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Hodge:Podge – I’m So Canadian Today

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How sweet is this? The lovely Barbara (who I met during the One Room Challenge this summer) from the stylish Vancouver Blog Hodge:Podge invited me to join her esteemed list of Canadian bloggers and designers in a series she writes called ‘So Canadian, eh?’  I love reading this series about some of my favourite Canadians! Check it out Peeps!


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Crib Crush – NAROFSKY

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If you’re like me and you are looking at design all day your tastes and influences are inevitably going to change. Moving to the west coast and immersing myself in the field of Interior Design has resulted in a shift in my own esthetic. So in my next home…I’d like this. Or…. wait five minutes and I’ll show you a Spanish Colonial. Sigh. Just enjoy.

Photos Courtesy of Houzz. Interior by NAROFSKY Architechture and Ways2Design

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Attention Etsy Shoppers – Sold!

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What a fantastic weekend! I got the Etsy shop running, had amazing support and feedback and even made my first sale!!  Sweet!   The Peppercorn pillow above will forever be my first:) But don’t worry I just made another one and I’ll list it on Tuesday when I’m back from Vancouver.

Happy Monday Peeps. And Thank You for being so amazing!

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E is for Etsy

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Whoa! Today is the day. I’ve filled and fluffed and karate chopped some pillows and now it’s time to push them out of the nest.  I finally listed some pillows  Wooo hoo!  Here is the link to the shop. And, from now on you will find that little orange “E” in the follow me section on the right sidebar so you can always come visit.

It took a little while to get it going and photographed..Props to all shops! But it’s coming along nicely and I’ll keep adding more as I go.  REMEMBER I do custom orders too.

In October I’m planning a giveaway on this blog and my One Room Challenge and BLEND peeps will get a special discount cause I love’em. So stay tuned for your coupon codes ladies!                            Remember E is for Etsy!!

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True Dat

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Spruce Collective

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A cool new store just opened in Abbotsford, BC and I had to tell you about it.  5 cool chicks who get their kicks from vintage finds have opened a collective called SPRUCE.  Their grand opening will be later this month so check back with them if your obsessed with finding treasures…like me….and apparently… like them!  I’ll have to try to get myself to Abbotsford soon…Road Trip anyone?  Good Luck Ladies!!! What an inspiration! Pic the the link as usual.

2622 Montrose Avenue, Abbotsford BC 604-855-0506

Monday-Saturday 10-5pm and Sunday 12-5pm.

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Written by on 18th September 2012 in Blog POSTS with 1 Comment

Check out these Bamboo Chairs! Set of 4 $25. Wha!

With a little imagination you could turn them into this

Seriously, I was going to buy them….maybe I will. No, but you should though! I’ll even help you recover them cushions if you want.:)

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Laminate Floors Anonymous

Written by on 17th September 2012 in Blog POSTS with 2 Comments

My name is Nicole, and I installed laminate floors.

Of course I love wood floors. They’re beautiful, expensive and don’t hold up to the wear and tear of my current lifestyle.  Now, before you imagine cheap and ugly laminate from the 1990s I want to share my floors (outing myself as a LAMINATOR) and show a selection of textured laminates that might change your mind.  I came to my decision partly because of this guy…and it didn’t hurt that he helped install it. Good Dog.

I have clients on the fence and I am suggesting laminate for several reasons. Such as….

  1. budget ;
  2. easy to install;
  3. durability for homes with pets;
  4. less impact on wood resources;
  5. AND….They CAN look great!

Check out these textured laminates.

And these…

And here’s mine…although it’s a bit darker brown in real life.

Here it is installed in my basement. K is sad because the last bit of nasty carpet has been removed.

I know that for many decorating and design is all about beauty and quality and so some folks are dead set on the real thing. That’s OK, I think I get it. But for me, decorating and design is about living better so if that means I save a few thousand dollars for my family and allot of shrieking when there’s an accident (not naming names) then I’m going to opt for the savings. You can install it in the basement too which is fantastic! For me,  a thick plank of laminate installed properly can give you the look and feel of wood floors for way less. No squeaking either! Laminate works for me, and I’m OK if everyone knows about it.

Contact me if you want help making the place you live a place you love.

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Do you Groupon?

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Do you Groupon?  A couple years ago when I started this blog I had just moved to a new city and I went hog wild purchasing groupons to explore new food and entertainment possibilities around Victoria. It was great.  Cut to a few years later and I have more than a few unused groupons….like the awesome fish place in the harbour that I never make the trip downtown to visit, or the day aboard  an ocean fishing charter…. or my personal fave…pole dancing classes. Wha?!? (in the unused category BTW)

But this week, I’ve finally hit the jackpot with groupon because I bought some classes on glass blowing and glass making that I WILL attend.  I’ve always wanted to try it …and this is my chance…Supervised – of course:)

This may be the most schizophrenic groupon mash up around…unless you can top it! What groupons have you bought? Used or unused?

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Written by on 11th September 2012 in Blog POSTS with 5 Comments

This week on USED VICTORIA I found another awesome table….(pic is the link as usual)

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