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Pop Inspiration

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These days many of us are looking for more than just design inspiration. Maybe it’s the job or the relationship…but sometimes we need a reminder of just how great we are.

These wood block printed posters by englishman Anthony Burill are colorful and charming daily affirmations worthy of note.

Simple honest design, simple honest message…I’m simply and honestly drawn to them…

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Stinking Fish

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I am always encouraging people to include local and First Nations Art and objects into their interiors.  I like that they make a room feel authentic and most often the piece has a story behind it / memories attached which elevate it to special status in a home. There is a great oppotunity this summer to acquire your own piece of local art and to meet some great local talent via the Stinking Fish Studio Tour in July and August 2011.  Check it out!! You’re not going to find this stuff at the mall peeps!

Here are just a few of the cool pieces available that I spotted from participating woodworking artists, but check out the link above for all mediums including painters, potters, glass, jewellry you name it. Pics are the links as usual

I need this cutting board

Understated Awesomeness

I Promise to eat more salad if I had this bowl

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5 Things

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5 Things Million Dollar Decorators Taught Me.

1. Decorating IS a service industry, but insiders try to keep this on the down low.

2. Using three names, or punctuating your name with your middle initial, is essential.

3. Sometimes boys are prettier than girls.

4. Temper Tantrums and Thunder Stealing are totally acceptable behavioural characteristics among the design set.

5. And finally, the large and slightly obese yellow lab is the new “it” dog in L.A.

What have you learned?

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Pizza Pot Pie

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Lunch – Saturday – New Favourite? Definitely! (click image for recipe)

If you don’t follow Oh Joy, you really really gotta!

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Best Beasts

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I love these wild touches!! (photos are the links as usual)

Lion Pulls – Lee Valley Hardware

Bear Bottle Opener

Fox from Brass Gallery

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Temper Trap

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Lately Ive been listening to music as I research my decorating projects and I realized that I am totally inspired by music, lyrics and even music videos.  I figured I could illustrate this inspiration through my blog posts and we could both listen to some great tunes and review some of my decorating and design inspirations. (sorry if you’re at work peeps, plug in your headphones…it’s worth it!)

This Temper Trap Song and Video have the dubious distinction of being my first example.

The song makes me feel like summer and the video’s flourescent bulbs are a great use of light and movement.  It is all about the lights! And many designers, including myself are obsessed with finding the right light and the right amount of lights in order to visually balance and soften a room. The vertical bulbs remind me a little of Johnathan Adler’s Meurice Light.

I can imagine these hipster dudes hanging out in a corner like this….

Of course all of the above is available here on the island or via the internet. Shoplist. Runner-Dwell Studios; Chair-By Design Modern or eBay, Light – Johnathan Adler via chintz & Co; Kaleidascope Les Paul pic-Etsy; Long Exposure Photo – Chromaschema on Etsy [LOCAL VICTORIA PHOTOG!]; Table – West Elm. Iced Coffeee…mmm gotta go get one.

That was fun, I’m already thinking about my next post:)

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Fun Run!

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I forgot to update on my Half Marathon adventure in Ucluelet a week ago! It was really good, and while I didn’t win (ha ha that’s a good one!) I finished without injury and I had a great time! I took this photo with my iphone on the forested trail portion around the 16th Kilometre. It was truly beautiful.

We stayed at the Black Rock Resort and Spa which was also a beautiful destination…too bad we were just in and out for the race. We are heading back in October with friends to enjoy some storms and some wine…can’t wait.

And PS. It’s a dog friendly hotel:)

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Kind of Blue

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I’ve had a challenging few weeks, but as always my decorating projects and design blogging is far far away from the madness. I’m happy here! Thought I would look at some beautiful blue today and listen to a little of the eternally cool Miles Davis.

Loveseat from Chintz & Co.
Pillow Fabric – Trina Turk
Dragontile – Handmade here in Victoria
Child Size Eames Rocking Chair - Nood

Contact me if you would like some help making the place you live, a place you love!


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I’ve been researching kids rooms again for some upcoming projects and have found some nifty lighting options at Urban Outfitters that are cute enough to share.

One catches moonlight or dreams, the other captures the sun. Charming way to keep a light on with no baby nightlights in sight!

I love these circus looking letter lights for a childs room or playroom installation.

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Feast of Fields

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Feast of Fields – a gourmet wandering harvest festival – is FarmFolkCityFolk’s annual fundraising event. With a wine glass and linen napkin in hand, you can taste the very best of BC from chefs, vintners, brewers, farmers, fishers, ranchers and food artisans from across the province – some think of it as a 35+ course meal paired with wine and beer! Feast of Fields highlights the connections between producer and chef, field and table, and farm folks and city folks. Feast of Fields is a gastronomic journey towards a sustainable, local food system.

Tickets on sale now (image is the link as usual)

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