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Old School Red Paint

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Ever admire an old barn or building painted in glorious shades of red? I love the juxtaposition of red buildings set in a golden prairie and I was happy to find a document, while procrastinating working at the archives the other day, that conjured these visions for me.

Check out this recipe for paint ca 1909…

 Recipe for Making Paint

Made as follows, and no more should be mixed than is to be used that day; Stir into one gallon of milk about three pounds of Portland Cement and add sufficient Venetian red paint powder to impart a good color. Any other coloured paint powder may be as well used. The milk will hold the paint in suspension, but the cement being very heavy; will sink to the bottom, so that it becomes necessary to keep the mixture well stirred with a paddle.

Apply with an ordinary whitewash brush.


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Small Cool 2012

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Don’t miss this years entries in the Small Cool Contest at Apartment Therapy…Which ones are you voting for??


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IKEA Richmond – Re-Opening

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If you’ve been wondering why IKEA Richmond hasn’t had your favourite items in stock lately, it’s because they’ve been under construction and getting ready for an expansion & re-opening beginning April 25th.  I noticed this morning that they are having scavenger hunts around Vancouver for coupons in amounts up to $1000 … click here if you want to play.  It’s going to be a zoo, but I had to give you the details anyway :)

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Home Show 2012

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Don’t miss Victoria’s biggest home and garden show April 20-22nd at the Juan De Fuca Rec Centre located at  1767 Island Highway. (Pic is the link as usual)


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Give Me a Sign

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It’s TIME!! I’m starting to think about decorating my office, eh hem…OUR  office downstairs!!   And so, while the mister busies himself with thoughts of more RAM and ridiculously large monitors I am turning my attention to funky details that will make me happy.  How about a sign outside my new french doors leading to the…well you know.  Here’s a great example of some retro signs from schoolhouse electric. How do I choose?

Contact me if you would like some help making the place you live a place you love!

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Tolix Chair

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In keeping with my post earlier this week on the funky new local industrial furniture store Trade Roots. I thought I would share a little bit of history about a purchase I made there last week that satisfied a longing I have had for an iconic chair.  Some of you may know that in my old life I was an historian…yawn…I know; however my two loves of history and design actually really blend pretty well. So here’s a quick lesson so you can look like a smarty pants.

First it might be helpful to show you the basic design…It is widely known as the Tolix Chair

Inspiring photos that spurned my affection for these battered beauties include…

Architectural Digest – April 2012

Pinterest – Unknown

Apartment Therapy

 So once I actually found them locally I snapped two up for my next project (TBA) and did a little research to inform myself of the provenance and history of these funky french chairs.

First I learned that they are so much more popular and renowned than I was aware of. Tolix chairs can be found  in design museums around the world and are celebrated for their exceptional design, excellent use of materials and comfort. The guy who gets all the credit was a sheet metal worker in France named Xavier Pauchard. He trademarked the Tolix in 1927 and started production of the chair, armchair and stools shortly thereafter.

The stack-able, lightweight , rustproof and easy to clean chairs became popular in hospitals, offices and public cafes and remained a staple in European design for the last 80 years.  In the mid 2000′s new management in the Tolix manufacturing company encouraged the production and export of the chairs to America which is why these Legit Tolix chairs are  available to us today.

Do you want one now?


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Trade Roots – Victoria, BC

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There is another great reason to head down to Victoria’s Design District! Trade Roots, is an industrial antique furniture and decor store located at 545 Herald Street featuring one of a kind pieces you are sure to love.  Local owners, Carla and Christos Koulas, are breaking through the existing French, English and mid-century antique market in Victoria and tapping into the cities love of local, eco-friendly design and the exceedingly popular industrial furniture trend.

Designers and homeowners can find select pieces on and everyone is encouraged to walk through the showroom and experience the interesting variety of steel multi-drawer cabinets, Indian and Chinese antique chests and a cool selection of artifacts and decor pieces to suit almost any interior. You might even be greeted by their dachshund Daisy if you’re lucky.


Trade Roots is committed to local sustainable design and they work with local craftsmen and artists to refurbish antiques and up-cycle old materials into something new.  Their handmade vintage light fixtures are a great example of this; using old metal baskets and industrial salvage they are creating affordable pendants filled with character you just can’t buy anywhere else.

The store operates on the premise that people put their principles first and they have set the bar high for themselves to lead by example and promote what they call “the wonderful world of old”. Indeed, the old world antique furniture found in the store arrives as a result of a partnership with a Vancouver antique dealer who travels the world in search of unique treasures directly from manufacturers.  The fact that Trade Roots is not far removed from the manufacturing of these imported pieces is an important feature in their overall commitment to eco-friendly and fair trade business practices.


I sat down with the lovely Carla Koulas and asked her a few questions about the store.

N: In a few words how would you describe your store and the furniture and decor items you sell?

C: Functional, Cool and Funky

N: Who would you say is responding most to the aesthetic of the pieces you carry?

C: I would say that most of our customers are focused on quality and appreciate the unique one of a kind character of the pieces.  At least once a week I hear somebody tell us that they are slowly weeding out their IKEA furniture in favour of one of our pieces that are meant to last.

N: Where do you find all these great pieces you have in the shop?

C: We have some amazing connections and that is the key. Believe it or not we have not had to really seek out pieces yet because there are so many people who have interesting things that are finding us!

N: Your store has a mix of creative reproductions and up-cycling as well as antiques. What are your favourite created and antique pieces?

C: We recently received some antique nautical artifacts and I am in love with a stunning solid bronze yacht compass.  My favourite creative piece so far is a mid-century maple and brass tripod style surveyor’s lamp.

N: What is the direction of the store? Is there anything customers should know about?

C: We will be having our 1st anniversary in August 2012 and we will plan some kind of celebration for that.  Last year we held a charity auction which we would love to do again and we are talking about an event to get to know the local design community.

Check Out Trade Roots!

545 Herald

Tuesday to Saturday 10am – 5pm, Sunday 11am to 4pm and closed Mondays.

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Domino Magazine – April 17, 2012

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April is a great month…it’s spring, it’s the birthday month of my better half and this particular April is special because Domino Magazine is once again hitting news stands. Watch for it April 17th!

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Sagers Outlet Store

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I was in one of my favourite local stores, Sagers Home Living,  this weekend and noticed advertisements for a clearance outlet location. Hellooo!!

They are located at 2809 Quesnel Street and open Saturday and Sunday 12-4pm.  The Outlet carries showroom samples and discontinued items.  Guess where I’ll be on Saturday? I have to check it out….Maybe I’ll see you there?

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