Pillow Whisperer

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I don’t do ‘Pillow Talk’, I’m a pillow whisperer. So, last week when a reader emailed me a question about her pillows I knew just what to do.  She wanted to incorporate one of my pillows into the mix (smart girl!) and she needed help with sizes, colours and patterns. She told me she wasn’t afraid of colour or pattern and loved orange especially.  COOL!  Her couch is an ivory herringbone and she already had an orange sunburst pillow to work into the scheme.  Here’s what I cam up with (click the pic to see bigger image).

I told you she’s smart right?! Yeah, because she went for it and over the next couple weeks we are putti’n those pillows into place.  Pier 1 has some really beautiful velvet pillows and of course Etsy continues to be an amazing resource for pillows like the Schumacher’s I have shown: Etsy sources (Ivory Hot House Floral / Aqua Chiang Mai Dragon). I hope she sends us an after shot! I’ll keep it a secret which one she chose until the reveal….which amazing Schumacher print do you favour?

 If you want help making the place you live a place you love Contact Me!

Of course I’ll help you, cause I’m nice like that.

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This week I found a petite lamp that has sooo much potential. Love this little guy. Are you gonna get him, or am I?

Uses for this little guy include, on a console or hall table, childs room, desk side table. All it needs is a little shade (Hello Homesense) I love the vintage teak but you could get a can of spray paint and totally transform it too.  Unless I get it first :)

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Client Section – It’s New

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Crib Crush – Nate Berkus

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I really couldn’t love it more.  I watched some of these details being built by Steve Fanuko’s crew last season. It is just incredible to see it decorated. I adore this style. Photos from Architectural Digest

I wonder if I should repaint my cabinets black??

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Taking A Moment

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Hi Peeps, I’m taking a moment to care for my best friend…I’ll be back in a few:)

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IDSWest 2012 – That’s A Wrap

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I headed to Vancouver this weekend to attend the Interior Design Show (IDS) and it was a super great time.  I checked out some exhibits…

 Noticed a trend in colourful bathroom fixtures. Lots of colourful tubs…

The One of a Kind side of the Show was Hands Down my favourite part of the show….I spotted a cool girl named Nicole who made pillows Vancouver Style…

And was impressed with local Victoria designer Steve Guan from Fine Line Creations…

As always the Live Edge display was terrific…

And Vancouver favorites ‘The Found and the Freed’ were there with some of their treasures…

Without a doubt, my favourite part of the trip was the BLEND 2012 after party where I got to mingle with the likes of Tommy Smyth, Suzanne Dimma, Mark Challen and all the Design and Lifestyle Bloggers from Western Canada. It was a great party and they did a wonderful job hosting all of us with their sponsor IKEA Canada. Super BAD picture, but it’s the only one I took. sorry.

I discovered some new friends & blogs and found many kindred spirits in this little blogging community. Loved it.  A new one I’m reading this week is called Garden Therapy. You should check it out too!

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Hodge:Podge – I’m So Canadian Today

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How sweet is this? The lovely Barbara (who I met during the One Room Challenge this summer) from the stylish Vancouver Blog Hodge:Podge invited me to join her esteemed list of Canadian bloggers and designers in a series she writes called ‘So Canadian, eh?’  I love reading this series about some of my favourite Canadians! Check it out Peeps!


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Crib Crush – NAROFSKY

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If you’re like me and you are looking at design all day your tastes and influences are inevitably going to change. Moving to the west coast and immersing myself in the field of Interior Design has resulted in a shift in my own esthetic. So in my next home…I’d like this. Or…. wait five minutes and I’ll show you a Spanish Colonial. Sigh. Just enjoy.

Photos Courtesy of Houzz. Interior by NAROFSKY Architechture and Ways2Design

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Attention Etsy Shoppers – Sold!

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What a fantastic weekend! I got the Etsy shop running, had amazing support and feedback and even made my first sale!!  Sweet!   The Peppercorn pillow above will forever be my first:) But don’t worry I just made another one and I’ll list it on Tuesday when I’m back from Vancouver.

Happy Monday Peeps. And Thank You for being so amazing!

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E is for Etsy

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Whoa! Today is the day. I’ve filled and fluffed and karate chopped some pillows and now it’s time to push them out of the nest.  I finally listed some pillows  Wooo hoo!  Here is the link to the shop. And, from now on you will find that little orange “E” in the follow me section on the right sidebar so you can always come visit.

It took a little while to get it going and photographed..Props to all shops! But it’s coming along nicely and I’ll keep adding more as I go.  REMEMBER I do custom orders too.

In October I’m planning a giveaway on this blog and my One Room Challenge and BLEND peeps will get a special discount cause I love’em. So stay tuned for your coupon codes ladies!                            Remember E is for Etsy!!

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