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Ever see a piece of art that just grabbed you?  Artist Jeff Lewis has that effect on me.  His artistic influences inlcude Pollock, Miro and Warhol. His work is so alive and vibrant; perfect pick-me-up for a West Coast winter day.


Jeff Lewis : “My painting process is rooted in abstract expressionism and the New York School. When I am working, I am in the moment. It is purely an intuitive process.

The practice continues to grow and change as I do. The ovals came into the work in the mid-nineties; they are just a point of departure. My newer work is large, at times monolithic, abstract, and physically demanding to make.  The end result: a painting.”

[Quote from]

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The Dish on Bowls

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When decorating your home or office don’t overlook the dog beds and dishes that are usually in plain sight.  These items are WELL used in our home and they look it. My dog is a big guy and he has a little bench with bowls in our front entry which is functional but a little sad looking. Same goes for the dog beds that are scattered all over – but that’s another post. I’ve done a little searching and the funny thing is that elevated bowls tend to be highly “designed” and favour a slightly modern aesthetic. I thought the following bowls were worthy of note and cover a range of decor styles. Maybe one is right for you?

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IDS 2011

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Toronto’s Interior Design Show 2011 is happening this weekend!  Check out what’s new in Canadian design and catch up with all your favourties like Sarah Richardson, Allegra Hicks, Darryl Carter and Kelly Deck!

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Shameless Self Promotion

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My desk project is featured on the Ikea Hackers site today! Check it out!!!

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Designer Living – Modern Loft

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Seeing how designers live in their own spaces is so interesting….it really is a reflection of their pure uncensored creativity with greater risks and BIG pay offs in terms of style.  Here is what I hope will be the first of many glimpses into designer minds and interiors.

What a great way to start; I simply LOVE this modern loft!

Subject: Valerie Pasquiou, Interior Designer

On How she broke into the design business:

Valerie: If you can believe it, my big break came on my second job. Essentially, for the last year that I was doing set and production design, a friend of mine came up to me and said, “I have a 5,000-square-foot house, and would you consider doing it?” And I said, “Okay, I’ll help you.”

On Risk:

Valerie: I will say that I’m much less cautious than other designers from  America. I’m not really concerned with having everything match. I never have been. I’m not quite sure where the myth that things must or should match came from.

Source: - see article “Accidental Expat”  Q & A by Cate West Zahl, Photography by Tom Ackerman

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The Right Light

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My latest decorating challenge is finding the right light for my dining room, and as my husband has grown tired of looking at photos and hearing about the difference between chrome and brushed nickel I’ve turned to the blog to express myself once again….:)

I want something different, something cool and something that will strike the right balance between my traditional round pedastal table and the ecclectic look I am trying to create.  All of the lights below caught my eye. 

Yes, there are safer choices in the marketplace, but I’m feeling the contemporary fixture and I’m gonna go for it. Everyone should mix it up.!! Tell me, would you try any of these beauties in your home??  I will post pics in before and after when I’m done.



Johnathan Adler

Circolo 6


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Hackers Rejoice!

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If you like DIY projects, then you have probably modified an inexpensive piece of something from Ikea.  Allow me to introduce you to your people….the website features DIY “Ikea hacks” from around the world that are hit and miss in terms of my taste but certainly inspiring to see all the creative hacking.  Check them out!

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Comparison Shopping

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A few people have commented and asked about the nickel pendant lights I chose for my sister’s coffee shop.  I found them at Rona. Check out this comparison the Rona light is $78 the other is from and is $299.  Can you tell which is which?

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i so happy

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I got my iphone this weekend…thanks Chris!  How’d you like a stylish charger like this palm of your hand piece of art?  Look forward to my reviews of design apps and cool uses for my new toy.

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My Take

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 My process is usually to drool over some photos and then hit the streets (or the information highway) and find comparables so I can re-interpret the look.

I’m so inspired by the home in my post below (Ryan Brown) that I am sharing my ideas of where to get some of the elements.

Drapery Fabric from

Mimosa - Chocolate

 Iconic dining room light Fixture from Chintz & Co.


Collection of Frames IKEA


Orchids (They’re fake shhhh) – Restoration Hardware


White Vases – West Elm

Carpet - Select Rugs Canada

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