would be full of animals and love.  As an aspiring designer I am limiting my palette to natural elements, browns, coppers, bronze and OK a little glitter…but not too much as it is rarely found in nature.

This one’s for you Amber!! xoxo

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Written by on 3rd November 2010 in Blog POSTS with 2 Comments

I was intending to feature BC Artist Andy Everson at some point – No time like the present. I will update the blog in a couple days…I’ll just let this one resonate for awhile.

Remembrance - Andy Everson

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One Month Review

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Performance Review

I lurk around on other design blogs and I see that I am a bit different.  But that’s ok, I chose a distressed charcoal background, I haven’t mastered the art of pretty picture posts or any of the cool widgets yet, but I’m getting there!   I am also a bit conflicted and wondering if having a blog is THE most narcissistic thing a human being can do? 

She Nailed it!

I think if I had to commit to what my blog is evolving into at this one month review I would have to say it is a site documenting projects I’m working on, how I’m doing them and offering advice based on my experiences.  I may enter a pretty picture phase too, I’m just not there yet.

I hope some of these projects inspire you to make a mess in your house too!


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