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Vintage & Retro Show and Sale April 8

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Hi Peeps, I’ve been called away to do some work so haven’t had time to post.  But I wanted to tell you about an upcoming vintage fair that might be interesting. Pic is the link as usual

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Birthday Equation of a DIY Junkie

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Some girls might like a night out on the town for their birthday, or maybe a piece of jewelry…. and who knows what else. I know what I like and it’s something like this….

PS – A big thanks to my girlz who took me out on Saturday night!!!  I loved it!



Craigslist Table




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Everything’s Negotiable

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I’m in negotiations to get this…. (ewww bad craigslist photo)

So I can make it into this…(in my basement bonus room with french doors…soon to be amazing office a la Emily A. Clark)

Wish me Luck!

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Candice Olson for Benjamin Moore

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Everyone likes to paint and refresh in the spring, check out this selection of Candice Olson’s favourite colours from Benjamin Moore. (pic is the link as usual)  The colours are not new…it’s just a peek into a designers bag of tricks.

Of course, I love that she likes some of my favourites such as,…niveous, edgecomb gray, gray owl and stone. Great minds think alike right!

Contact me if you would like some help making the place you live a place you love

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Kelowna Design Project Update

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Here’s an update on one of my ongoing design projects.  Most of the furniture we selected and purchased before the holidays has arrived and the house is starting to come together.  There are a few more key pieces and accessorizing to do, but the result is already warm and inviting. My clients are dear friends who have totally blown my mind with their willingness to follow my suggestions but also their increased confidence to carry on with the decoration of their home and make great choices on their own.  This project was very much a collaboration between myself and the husband and wife team and despite the fact that there were several interests at play the results are a testament to the great communication among us. Their home successfully incorporates their love of Canadian First Nations art with their need to have a safe and child friendly place for the little one to play.


This art piece is by Sabina Hill of Vancouver.

There are a lot of elements at play here. I needed to honor the client’s love of Stickley furniture and arts and craft design while incorporating contemporary art pieces, Traditional/Mediterranean architecture and a need for a soft and kid friendly space where everyone can flop at the end of the day. Tall order….but I think it is turning out great!


Contact me if you would like some help making the place you live a place you love.

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Lakehouse Home Store – Kelowna

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This weekend I happened upon a newish store (opened in December) in Kelowna’s downtown called Lakehouse Home Store.  If you’re not familiar… Kelowna is situated on the shores of Lake Okanagan in BC’s interior and so the store’s name is oh so appropriate.  I loved almost everything I saw and was sad that I had packed so light and didn’t have room to bring much home except this awesome reclaimed wood and slate cheese board…. (you can find me a Charelli’s Cheese shop later this week)


If you’re in the Kelowna area I suggest taking a look at this beautifully arranged store filled with all kinds of kitchen and furniture gems. The staff were friendly and helpful which was a welcome change from the snooty staff at another local home decor store whose name also ends in “house”… you know who you are. boooo. Honest, if I had my own store…I’d want it to be like the Lakehouse. Well Done!

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Pillows as Procrastination

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I’ll take any excuse to lurk around fabric sites dreaming about pillows and curtains I could make one day…you know with all that free time I have:)  With this proposal looming over me, I’m finding the fabric porn irresistable and tonight I actually pressed “purchase” on one of my favourite fabric sites…. Designer Fabrics Online.

I intend to make some pillows for a client that I’m betting she’ll love, and if not they can be the first set of pillows in my online store…you know the etsy store I’m going to open in my free time!   They are going to be One side pattern, one side solid.

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Go Canucks!

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I’m up to my eyeballs writing a research proposal this week:(  I’d give anything to go to a Canucks game right now:) And I plan on doing a happy dance like this little man when it’s finished at the end of the month! Too Cute!





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Design District Studio – Open House

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Last night I did something I’ve wanted to do for awhile, I went to the Design District Studio at 1826 Government Street. I wanted to check it out but I admit I wasn’t quite sure what to expect ….so I went with an open heart and the first smiling face I encountered was that of the beautiful and friendly Danisha Drury; one of the owners along with her business partner Donna Morrison. I talked with Danisha about the selection of fabrics (of course fabric freak) they carry and the resources the studio offers for local designers…like me!…maybe like you too?

You might recall that I posted awhile back about a new Victoria based design show featuring Danisha and another local designer; Amy McGeachy.  Clearly these ladies have a lot going on but I was impressed that they opened the studio doors to everyone and were so nice to talk to. Meeting new industry people is sometimes tough and competitive but this was a breeze. Victoria is SOOO Nice!

I’m going to try to take advantage of some of the resources and networking opportunities they have so I can be an even better designer and provide an even better level of service. Congratulations Design District Studio! You’ve successfully created a stylish destination and a valuable resource for the Victoria Design Community!

Don’t forget about the Home Show this weekend peeps! Click here for the deets.

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I’m Featured!!! West Elm – Front & Main

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Check Out West Elm’s Front & Main Blog Today…You might recognize my room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Click below for a link to their site!

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