August 7, 2014

Moss St. Basement Suite – Before and After

I’m happy to report that my project on Moss St. is almost finished.  This basement suite was a complete gut job and I was hired to make it comfortable, casual and durable enough to work as a rental property. When I first saw it , it looked like this… I knew I needed to lighten […]


July 27, 2014

If you can help…please do

You may have heard that I am planning the renovation of an apartment in Victoria for the Threshold Housing Society in partnership with the Herowork Program. This 2 bedroom unit will be a safe place for some young people in need and I am committed to making it into a home. This is where I […]


July 16, 2014

And a Hero Come’s Along – Herowork in Victoria

I have a really exciting announcement about a new project I’m involved with! In addition to servicing my amazing group of clients in Victoria I am also taking on a very special project this fall through the Herowork Program. I will be decorating one of four apartments along side three other designers that will be used by […]

DSC_0417 1200 pix

June 23, 2014

Eclectic Living Room in the Gorge

It’s not an urban legend…it does happen from time to time….YES! you can decorate a space without shopping! I recently styled this eclectic living room using only my clients existing accessories and art. Now, of course, these clients have allot of treasures collected over the years so that made it easy to create a warm […]


June 10, 2014

Do You Tulu?

The original shag carpet from the middle east , known as a Tulu,  fits perfectly into the urban bohemian interiors that so many of my clients are loving right now. This picture from ABC carpet and home featuring rooftop Tulu rugs captures the bohemian girl trend perfectly. Antique Tulu carpets are known for their funky […]


May 18, 2014

My Pillows are Back

My client work has kept me so busy lately that I haven’t had time to photograph and upload any pillows. I got up early Saturday morning and set up my photo booth in my backyard so I could snap about 25 specimens.  I estimate I have about 10 more to do. Phew!  I’ll share a […]

April 29, 2014

tUSEDay VICTORIA – Used Victoria Pick of the Week

Every week I scour UsedVictoria.com looking for stylish bargains. It’s not difficult:)  Sometimes my picks are for you and this week the search was for one of my design projects where I need a dresser. This handsome highboy is a great option. Pic is the link If you want some help making the place you […]


April 18, 2014

Star Chart Goodness

My Constellation Star Chart is up and looking marvelous.  Don’t overlook maps and charts as art. They’re graphic, usually inexpensive and best of all…BIG! If you want some help making the place you live a place you love….contact me, I can help!

April 17, 2014

Used Victoria – Twitter Party

Join me and the other guests  for the  monthly Twitter party with UsedVictoria.com on Wednesday, April 23 at 6 p.m. PT. We’ll be exploring the endless upcycling opportunities for the home.

April 15, 2014

tUSEDay VICTORIA – Pick of the Week

This week on Used Victoria the Bar is Open! The warm weather has everyone clearing house and there are a million great things on UsedVictoria.com right now.  It was hard for me to choose a pick of the week but I settled on this groovy bar cart! Check out its twin sister styled real pretty […]

zz chris

April 9, 2014

Art for the Guys Home Office

I’m working on a guys home office. He loves his dog, music, gaming and cycling….pretty well rounded activities that I can draw inspiration from…Sorry ladies he’s married:) I found these rock art posters while researching another project and I knew I had to get them for his space! Etsy never fails to inspire and impress […]

April 8, 2014

tUSEDay VICTORIA – Used Victoria Pick of the Week

This week on Used Victoria I spotted a crazy good deal on a little brass and glass table with wheels. If you are trying to achieve a glam look on a budget these are the kinds of pieces you need to find. I have shown two good examples of how a versatile piece like this […]

April 1, 2014


This week I have some custom and DIY projects on the brain. I need some reclaimed fir and voila!! UsedVictoria.com to the rescue. If you want some help making the place you live a place you love…contact me, I can help!

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March 30, 2014

Urban Secrets and Hidden Treasures

I bought a little happy birthday to me gift a few weeks ago and I just got it framed.  This awesome and gritty photo of  three Buffalo Gals will grace a wall of my new home office (if I find the time to move in!) and I could not be happier with the way they […]

March 22, 2014

American Dream Builders – Sunday

I have been looking forward to this new show and this weekend is the premiere. It’s called American Dream Builders, on NBC. This new reality series showcases the talents of the most accomplished designers and home builders in America by pitting 12 worthy contestants against one another in a high-stakes competition designed to push everyone’s […]

March 20, 2014

Another Design Plan – Nailed It

Every time I meet with a new client I am so excited to get my ideas down and share them ASAP.  You can imagine me at the consultation…arms waving around…heart pumping…I really do LOVE my job!  And it’s so amazingly rewarding when I hear back from clients that they loved it.  I recently met with […]

March 17, 2014

tUSEDay VICTORIA – Used Victoria Pick of the Week

This week on Usedvictoria.com I spotted another modern marvel for my tUSEDay VICTORIA Pick of the week. I like this vintage teak desk as a bedside table because it’s only 29 3/4″ high. A simple basket below, or may a dog bed?  depending on the size of your best friend of course. Pic is the […]

March 14, 2014

Traditional Townhouse – Before and After

Well, it’s done, this colourful , book filled townhouse I’ve been working on for months is complete… and wouldn’t you know it…it’s for sale!  I thought I’d share a little Before and After action this weekend. Everybody loves that! This one is pretty dramatic. The amazing interior painting in this home was done by Aaron […]

zz wes lang

March 13, 2014

Artist Wes Lang

I don’t exactly have my finger on the pulse of the art scene in New York and LA, but I sure wish I did because I would have found Wes Lang allot sooner. I actually have a Grateful Dead T shirt that I love with this first image on it and I didn’t know who […]

render 1

March 6, 2014

Industrial Console Table by Trade Roots

I don’t often get to work on my own place but when I do I’m a pretty happy camper! A few months ago I started to discuss an idea for a long (6ft) industrial wood and steel console table for under our TV. Christos is one of the owners of Trade Roots and he helped […]

March 5, 2014

Rustic Modern Bedroom Concept

I’ve been working hard on several exciting new projects lately. This rustic modern master bedroom concept is one of them. If you want some help making the place you live a place you love…contact me, I can help! Did you know I create plans like this design board complete with paint colours and a shop […]

March 4, 2014

tUSEDay VICTORIA – pick of the week on Used Victoria

This week my Used Victoria pick was going to be a purchase for my own house. I found a cool mid-century desk and was all set to go get it on Sunday but the seller changed her mind before I could come see it. Lame – but that’s how the cookie crumbles.  So, my plan […]


February 28, 2014


It’s been awhile since I had the time to make pillows. Sure, Ive taken some custom jobs here and there but those were for other people. I make pillows like my little pets and I love them and take care of them until they are adopted by a nice family:)  So, I’m happy to announce […]

February 25, 2014

Kilim Rugs – Krushing

Can I just say that on Tuesday night when I unwrapped and unrolled this new Kilim carpet for my clients living room…. I fell in love a little.  We’re not ready to decorate yet but we wanted to peek, and I’m sure you do too. So here it is. My latest Kilim Krush.  The Kilim […]

February 24, 2014

tUSEDay VICTORIA – Pick of the Week from Used Victoria

This week on Used Victoria an oil painting caught my eye. I’m not an art aficionado – but I like what I like and and I liked this one.  It’s called Chilko Lake. Check back next week and see what else I can’t live without from Usedvictoria.com.  Pic is the link If you want some […]

February 18, 2014

tUSEDay VICTORIA – Used Victoria Pick of the Week

This week my tUSEDay VICTORIA pick from UsedVictoria.com is a set of nesting tables perfect for a chic living room.  I love placing nesting tables in opposing directions like this instead of a single coffee table. Pic is the link. Beautiful Living room pic is from Lonny Magazine If you want some help making the place […]


February 8, 2014

Twins Room – Double Take

Here’s some pics from an install this weekend for twins. These 4 year old cuties didn’t really see the need for their bedroom to change, and on reveal day I heard one of them say, as the family walked with anticipation up the stairs to see the results, …”I hope it looks the same.” LOL […]

February 5, 2014

Pretty Pillows

I’m obsessing over pretty pillows and little girl bedrooms at the moment. This weekend I’m doing another install of a little girl bedroom and I want the sheets and pillows to play nice together. This pic from John Robshaw’s line is pretty fantastic and totally something I would choose for a girls room… My client […]

February 4, 2014

tUSEDay VICTORIA – Used Victoria Finds – Nicole Scott Designs

This week on tUSEDay VICTORIA I found a mid century teak cabinet that will be perfect for laying accessories and art. I am inspired by this pic from Thomas Obrien, one of my favourite New York designers.  Pic from Elle Decor. Click onto UsedVictoria.com and score something for yourself!


February 2, 2014

Living Room – Royal Bay

This weekend I finished a casual living room / TV room in beautiful Royal Bay.  The homeowner wanted a sophisticated west coast style that could stand up to her busy family including twins and dogs!  We added the panel detail to the wall behind the TV for architectural interest and to tie into the paneled […]

January 31, 2014

Pipe and Board Shelving

It’s no secret that I have a design crush on Trade Roots on Herald Street. I love them cause they make awesome custom pieces at an affordable price.  For instance, right now I have a client wanting pipe and board shelving in the living room. So of course, I think of them to build it […]

manhattan%20console monarch

January 30, 2014

Need a Desk? Use a Table

I did it, and so can you!  Just google “office desk” and see how uninspired some desks can be.  Then cast your gaze on these great examples of tables turned desks and you’ll be a believer too. I love this one, a little modern and a little glam! Danish Designer Malene Birger. love!  And a […]

January 28, 2014

tUSEDay VICTORIA – Used Victoria Finds – Nicole Scott Designs

This week, my Used Victoria pick is purely based on cool factor. I don’t have a spot for it, or a client looking for one… But man…if it’s not the coolest, bad-ist, rad-ist, longest Pew that you ever saw!   I imagine the story behind this piece is worth the drive to Cowichan.  Hope you’re having […]

January 21, 2014

tUSEDay VICTORIA – Used Victoria Finds – Nicole Scott Designs

This week my search of Used Victoria was a little self serving because I’m hunting for a stump table for a client’s living room.  These Nootka Cypress stumps caught my eye for their colouring and patina and are the perfect fit for this weeks tUSEDay VICTORIA blog series.  Don’t just think of them as side […]

January 16, 2014

Houzz Likes Blueprints Too! – Check Out My Featured Post

Guest Picks: Plan on Blueprints for Cool Art Kitchen ideas, bathroom ideas, and more ∨From Shabby Chic home accessories to contemporary furniture and wall mirrors, browse thousands of decorating ideas to inspire your next home project.As you revamp your house, browse photos for inspiration on everything from fireplace mantels to crown molding and wainscoting.

January 13, 2014

tUSEDay VICTORIA – Used Victoria Finds – Nicole Scott Designs

  I haven’t posted any great finds from Used Victoria since before Christmas. It’s definitely time to get my MOJO  back! (Pic is the Link) This mid century roll top desk is just what I needed, or maybe just what you need?.  I think it would be great in my husband’s office. Lots of little […]

January 7, 2014

Obsessed With Layered Rugs

It’s dangerous when I have lots of work to do and all I REALLY want to do is look at rugs online.  It’s true I am obsessed and this  time it is with layered rugs.  Over the holidays I spotted a little design goodness in the form of layering rugs…that is, laying out two similar […]

December 29, 2013

2013 A Year In Review

2013 A Year In Review – This year was filled with exciting projects and new directions for Nicole Scott Designs.  Here’s some of my design project highlights from 2013; it all happened so fast that honestly each of them feel like yesterday! I am SO looking forward to many more exciting projects and new client […]

December 16, 2013

Billy Loves Books

A few days ago my clients books were finally released form their cardboard prisons and found a new home in this enormous new book shelf.  This particular project is still a work in progress with some final painting and library style lighting to do… but as I slow down a bit for my Christmas break […]

December 9, 2013

Pepper Mill Party Post

Is there anything more fun than painting and drinking wine at the same time?  This weekend I had a few new friends and some old friends over to my studio to make some personalized gifts for Christmas in the form of custom painted pepper mills. Now,… I won’t tell you who’s who’s just in case […]

December 4, 2013

Wicked West Coast Style

It’s pretty cool to find something new and exciting right in your own backyard.  The Autonomous Furniture Collective is doing some great things with local reclaimed woods and acrylic that I thought you should see. I love this modern twist on west coast style. Check them out. Pic is the Link as Usual.

November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

I love this modern and rustic – totally casual and inviting table set for a feast with friends.  I hope wherever you are, and whatever your holiday leanings you have a safe, stylish and happy long weekend! All the best! via apartment therapy

November 25, 2013


This week on Used Victoria I spotted these two tub chairs. Everything’s better in pairs and I have a sort of Emily Henderson dream living room in mind that requires two chairs. I would re-upholster them of course – ….unless you beat me to it:)  Here’s the link If you want some help making the […]

November 23, 2013

Holiday Decorating

It sneaks up on you..Holiday Decorating that is. I just put out this little mercury glass orb and I realized that it has officially begun….bring on the holidays I’m ready to decorate. Over the next couple weekends I’ll make it happen. When you are you going to get down to it? I’m still in love […]

November 21, 2013

Custom Colour Ball Ornaments

A couple of years ago I decorated a Christmas tree for a charity auction and I hand flocked a bunch of balls in order to get just the right colours.  Now that you have some background on just how far I will go to make a great tree you won’t be surprised to see that […]

November 20, 2013

Blue Printing Weekend Fun

Beautiful Blue Print Posters hanging to dry…these were made by our workshop participants Last weekend a collection of brave souls joined Carla (from Trade Roots) and myself  in a Blue Printing Workshop. Everyone made a killer blue printed poster and learned the method so they could make their own at home.  I promised to share […]

November 13, 2013

Vintage Eclectic in Victoria

I’m super excited to share the new pics of a finished project in Victoria, BC.  This one is full of vintage treasures and has a modern eclectic vibe  that suits the young family who lives here perfectly.  I loved working on this place.  Many thanks to my amazing clients who totally got what I was […]

November 10, 2013

Choose a Picture and Join Us – Blue Printing November 17th

Next Sunday, November 17th, Trade Roots and I are hosting a fun Blue Printing Workshop.  Choose a picture (8×10) and if you need help sizing it just email me the picture by Friday and I’ll do it for you.  Once the picture is the correct size I turn it into a negative of itself and […]

November 6, 2013

Blue Print Workshop Nov 17th

Join me and the gang from Trade Roots on November 17, from 12-2pm we are making super cool blue 8×10 posters using a blue printing method.  Use your own pic, or one of ours and come learn the process and meet some crafty peeps. Everything provided..and refreshments too!  Click Here to Register. Here’s a pic […]