12 Days till Christmas!!

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12 Things I love about the Holidays…

1. Decorating

2. Baking

3. Making Wreaths4. Getting Cards

5. Using Candles

6. Fireplace Time

7. Favourite Movies

8. Finding neat gifts to give

9. Wine and Cheese

10. Lights

11. Christmas Jazz

12. And most of all a much needed break and time spent with my family and friends! Happy Holidays! (This is a pic of my tree that I turned into an oil painting on my tablet.)

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Last week I was watching an episode of Nate Berkus and he plugged the name of the bedding he used in a room design.  “Mary who?”  I said…wishing I was watching the downstairs TV with the DVR and rewind feature.  Well not to worry peeps here it is!!!  Not Mary, but Marimekko a hot new thing among the interior design set. I have to admit the colours and patterns are pretty fabulous…and eh hem…did I mention free shipping in Canada!?!   There are some great holiday gift ideas here…Shop online here or in person here.

They have everything from Kitchen stuff…Bags, clothes and accessories you will love…Not to mention their Fabrics by the meter in bold graphic shapes and colors…

Who wouldn’t want a pillow..or two?Even wallpaper for those who aren’t faint of heart…

Contact me if you would like some help making the place you live, a place you love!

I also make custom pillows, so if there is a fabric you like, contact me and I can make it happen.

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Testing…Testing 123

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This week I am helping a client choose colours for walls and features.  I prefer the Benjamin Moore Colour deck so here are my preliminary favourites for the interior but it it’s not over until those testers are approved.

Med/Light Gray tone for the overall wall scheme…The Fireplace Feature wall will be painted in a dark charcoal…The six niches framing the fireplace will be painted with a  lighter colour inside…A feature wall on the main level will get a dramatic treatment in dark navy blue…

Choosing Colour depends on the natural light in the space, existing fixed elements such as flooring and cabinetry and the desire of the client to have a warm or cool palette.  Within each colour family there are so many variations and the truth is that while a designer like me can help you choose colours based on a good eye and experience …everyone….should do testing before making the full commitment to a colour. Benjamin Moore’s test pots are $4.99….How much will that painter cost the second time around?

Ill be testing colours tomorrow…I’ll share some pics, tips and some insights into how it’s going.


Contact Me if you want some help making the place you live a place you love

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Shroom Swoon

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I attended the Taste of Salt Spring Christmas Craft show this weekend and stumbled upon Untamed Feast a Vancouver Island based company producing wild, gourmet mushrooms. I bought some expecting to try out the recipes over the holidays…but I confess I couldn’t wait.

I tried the Cheesy dip recipe inside this bag of smoked so yummy.

Next I have to dig into these…Porcini’s and Morels…











If you want to know more, or where you can buy the delicious and versatile ingredients click here

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Eat In Envy

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Today I had the pleasure of styling the mantle and display area in a sun filled eat in kitchen and it was soooo much fun. It turned out like this…..

…But started out like this…I always ask my clients to put out all their stuff so we can play around…

My amazing client Angela has a great house and needed some big pieces to fill it. A few months ago I took her to Country on Cook where she scored this great dining table originally from Chintz & Co (my favourite as you know)….

We also shopped at Sweet Peas at Home on Herald where she picked up this fireplace screen…isn’t is adorable! I know Sarah Richardson would approve…

Here are some close-ups of the mini gallery installation and accessories…

Contact me if you would like some help making the place you live a place you love!

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Porte Française

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Ever want to put in a french door instead of your basic builder door? Ever think “oh they are probably really expensive” and give up on the idea? Well I’ve been doing research….like I do…and thought I would share my Victoria French Door results…cause I’m nice like that.  These prices don’t include milling (which just means cutting out that area where the hinges and doorknobs go and cutting the door to size) …but they’ll tell you all about it when you go get a door for your place so read this and then go….go ….

The Usual Suspects Rona, Home Depot, Windsor Plywood

Traditional, Primed, 15 openings

Left Home Depot :  $109                                                                                         Right Rona: $159











 Contemporary, 5 lite

Left Home Depot primed $135                                                                             Right Rona: Unfinished $139











My Recommendations

Either of these options above are great but consider…do you want to paint those mullions? (the grid over the glass?) My answer to that question is NO because Ive done it before and it SUCKS! So I would opt for an internal grid style door, a door with fewer glass panels (like this one left  from Home Depot for  $140)  or leaded glass like this one right from Windsor Plywood.


If you are space challenged you can still have the great look of a french door with the smaller 10 Lite version. Home Depot has a primed one for $109. Totally reasonable and adorable in small spaces.

If you are looking for the best bargain (and a weekend project). The Rona unfinished Pine Door is only $69.

I know you didn’t ask but I’m going to tell you my opinion anyway. Clear glass is the way to go. Resist the urge to get rain glass or frosted or striped or any other kind of texture.  If you must get a design choose a classic timeless motif and not a frosted pantry sign or wolf baying at the moon..I hope no one actually makes that.

So get building that frame peeps and add value to your home. Everyone Loves French Doors!!! I ll share some pics with you when I’m done.

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Jimmy Wright

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My admiration for the work of artist Jimmy Wright brought me in touch with another private seller this week.  She has two small Polar Bear pieces one red and one navy blue. These could be a good deal, but need to be authenticated by a reputable gallery. I love these pieces and have suggested them for children’s rooms and residential gallery walls.  The picture below is a similar representation of the style of the pieces for sale.  If you’re interested contact me and I can put you in touch with the seller. Pic from Canada House Gallery

This is an example only...not the exact item for sale


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Mercury Retrograde

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Retrograde…moving in the opposite direction.  My weekend DIY that never was…

Christmas decorating is upon us and one of the hottest trends this season is mercury glass.  As an ardent DIY’er I sought out tutorials online and found several on how to create the look for less. Yay!!! The trick is to buy a special mirror like paint called Looking Glass by the Krylon paint company. Sounds easy enough…so off I went to Rona, Home Depot, Canadian Tire, Michaels, Walmart and Home Hardware…enough….I couldn’t find it anywhere…and later learned that it is not sold in Canada.  Sad that I couldn’t make cool stuff like this….

…I went home and searched online and found that through you can buy a can  for $18 USD  plus shipping of almost $30 for one can!!! OK.  I’m headed back to the stores tomorrow to simply buy the candle holders I liked and as long as it’s under $50 bucks..I’m still ahead. Happy Shopping Peeps!!

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Pattern Parlance Part II

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Here’s a few more explanations of fabric Parlance. Some of my custom pillows make use of these beauties…now you’ll know what I’m talking about when they are for sale.

  Ikat is a tribal patterned textile that is achieved by dipping the weaving threads into dye before the textile is woven on the loom.



Jacquard is a type of fabric with an intricate variegated weave or pattern. Unlike the Flocking example, which is atop the fabric, these variations in height are woven into the fabric itself.  A heavy and elaborate Jacquard with an all over pattern is also called Brocade.



Lattice is a popular pattern trend at the moment.  It ranges from simple (as featured here) to elaborate geometric designs. Also referred to as fretwork or interlocking patterns.



Matelesse is french for “quilted, padded or cushioned”, it appears raised or blistered due to the weaving process but actually has no padding in the fabric.



Nap is the fuzzy fur like feeling created when fibers from the fabric extend beyond the surface. Velvet and Velour are examples of Nappy fabrics.



Quatrefoil means “four leaves”, and applies to general four-lobed shapes in various contexts. A similar motif known as Trefoil comes from a Latin term that translates roughly as three-leaved.



Suzani is an embroidered textile using sun moon and flower motifs. Originally from eastern Europe and Asia these textiles were used as wedding gifts and are EVERYWHERE in western design these days.



Toile de Jouy, sometimes abbreviated to simply “toile”, is a pattern consisting of a usually white or off-white background on which a fairly complex scene, generally of a pastoral theme is repeated.



Zig Zag, also known as Chevron, is one of the most popular modern fabric designs of the moment.

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Simple Wreath Idea

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I found this oversized gray painted willow wreath at winners the other day. I painted on a little glue here and there and sprinkled some glitter on it.  I took three large rusty metal bells I had left over from a country style wreath I did last year for the coffee shop and dry brushed them with silver craft paint. Tied them with black sparkly ribbon at different heights and voila! Cheap cheerful and nowhere near traditional.

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