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New Fabrics Arriving

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Fabrics are arriving! Very exciting!

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This week I was drawn to the inset pulls on these two bedside tables..Add some corners and you’d have some gorgeous campaign looking pieces.

Corners at Lee Valley

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DIY Sunday Night

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Let me tell you how much fun I had with a bunch of peeps last night down at the Trade Roots Store on Herald Street! The owners of Trade Roots, Carla and Christos,  and I hosted a fantastic and fun workshop where we all made DIY subway style signs using local street names and neighbourhoods.  I’ll get some pics of the final products to share with you soon. But this is how it went down!

Set Up

Paint and then break for snacks and drinks! Yes please!


Peel …

…and Peel some more…

to reveal a super cool sign that YOU made.

I ll post some final shots of some of the signs after next weeks workshop…don’t want to give away too many secrets before the next one!  Will you be joining us on Sunday?

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Earthy and Colourful

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Check out my latest design proposal for a basement project influenced by the clients love of South American Art and travelling. I hope they like it!

 See you at my workshop this Sunday!!

Contact me if you would like some help making the place you live a place you love!

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So here’s the thing. My husband is an amazing wonderful supportive guy. He’s my driver, my navigator, my assistant, my manager and my biggest fan.  We drove all around town yesterday just so I could get these two Foo Dog Lamps. Loved Them for a project I’m working on!

Upon arriving home, and while the Mister fumbled with his keys at the door…the unthinkable happened. Yep. The lamp separated at the point he was holding it and crashed to the ground. Broken.

Sad. Back to the drawing board…Of course I’ll try to fix it…I actually think I can…but this is the first installment in my Design Disaster Tag series.  Help me feel better and tell me one of your disaster stories!!

This is the awesome ecard he just sent me….He knows about Chinoiserie!!

Hope you’re having a better day!

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My pick on Used Victoria this week is an awesome pair of FOO DOG Lamps! Switch up those shades and you have a winner. LOVE THESE!

I actually pitched these to a client this week. I wonder if she’ll go for it?

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Closet Case

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This weekend I had some time for myself…so of course I emptied the contents of our closet onto the guest room bed and went to town. Isn’t this what all sane women do for fun?

The closet was Full and Dark and BAD.  Truth is it was also 90% my husband’s clothes.  You see in my quirky mind I have always thought that since he has an office job his clothes need organization and hangers more than those of a lowly consultant.  But now! Now that I’m working with clients and generally out there doing my decorating thang we both agreed it was time for me to graduate from clean folded (OK not always folded) piles in the laundry room to my very own section of the closet. Woohoo.

Here’s how it looked Saturday morning. (Embarrassed – but this is how it really looks)


I used paint left over from another room and a light fixture that didn’t sell in my garage sale. I will still look for a better light – but it works in the meantime. I re-used the closet rod and bought one extra to add a new one. Total cost $22.00 + tax.

Saturday Evening!

Reality Checks:

  • Smells like Paint in there!!
  • I didn’t have much funds for this so I recycled the paint and light fixture. Closet rod supplies cost $22 plus tax
  • There are still  tools on my bedside table
  • I love patterns and scarves and patterned scarves!
  • I have 10 hoodies (ridiculous) none of which are allowed in this closet. I’m raising the bar on myself!

Despite the fumes and the hard work … I swear I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

Organization is a beautiful thing.


Contact me if you would like some help making the place you live a place you love!

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Hi Peeps. wow, crazy week around these parts…hopefully next week I can manage an update!

In the meantime I’m looking forward to a little scavenging this Sunday at the Victoria Flea Market; An INDOOR event that rarely disappoints.  I’ll be doing some prep work for my sign workshop in a few days (which is SOLD OUT btw!!) and maybe tackle a Halloween craft project with my nieces, start work on my walk in closet refresh project, photograph some new pillows and spend a few precious moments with my dog K-Man.  He has recovered from surgery very well. And although we’re all adjusting to the new reality…it’s ok…we are all doing ok. Thanks for all your well wishes! Update and pics next week. Promise!

What are you going to get up to this weekend?

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HBC Blankets – Points for Creativity

Written by on 17th October 2012 in Blog POSTS, Design & History with 2 Comments

The iconic HBC blanket is popping up for me lately. It must be the cooler weather.  I saw one at local decor store Trade Roots recently and thought about some cool ways you could use a piece like this…but not as a blanket…No toooo itchy for me!  I wondered if it might be breaking some rule among historians to even consider re-purposing a vintage bay blanket like this;  But the truth is that the blanket’s original purpose was to be re-imagined into something else. So I think I’m good.

The blankets were sold in exchange for furs and their primary use was in the creation of outerwear (coats).  The blankets were a popular alternative to garments made from bulky Buffalo skins or those of smaller animals and were sold according to their size which was measured in points.  So, if you’re shopping for one today and it is referred to as having points that means it should have a corresponding number of  lines or  ‘points’ woven into the side of the blanket. The Points ranged form 1 to 6 and represented the finished size of the blanket without having to unfold the whole thing and measure or weigh it. I guess fur traders had no time for additional folding. Smart though!

There are plenty of new blankets in the marketplace and many oldies but goodies to be found in vintage stores, on Etsy and Ebay.  Of course the Bay still sells their original blankets and accessories too…and while none of these are from the Fur Trade they are still cool and Canuck nonetheless.

Think about using your Bay blanket for something other than a blanket…you might get more use out of it!

I Loved this Headboard upholstered in a wool blanket from Apartment Therapy.

Notice the lines on the side. This one is a six point (the largest size). Nice touch!

This is a cool room and HBC inspired chair, from Design Sponge

Who doesn’t love a pillow from Etsy?

And for those brave enough, make blanket pillows. very cool! From Etsy

or, how about an ottoman?

Contact me if you need help re-purposing a wool blanket. I’d love to help!

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DIY Sign Workshop – One More Night Added!

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Due to an overwhelming response TRADE ROOTS and I have agreed to host another SIGN workshop night!

So, if you missed out on the first one, don’t despair!

We will host a second evening DIY Sign Workshop at TRADE ROOTS on SUNDAY NOVEMBER 4th at 6PM. RSVP to to save your spot now!


See You There!

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