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Modern Family

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OK, So it’s Wednesday and that means Modern Family is on tonight.  If you are like me you notice the set design of your favourite TV shows and movies, and so I thought you might appreciate a walk through Phil and Claire’s house.  The set directors for Modern Family describe the house as a Pottery Barn/Restoration Hardware Modern/Traditional. Works for me! These pics are from Hooked on Houses:

If you are really freaky (like I am) you might notice some inconsistencies between the photos above likely due to the fact that the set evolves over time and the pics are from various time periods.  I’ll be fixated on the set tonight looking for more changes!! Happy Wednesday!

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Ojai Ranch – Two Looks

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I read that Reese Witherspoon got married this weekend. She’s cute enough, although I wouldnt say I’m necessarily a fan. But the news of her nuptials, and particularly the location, did trigger a memory in my mind, and that is that Reese bought the house/estate that Kathryn Ireland remodeled for her book “Creating a Home” in Ojai California.   I love Kathryn Ireland’s style, and I dug up these pics from 2008 when I remember seeing the house without Kathryn Ireland colour and pattern everywhere. …Can you guess which I prefer….

Reese Witherspoon


Kathryn Ireland

Some more shots of the cheerful California Spanish style estate. These shots are from House Beautiful

And some more of the house sans Ireland:  These shots are from Hooked on Houses

Oh, and PS. if you come over for a margarita you can ALSO flip through this book on my coffee table.

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Book Brag

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I got a new book!! (Thank you Kelly!!) Undecorate is a new book celebrating the style and design sense of “regular”people.  It challenges the idea of designers coming into spaces and creating rooms for clients to move into, and instead highlights some well chosen interiors created by people with guts and a sense of personal style. I love the concept and although some of the interiors are waycrazy I love the heart that the homeowners have put into them. Love this book. If you come over for a margarita you can flip though it on my coffee table:)

Weird coincidence – my crib crush for March is the first house featured in the book.

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Bedroom by Numbers

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Ive been away for a few days dealing with renovation appointments and house guests.  In the meantime there have been lots of changes at this big old house, changes I am excited to share with you in the weeks to come.  An easy fix (and spring pick me up) is a re-do of my bedding & pillows.  I’ve switched it up to Blue and green. Here is a progression of my bed over the past year.

1st the worst

2nd the Best


3rd, what's the word?

 Do you like the Blue Green thing? I’m liking it, but I confess that I do miss the reds. This will be nice for Spring / Summer and in the fall I will follow my heart and put a big red Suzani on the wall and incorporate some funky brass light fixtures.  (The new paisley duvet cover and two front pillows are from winners/homesense and the rest is my old stuff)

Are you going to freshen up your bedroom decor this spring?

Contact me if you want some help making the place where you live a place that you love!

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Open A Window

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This weekend the sun shone on the west coast in a way that it hasn’t for months and I officially welcomed Spring!  Seeing this open window in a series of pictures from House Beautiful evoked a strong desire in me to air everything out and eagerly await the warmer weather.

The symbolism, beyond the promise of spring, is as the saying goes, “when a door closes… open a window” or something like that; and I feel that this is quite literally what I will be doing in the months to come.  This will be my year!   It means so much to me to know that there are people out there interested in the same things I am,  and I treasure your support and readership more than you can know. 

I hope that windows to new opportunities open for you this year too!

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Robshaw and Lucky Brand

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I don’t normally post on fashion, since I’m one of those reclusive nerdy types who goes out once a month. But….a few weeks ago I introduced you to one of my favourite textile designers, John Robshaw, and today I’m showing you the Spring 2011 line from Lucky Brand Jeans that he collaborated on. Nice! Makes even ME want to get out of the house:)

I would call it urban bohemian. Love it, I want the tunic/dress, the cardigan, the military shirt jacket and the peasant top. I like the boy stuff too, but hubby wouldn’t be caught dead in a scarf like that!

The closest store I am aware of is at Metrotown. Road trip anyone?

Hope you have a great weekend!

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Home Sweet Home

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Kelim Scene

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Kelim or Kilim rugs are flat weave rugs or prayer mats that originate in central Asia and date back thousands of years. I am currently shopping for a Kelim rug and I thought I’d share some of what I’ve learned and, of course, some pretty pictures.

These historical textiles are immensely popular today and although many people associate them with Turkey they were/are made all throughout the middle east.

In Canada we are familiar with First Nations art and culture and the Kelim is a similar representation of the craft and culture of tribes throughout Central Asia.  Like the totem poles of  west coast First Nations contain animal representations to symbolize life events and tell tales, so too do the designs woven throughout the Kelim.  Some of the design motifs include popular topics such as love and marriage:

‘Rams Horn’ and ‘Hands on Hip’ symbolize men, women & fertility

My search for rugs in Victoria has been pretty fruitful.  I went to a large rug sale a few weeks ago at the westin hotel, I’ve browsed Used Victoria, estate sales and my favourite…eBay.  So far I haven’t bought one, but looking is so fun I might hold out a bit longer. A few standouts for my kitchen include:

You can see how beautifully they blend with both contemporary and traditional furniture and architecture in this room by Peter Dunham…swoon.

Pillow covers are a popular way to salvage old Kelims that are damaged and the variety of pillows in the marketplace is astounding. A couple here to show the versatility and variety that make them appropriate for almost any decor style:

Finally, a confession: ….before I started to really appreciate these textiles and their history I would have said that this pillow was….gasp…. Santa Fe.  :)

Now I know better!



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Ikea and the Island

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When doing a home renovation project one learns the vitrue of patience and the hard lesson that you cannot control everything.  As a researcher and design buff I assure you that I researched my kitchen options thoroughly and no combination of sales or products at island stores can beat the prices at Ikea for kitchen cabinetry. So if price is your main issue, the styles at Ikea work for you and you don’t mind doing the assembly yourself it IS the right choice.

Like most things in life there is a downside and, yes peeps, I recently experienced it. But you can benefit from my experience and we’ll all be the wiser:)

PCL Ikea day trip: This is a super fun way to spend a saturday, BUT Check the Ikea website to ensure your items are in stock BEFORE you go over, or you may be disappointed like I was ;(  Bah such a rookie mistake!!!

Getting your order ready to ship: You should know that it is not a simple matter of a nice Ikea worker in Richmond assembling your order and putting it on a truck. Most of the delivery contents ship from California, to Richmond and they only ship when all the pieces are there. Having shopped just after the kitchen event, I was told they were having some stock issues… hmmm

Timeline:I was told that the delivery from date of purcahse was going to be 8 days.  I never heard from Ikea so I started calling around day 7 to ask about delivery times etc, and that’s when the confusion started.  My delivery took 20 working days to get here, that’s a whole month! so be prepared for this possibility. And adjust your counter top and tile trades accordingly.

Customer Service: I found the service polite, but totally not helpful. The young men and women I was passed around to did not have any REAL answers to my questions, and in several cases just lied about where my delivery was (of course I only figured this out after the fact).  Thumbs down on the lying…who does that?

Delivery Service:This part of the order went exactly as planned, the company received my order from the ferry, called me that day, made an appointment to deliver the following, and came right on time. Clearly the third party delivery company is not the problem.

I still love you Ikea, but I might need a break for awhile.

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Kool Kid Art

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I’ve spent some time recently researching Art pieces for baby and childrens rooms and I have to say…. YAWN. Most everything is s0000o predictable and really not that inspiring.  Decals seeem to still be a  hot trend, but I’m not really feeling it so  I’ve found a few pieces I think would rock a kid/baby space so here goes…

Modern Alphabet by Nathalie Nahas available through my new favourtie Canadian Blog/Store Modern Karibou

How about a little Canadiana?…if you can find one. The late great Jimmy Wright’s Polar Bears are an awesome choice for a childs room (or mine!)

Hippie Parents? Hip Baby? I like the colours of this one, available at

My obsession with Text as art lives on. And I’m not the only one…check out this awesome nursery from Rickshaw Design.

                                                                                                                                                             Sarah Richardson hired a painter to replicate her inspiration fabric on a feature wall. Nice touch… and better than the decal craze IMHO.

 And finally, one of my favourite tips is to find a used copy of your favourite childhood book, or a book with illustrations you love, and frame a grouping of the pages. It will make you smile each time you see it! Photo via Apartment Therapy.

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