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Stroke of Genius

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Last spring I challenged my husband to select a piece of art from 20×200 because I didnt want to dominate our walls with my own selections.  One of his choices was this one by artist Jorge Colombo, but the intersting part is that he painted it on his iphone using the Brushes App.

Jorge Colombo

The great thing about this medium is that the artists whip up these pieces in less than 20-30 minutes, and they all agree that the convenience and the fact that there is no clean up make it an artists dream! I like this one by Stef Kardos of the Pasadena Club.

Stef Kardos

Not all the paintings are smudgy like these that Ive featured…I just happen to like this style. Check out the app for yourself, or google around for your favoutite iphone artist! Have a great weekend.!

Brushes App





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Table Talk

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This week after Million Dollar Decorators the blog world was abuzz over Jeffrey’s purchase of an occassional table instead of a coffee table for his sun room. Gasp…I know…riveting. I think this angle is played out and I’m actually more interested in the provenance of the table itself anyway.  Over a year ago I copied this picture, not knowing who was behind it…only that I loved it’s cheeky chunky and cheerful design.  Now thanks to the show I know it is by John Dickenson.

Lonny Jun-Jul 2010

Now everyone is talking about John Dickenson’s work because of the TV show’s popularity and why not, he sounds like he was a cool guy…and his designs speak for themselves.  If you’re interested the Style Saloniste blog written by Diane Dorrans Saeks has a nice article written about him.

If only Jeffrey could have bought more than one for his sun room…a group of three would have been perfect and cheap…only 51k!

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Console @ Work & Play

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Thanks to Jenn’s question, Ive expanded on my console table post to include some great ideas for the use of console tables in your space.

A console behind the couch is a pretty traditional use … but these examples are a little left of traditional and so they made the cut…

Kay Douglas, House Beautiful

Kerry Delrose. House Beautiful

Ever thought of putting one between two couches…

Traditional Home

My favourite is in the front hall / entryway of a home:

West Elm


covet garden – March 2011

Utility is key; many console tables double as desks or bar / servers

West Elm

Lonny – July August 2011


Lonny July – August 2011

Or maybe you can find the perfect fit for an architectural niche like this one?


Or show your true colours with this brightly painted one?

Adore Magazine

Go a little country….

House Beautiful

Or a little Rock n Roll….(I heart this!)

Nathan Turner

These tables were all styled beautifully for magazines.  You will need to play with your accessories to get the right balance or contact me if you would like some help making the place you live a place you love!

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I reached 40,000 unique hits since January 2011. Thanks Everyone! whoever you are!!

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Console with Soul

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Shopping for a console table is sometimes a little boring, they can be pretty basic… most having four legs and a top and not much more.  Looking for something a little more exciting  is my specialty and you’re in luck because a few local gems have broken through the four legged fog and grabbed my attention lately. Of course I’ll share them with you, cause I’m nice like that.

Monarch $899. This bad boy is hand carved and the front is actually four drawers. Beautiful and practical.

Urban Barn $599 This fella is made from reclaimed teak salvaged from plantation properties in India. Ethical and Exotic


Winners $799.  This guy’s a master of storage and organization and looks good doing it!


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Impossible – My Take

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Another Design interpretation/inspiration from a song and music video that I can’t stop loving.  Check out this look it’s kinda creepy/sexy. Pop me an email if you want shop details for any of the items.


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Not Your Grandma’s Attic

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Did you know that Chintz & Co have a virtual attic full of treasures and fabrics just waiting for you!  I make a trip to the Victoria store a couple times a month to visit my favourite chair and to fall in love with new things…. but I just recently spotted the “Attic” on their website where they feature reduced furniture and accessories. How did I not know about this??  Pic is the link as usual

Not to be outdone, the fabric department also has a sale page where I picked up a few metres of this last weekend for an insane price!

and did this…

So glad to see this feature on their site…more to love. Check it out!


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New Zine

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I like this one! It’s not all frilly and frou frou like some of the others. I don’t always LOVE modern decor, BUT I am totally into GUTS! Take a peek…it wont take long


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What’s the Difference?

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When discussing design choices with clients I often encounter confusion between the styles of furniture they are looking for. Most of the misconceptions centre around contemporary vs modern furniture styles so I thought I would highlight a few examples of the various styles that are likely to stay with you as you shop and discuss furnishings amongst yourselves :) Photos via

First, good old Traditional. Traditional does not have to be old looking, it needs to have the refinement and traditional lines that make it a classic. These upholstered chairs are great examples of traditional style.  They are Traditional due to the overall traditional lines, rounded arms, ornate feet, button tufting and nail head details but could be at home in both traditional and contemporary interiors depending on the upholstery choices. Remember – it’s the lines and the details – not the fabric.






Next, let’s look at Modern.  “Modern” is generally used in design circles to represent pieces and style from the 1950′s and 60′s AKA mid-century.  Modern pieces are defined by their stylistic properties such as an organic design, use of unusual materials and generally the ability to mass produce.  These examples below are modern due to the spare ergonomic design and combination of  materials (bent wood and leather) used to create maximum comfort with the smallest possible footprint in your room. Modern pieces are classics today because they have enduring timeless qualities that remain relevant. Not every design from this period is a classic…if you accumulate the wrong modern pieces you drift into retro territory which is another post.






Finally, I look at Contemporary style furniture as the furniture that is being mass produced today.  Generally the best styles are clean and sophisticated and tend to incorporate elements of both traditional and modern design…. although there is a large portion of contemporary furniture that is really REALLY BAD…so beware. These contemporary pieces combine casual over-sized comfort that is popular today with traditional styling in the chair and a half, while the more sophisticated arm chair blends traditional legs and nail head details with a slick sweeping arm detail.  Keep in mind (as with traditional and modern) that the cream of the contemporary crop of today will endure so choose wisely and you will have a piece you can live with for a long time.

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Do White Right

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Some people are afraid of colour, but if I had to pinpoint a design scheme I shy away from…it is white. It may be my big lovable (and sometimes dirty) dog or my penchant for eating grape Popsicles in bed but I’ve never had white jeans (well except that brief stint after seeing Dirty Dancing in the eighties) and I’ve never had a white couch or bedspread either.  Don’t get me wrong, the clean crisp feeling white emotes is very desirable, I guess I just know my limits :(   This amazing beach house by Ascher Davis Architects has done white right. So bright, casual and inviting. Each room is punctuated by a bold hit of colour or black and the overall effect is that the house feels like summer! Now if only Summer would arrive on the west coast! photos from elle decor

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