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Book It

Written by on 29th November 2012 in Blog POSTS with 2 Comments

If someone on your list is obsessed with Interior design like me (and probably like you too) here’s a couple books that have recently come out that are sure to please.

Nate / Thom / Steven / Eric / Salvage Secrets / Rough Luxe

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For the Love of Tea

Written by on 28th November 2012 in Blog POSTS with 2 Comments

Here are some more great gift ideas from local Tea Companies! Who wouldn’t love one of these! Click around onto the pictures I’ve linked everything up for your viewing pleasure!

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Written by on 27th November 2012 in Blog POSTS with 4 Comments

This week I’m playing a waiting game with my Used Victoria selection to see if this little fella is still available next weekend. Maybe I’ll go to Duncan and get him. I’m digging the feet & legs, the price and the fact that it’s a little bit of a project….but not too hard. What do you think? Potential? Pic is the link as usual.



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Take a Coffee Break – Local Coffee Gift Ideas

Written by on 26th November 2012 in Blog POSTS with 0 Comments

I love everything on this post today, the only thing it needs is some vanilla sugar and it’s darn near perfect! How’s your shopping going? I hope these local lists are helping you get creative and SHOP LOCAL:)

Sources mugs / tamper / Salt Spring Coffee / knockbox / Breville /

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Picking Pictures

Written by on 25th November 2012 in Blog POSTS, Design & History with 3 Comments

My two worlds collided recently when one of my clients inquired about historical photos and whether we could find some for her place. (you may or may not know that I am both a professional historical researcher AND interior decorator extraordinaire)

I said “Uhhh YEAH!”   So, I have been spending a little more time in the 19th C than usual lately trying to find just the right shots…more on that in the new year when the client’s installation happens. In the meantime I’m considering several great shots of the legislature and the Empress and some street shots too, I can’t reproduce them here on the blog due to copyright restrictions… but If you want some too…and let’s face it I’m sure you do! You can start here, or contact me. Of course I’ll help you…I’m nice like that:)


In the spirit of the holidays I loved this one of Spencer’s Department Store ca 1929 on Government St. It closed in the 1980′s. Photo Courtesy of VPL special collections Accession 17174 Date 1929; Photographer: Unknown.



I also loved this old shot from ca 1922 of the Hudson’s Bay Building on Douglas St. Which is now home to the stylish Hudson Lofts. Photo courtesy of VPL Special Collections Accession 11257 Date 1922; Photographer Frank Leonard.

Now, of course Victoria has a LONG history and is one of the oldest cities in Canada, but truth is the pics of Vic in the 1860′s just aren’t that pretty and I’m looking for candid and lively photos of the city…so if any of my history nerd friends are reading this and scrunched up their noses at the thought of 1929 being “historical”  I’ve explained myself. :)

Have a Great Week!

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Pillow Contest Winner!

Written by on 23rd November 2012 in Blog POSTS with 1 Comment


There were 25 entries including multiples….Thanks everybody! and Congrats to Angela S! Your submission naming the pillow “500 hundred miles” was the winner! Send me a private message on Facebook with your address and I’ll mail it to you!

Cool back story… Angela used to live next door to me when we were little…way back when I lived in snowy Edmonton. So great that you found me Angela, I hope the pillow loves its new home.


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What to Buy for the Beer Guy

Written by on 21st November 2012 in Blog POSTS with 2 Comments

I know a few guys that love Beer. What better way to say Happy Holiday than a cold case of craft beer and a salty homemade snack!

Sources 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 /

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Written by on 20th November 2012 in Blog POSTS with 3 Comments

This tUSEDay I spotted a designer light for sale on Used Victoria. It’s a beauty by Designer Tom Dixon. If you’re looking for a light for your entryway, a powder room etc. This would be a great choice. It does retail for $641 + tax locally so it is a bargain if it is in good condition. Check it out!

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Foodies

Written by on 19th November 2012 in Blog POSTS with 2 Comments

Wow! It’s full on Christmas in the stores…. it makes me feel a little panicky that I haven’t done a thing in terms of gifts for friends and family.  So as I plot and plan my holiday line up..I’ll share some of my ideas and my favourites with you too. Of course, I love shopping local and I’ll give you lots of that, and I love a bargain so I’m looking out for those too!  Hope something inspires and that your gift giving is as stylish as you are!! More to come in the next few weeks so stay with me.

1 Cheese Board made in Duncan via Etsy / 2 Charelli’s / 3 Untamed Feast / 4. VI Salt Co.

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Industrial Christmas – Holiday Decorating Tips

Written by on 15th November 2012 in Blog POSTS with 0 Comments

Industrial and Christmas don’t really go together in most people’s minds. But I love to decorate with a little edge and the trend toward oversize and industrial pieces is not slowing down so I think it will be useful to try to incorporate what we’ve got in boxes in the crawl space with what is happening in design today. Who loves a challenge? I do!

Letters in Lights

You know how you love those oversize letters? Me too! Try this DIY idea. Cut some large scale letters out of cardboard and wind some lights around them and prop them up for the holidays. SO CUTE RIGHT! Click the pic for the tutorial.

  •  JOY
  • LOVE
  • ALOHA…you catch’in my drift?
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