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Peaceful Bedroom – My Take

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A couple months ago I promised a virtual house tour with local shopping tips so here is the second instalment…a bedroom.  This bedroom seems so peaceful and the bed so welcoming that I thought it deserved to be recreated.

There are a couple things about this room that make it special. First it has carpet whereas most homes today have hardwood floors, and the carpet adds to the feeling of softness and tranquillity. Second, the bed has a coverlet and not a down filled duvet, this is a bit old fashioned but chic at the same time, I like it! And third, the rooms colour and finishes are muted, simple and not overly expensive but it is all capped off by a splurge in the form of the fortuny light fixture. Gotta love the splurge!

Lamp – Canadian Tire

Bench – Chintz & Co.

Coverlet – PotteryBarn

King Headboard – Home Depot (online only)

Curtains – Potterybarn (but you can get them anywhere rona, fabricland, home outfitters, winners, ikea etc)

Books – your shelf

Fortuny Light – Bespoke

Pillow – Chintz & Co.

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Yard Sale iPhone App

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Of course there’s an app for that!  I spent some time last week gathering  information (old school) on local flea markets and sales to compile a comprehensive page on the website…but of course…sigh…. there’s an app for that called Yard Sale Mapper, and it’s free!!

The app uses craigslist and other forms of adverstising to locate the sales and sync the information with your geographic lcoation…Check it out! It just told me about 7 sales this weekend within 20 miles of my desk. sweet!

Happy Hunting! (I’ll leave my page up for those shopaholics without access to life saving apps!) Check back for updates as the season gets going!


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“N”eat Console Table

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In my ongoing quest for personal and unusual design and decor elements I stumbled across this beauty on the qerat blog. It’s a little too contemporary for my house right now….but someday how cool would that be?  These quirky and individual pieces are what make a space extra special..I hope you find some! 

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Fireplace Facelift

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Within weeks of moving in I wanted to re-do the fireplace, but these things take time…Here is the before shot – forgive the paint samples…

First thing to do was remove the old tiles. Not difficult they were glued on, and not very well I might add! Check out my drywall repair job..sweet.

Next we got organized with the tools (west saw, tape measure, level, mortar, bucket, water jug, fully charged drill, drill bit mixing attachment, trowel, old rags and an apron (the saw is MESSY). We protected the floor with a carpet of cardboard boxes and watched several how to videos on the internet. :)

We started with the “easiest” part first  (the part with the fewest fussy cuts) to get the hang of it. Oh and I painted the shelves and mantle with a few coats of Mustang by Benjamin Moore hoping I could just do a touch up coat after all was said and done…

My husband Chris made friends with the tile saw rather quickly and we got’er done over two weekends. We love that it looks like it has always been there.

Final step is to paint the shelves and mantle again. I dont like Mustang anymore so opted for Iron Mountain, by Benjamin Moore instead. The brown is actually a great primer for this dark charcoal grey so it’s all good. A couple more coats and I’m finished!


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Where Have You Been?

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I love these old transit style posters and I found a store on etsy that will customize them for you. So for example you could list all the places you have lived, or the places you want to viist…very cool. Check him out! (The pic is the link as usual)

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Faux Pass

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My Fire Place will be completed this weekend! And I thought I would take a little time to explain the process for any of you do it yourselfers out there.

First I researched the materials. There are a number of faux stone products available through your local big box stores but I ordered a sample from an online dealer because the faux stone they offered was closer to the look I wanted and they had a much larger selection.  The Sample looked like this:

The look of the faux stone was great, and as you can see it is a Styrofoam product on the inside. The only drawback, and ultimately a deal breaker for us, was the feeling of the faux product.  There is a cold hard natural feeling with real stone and we humans like to feel that for some reason. So while everyone agreed the Faux stone looked great and would certainly be easy to install, it just felt kind of weird to the touch.

In terms of price per square foot the faux and the real stuff are comparable if you shop around for a deal (which of course I did), but keep in mind you will have to add some specialized tools (like a trowel, mortar, wet saw, mixing bit for your drill and an apron for your husband who operates the wet saw!)  to your tab if you go with the real stuff. The real stuff looks like this:

This particular product is referred to as cultured stone, I don’t know exactly why. But Ive also heard it referred to on TV as ledgestone or dry stacked stone, so try them all if your stone salesman gives you the hairy eyeball to let him/her know what you mean. Also beware of the upsell.  I fell into this trap and purchased metal lathe, black building paper, special stapler, special staples…NOT NECESSARY.  The cultured stone can be installed with a polymer mortar directly to the interior wall.  And because there is no grouting, it goes up really quick.  Ive also heard from some people that the wet saw is not even necessary and that you can simply use your grinder with a mason wheel but what the heck, we have a wet saw now, might as well use it.

I’ll be posting a whole feature next week on my fireplace. Hope you come back and see! Have a great long weekend!

I am always happy to answer any questions about where I bought materials etc.

Contact me if you would like help making the place you live, a place you love!

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Trad Home is Here

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I told you about this magazine a couple months ago and here it is.

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Flea Markets

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I created a new page up at the top to keep a handy record of local flea markets. I will add some dedicated farmers markets as well once we get further into the season.  Hope these are helpful!


Flea Fact:   Did you know that you would call a flea market a “trash and treasure market” if you lived in Australia, or a “Bazaar” if you lived in India?

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Second Chances

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Who doesn’t want a second chance?  These old and sometimes damaged rugs are getting a second chance from Rug dealers who over dye, or sew together remnants to make what is old…new again. Check out these funky examples of recycling, or “up-cycling” antique carpets. I like this!  The rugs below are called “second life” rugs from Elte






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Oh Suzani

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So what is a Suzani? It is an elaborate embroidered textile, usually cotton or silk that was traditionally used as a dowry gift to the groom on his wedding day. The Suzani tradition grew out of the ancient silk road textile trade and continues to represent popular themes of home, love and kinship through its designs.

The moon, sun and flowers are some of the most popular circular designs and recently the popular suzani’s have popped up in home decor fabrics with a contemporary twist on the antique pieces.

Suzani Throws are used beautifully as Wall Art in the bedroom:

Martyn Bullard Elle Decor

Or on the Bed as a graphic statement:

House Beautiful


Architectural Digest


The motif is everywhere in Fabric: (Fabric: richloom, Jed Johnson, Waverly,

And Pillows: (Peter Dunham, Nathan Turner, Pier1, Kathryn Ireland)

I’ve never been to the far east, or the middle east for that matter, but I am still drawn to these pieces and marvel at the workmanship.  There are inexpensive Suzani’s to be had on eBay and there are local stores that sell them too.  You know the shops that sell sarongs, scarves and funky sun dresses, those ones! Dig around and you may find some treasures. I recently stumbled upon one of these stores at Bastion Square right scross from those hideous giant tulips. I don’t recall the name of the place but it’s packed to the rafters with esatern textiles and clothing. Sometimes rug importers have Suzani textiles too. Check it out.

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