February 28, 2011

Book Geek Chic

That Bookshelf video got me thinking about my bookshelves, and your bookshelves and everybody’s bookshelves.  I started surfing and soon stumbled upon a blog that has a Bookcase of the Day feature, how cool is that? Check out I Suwannee for a daily dose of book geek chic. Remember in High Fidelity when Rob (John […]

February 28, 2011

Organization in motion

Saw this on Apartment Therapy today, and it made me smile!!

February 27, 2011

Baby Talk

My favourite baby is little miss Ellie and I can’t wait to see her on our visit this week! She has been referred to as the little giraffe because she’s so long and as a result the giraffe theme really took off! I am hopelessly unqualified to blog about all the necessary gear that the baby needs, […]

February 26, 2011

Handsome Fella

This happens to me all the time….I’m looking in a magazine or online for inspiration or confirmation of my design choices and then something in an image grabs me, speaks to me “Hey you,”  “Yeah you, look at me!”  This week it happened as I searched for kitchen tile and came upon a house with a […]

February 25, 2011

Kitchen Confidential

The search for countertops and tile continues and while I have found the materials I like I still have some comparison shopping to attend to to in order to be certain I have found the best price.  I recently found a photo of a kitchen ALOT like my own and Ive been carrying it around […]

February 23, 2011

House Tour – Interior by Peter Dunham

Relaxed and Refined. Peter Dunham is another favourite designer of mine, and you might recognize some of the patterns used in the rooms below as he is not only an interior designer but he creates the most beautiful (and popular) textiles as well!  This family home was featured in Traditional Home Magazine. I love the […]

February 22, 2011

Vintage Victoria

Mixing old and new is the best way to achieve a comfortable, casual and interesting interior.  Why not check out the Vintageous Fair this weekend and dig around for the perfect “something old” for your space? Show highlights include vintage fashion jewellery and home decor.

February 21, 2011

Homes & Hope in Haiti

Sometimes the most beautiful homes are built under the worst circumstances. To each new owner who is liberated from tents and uncertainty… these homes, and houses like them, ARE without question the most beautiful houses in the world. Each picture has a story. Over a million people are still homeless and at risk for diseases like […]

February 20, 2011

How I Painted My Cabinets

Disclaimer – This is not an easy job… or a weekend job. I spent two weeks on the process and then two more days to re-install and put on the new hardware. Not for the faint of heart! If you’re game then here are my suggestions and steps for success! Take a bad before shot (the […]

February 18, 2011

Pretty Picture iphone App

The free Houzz Design App lets you browse over 90,000 photos from top designers around the world and save the pics you like in your own ideabook.  The rooms are really well done and the selection is outstanding. I really like this App more than other similar photo  storage Apps in the istore. Check it out! […]

February 17, 2011

Designer Living – Kathryn M. Ireland

My admiration for textile and interior designer Kathryn M. Ireland borders on creepy but I thought I would come out of hiding and share some of my very favourite pictures of her interiors so that you too can gain an appreciation for her oh, so comfortable California style.  Known for her generous use of layers of colourful fabrics […]

February 16, 2011

Score! – Pendant Light

This has been a great week for sourcing lighting. My decorating is in full swing and on the weekend I found an outstanding and unique leaded glass pendant light for my kitchen.  The kitchen is tiny so one light over the sink is all I have room for…  This is alot of pressure for one little […]

February 15, 2011

Follow Up Video – Tommy Smythe Style

Video: Tommy Smythe’s Style. Suzanne Dimma sits down with Tommy at the IDS in Toronto a few weeks ago.  The new Apartment Tommy references is featured in the March issue of Style at Home Magazine.

February 15, 2011

Accessoire – D’oreiller

I’m practicing my french and narrowing down the all important accessory choices for my fabulous family room beginning with the humble throw pillow.  You may have noticed from recent posts that I am working on a look that is sorta cool, looks effortless and has a worldly feeling minus the spoon collection. In my search I […]

February 14, 2011

Fall into Bed/Love

Whether you need comfort and soft place to fall after a long day…Or you have other uses for it….there is no denying the beds importance is paramount.  The textiles in these rooms evoke an aged and travelled feeling, and when paired with neutrals… a perfect combination.   Happy Valentine’s Day.   Love from Nicole

February 14, 2011

Victoria Home Show

The Victoria Home Builders Association Trade show is taking place this weekend at the Save on Foods Memorial Centre. The event (Feb 18th to 20th) includes seminars for new homebuyers and  presentations by award winning designers and garden experts. Admission is $8 and $6 for seniors or $15.50 for a weekend pass (CASH ONLY) Some of the design […]

February 13, 2011

LOVE – Dining Rooms

I hope that you are getting a sense of my personal style preferences, and that you like what you see!  This post covers dining rooms and while I am known to occassionally catch a bite in the car as I run around town, I am also terribly fond of my own dining table and the […]

February 12, 2011

LOVE – Living Spaces

Comfort, warmth stylish and personal. These are my goals when pulling together a living space.  I am inspired by the following rooms and modelling my own home decor around some of the common threads. Walls and large furnishings are neutral Wood Floors and area rugs (red tones) Dark woodtone furniture Hits of Red, lots of Accesories, books […]

February 11, 2011

LOVE – Bedrooms

I recently got some great advice to stay focused on the things I love about design and decor…By staying on track my personal style will show through my choices of subjects and pictures AND my blog will become more cohesive for you, my readers. So, in this month of LOVE and Romance what better time could there […]

February 10, 2011

Vanilla did What?

  All right stop, collaborate and listen, Ice is back with a brand new invention… He’s ba ack. The ads for this new show make me chuckle a bit, but this is real folks. “The Vanilla Ice Project” airs this sunday on HGTV and Rob… ahem, I mean Mr. Ice will focus on his “passion […]

February 10, 2011

Shower Scene

I’m not blogging about the iconic shower scene from Psycho….but something almost as scary; ever heard of Phthalates? Vinyl shower curtains contain phthalates and other toxic chemicals that readily evaporate, or “off-gass” into the air; a process that is exacerbated by the hot steamy conditions of our showers.  There is reason to be very concerned as  these harmful plastics are linked […]

February 9, 2011

Designer Living – Tommy Smythe

Everyone loves Tommy Smythe, Sarah Richardson’s deisgn partner in crime, so who wouldn’t want to see how Tommy lives when he’s not working?  As I researched Tommy’s apartment for this designer living post I learned that new photos of his current abode are going to be featured on the mylucsiouslife blog!  All the better! I’ve […]

February 8, 2011

New Traditional

It’s no secret that I am a Traditional Home Magazine junkie and the fast approaching publication debut of their new online magazine Trad Home is scheduled for Spring 2011 …April to be exact.  I can’t wait!!! The Magazine will be co-edited by Lonny cofounders Michelle Adams and Patrick Cline and the hope is that the […]

February 5, 2011

Eye Candy

Choosing tile for my kitchen back splash is such a treat after all the hard renovation work Ive been putting in. There are so many beautiful colors shapes and textures to choose from that I had to share.  I’m leaning in the direction of green (materials and actual glaze colour) and Ive included some eye […]

February 3, 2011

New online Mag

High Gloss Magazine had their official launch February 1st and it looks terrific! Well done ladies Check them out!!

February 2, 2011

iPhone Fabric App

The Free eDesign assistant from Kravet allows you to search over 36,000 fabrics and furnishings.  Use your iPhone camera to match colors and zoom into the fabric samples for up close detail.

February 2, 2011

Cheese Please

Being relatively new to Victoria I’m still exploring neighbourhoods and looking for great shops and dog walks ….. so while most locals probably know all about (and love) this place, I’m just developing my crush! In the fall I came upon Charelli’s Cheese Shop and Delicatessen when planning a party and I quickly fell in love with the […]

February 1, 2011


Lucky girls (and boys) who are planning their wedding’s will have some truly unique choices after Valentines Day 2011.  A new brand called BHLDN is being launched (Feb 14th) by Urban Outfitters Inc. which operates specialty and lifestyle stores like Anthropologie. BHLDN’s first collection debuts through its online boutique, www.bhldn.com; consisting of heirloom quality wedding […]