GIANT deal

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I visited the new kitchen of friends in Victoria this week and had to tell you about the amazing deal they got on their cabinetry.  If you follow me, you know I recently updated part of my old kitchen using Ikea cabinets and let me tell you, I’m a bit jealous.  Not only were these cabinets they bought solid wood but they were delivered to Canada ON TIME.  Like Ikea, you assemble the boxes yourself, but that’s no big deal for decorating junkies like us right!  The only drawback that I can see is that the style selection favours traditional and country style doors…but let’s face it most kitchens are traditional.  Check it out and see for yourself…I’m actually thinking that these cabinets  might work great in a bathroom renovation I have on the radar.  Think outside the box…built in home office…entertainment centre…at these prices  you can afford it.

  • Bets prices I have seen for quality cabinetry
  • Fast Shipping to Canada
  • Excellent customer ratings (my friends are also raving about them)
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Look really great!


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Pic Chick

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Lately Ive been photographing jobs for my portfolio on the new website.  This is a recent bedroom look I did…a little boho /casual.  The website is coming along and I’m looking forward to launching it this fall!

Lamps random score!; Accessories: Winners; Pillow Fabric, Chintz & Co; Pillow made by moi.

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Sham Wow

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I spent my Sunday morning lazily drinking coffee and sewing a pillow sample for my online shop.  I haven’t made an announcement yet….but I am planning on migrating this blog to my website (which I am working on) in a few months so that I can focus on my decorating business and incorporate my blogging into the overall website.  The pillows are a logical step because I already get asked to make them for clients, I am a total fabric whore and I actually like sewing …. so it’s a win win.  I have made trips to all my favorite local fabric haunts here and in Vancouver to scout some great fabrics I think all you decor hounds on the island will like.  Here’s the first one I made today. I’ll keep you posted on the progress of my website launch and of course share the fruits of my labour  from the pillow factory in my sewing room:) Have a great week.

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IDSWest 2011

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Has it been a year already?  I’ll be attending Saturday.

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Fab Fabrics

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You can always look to my sidebar on the right for fabric retailers and manufacturers I like, but I read about this one ( in a magazine at the dentist today (blech!… I know) and decided to check them out.  I like some of their stuff, and while the site is beyond plain, they make up for it in a really decent selection and great prices….Oh and of course, they are Canadian.  Here’s my faves from their current selection…(Pics are the links as usual)

Casual Stripes:




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West Elm – FINALLY!

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I was a bit of a weekend warrior the last few days…. getting a little sun in my backyard workshop and adding to my freckle collection while using power tools…what could be better!!  I tackled my pottery barn inspired bar this weekend. Here’s how it turned out.

First I lightly sanded it and wiped it down with a tack cloth. Next, I sprayed it with a gray primer coat (always use gray when painting anything red) and then about three coats of Benjamin Moore Bonaparte in a semi gloss finish.  Once I had pretty good coverage with the red I sanded the whole piece roughly and paid special attention to the corners and edges and finished by wiping it down with a tack cloth again.  I wiped minwax Jacobean stain on and off making sure to get the sanded pieces and let is set up overnight.  I finished the bar by coating it with about 6 or 7 coats of satin finish polyurethane (spray – otherwise I’d be crazy right now). And Voila.


Here’s the Inspiration Pic from Pottery Barn….

Here’s how mine turned out…..


Here are the steps in photo’s:

Take a look at some of my other projects below where I have re-invented furniture with paint and a little ingenuity…Let me know if you need some help with your project(s).

Contact me if you would like some help making the place you live a place you love!




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Heading for Nowhere

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This song has haunted me ever since I moved to Victoria two years ago. Jets Overhead are an amazing local band who are making it big!! I only just watched this video for the first time yesterday, I always pictured them at the greyhound station downtown when I listened to it….but this video and the song itself have served as yet another musical inspiration for deisgn, see if you can spot the video locations around town. Have a great long weekend!

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Stack Attack

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Saw these unusual drawer pieces at nood.  You can buy them individually and stack’em. Something a little different.


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Chair Compare

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You may need to sit down for this…

The hunt for one of my favourites has begun…the eternally cool Barcelona Chair.  If you follow me, you might have guessed that shopping for a deal is one thing I am GREAT at. I am never satisfied to go to one store and buy the first thing I see, BUT I should qualify that I don’t consider myself cheap…I’m looking for quality and value.  Anyway…. I think a chair this divine deserves a little research…. and so I have set off to do what I do best.

Cast your gaze upon this sweet seat…As Martyn Lawrence Bullard would say…”Delicious”

Compare the prices below for the real deal by Knoll and the reproduction:

$699  or $499 without ottoman (I have ordered leather samples in 3 brown tones)

$5068 The real Knoll deal in a variety of colours


Contact me if you would like some help making the place you live, a place you love!


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