Victoria BC Interior Designer…Design is my passion but I don’t take myself too seriously…  I like to say that I am a professional decorator with a personal touch.

I live and work in beautiful Victoria, BC and provide Interior decorating services throughout southern Vancouver Island.

I am drawn to classic design styles and I love to infuse them with both modern and vintage elements to create an eclectic and totally unique space. Whether you are traditional or modern or somewhere in between I am skilled in helping people translate their likes and dislikes into a personal style that is reflected in their surroundings.

Since you asked….I’ve worked on large homes and small apartments, stores and offices and I do love it all!  I have a calm and approachable view of design…no pretension here.  I love kids and dogs and I appreciate casual design for people with busy lives and a desire to love their homes.  If you contact me… of course I’ll help you… cause I’m nice like that.    Photo by Eunice Montenegro

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