Summer Please!!!

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I was caught in a downpour last night in the inner harbour.  It  was especially annoying because I had taken the time to blow out my hair straight..grrr.  maybe I should have had this lamp from Only Human with me? Looks like an essential west coast home decor accessory!

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6 Things

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6 Things Bravo should do to make Million Dollar Decorators more interesting.

1. Allow the assistants, helpers and moving men to have their own  monologue opportunities during which they can trash talk their boss(es). That would be entertaining!

Focus more on the canine companions of these Diva’s. Show their dog loving and compassionate sides…quick!!

2. Kathryn’s Greta

 3. Mary’s Pugs

4. Nathan’s Daisy (and Nacho – Not Pictured)

5. Martyn’s Diva

6. Jeffrey’s Chessie

Pooch Photos from a neat Design/Dog Website I found called Interior Design Hound. Check her out!

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Yes, I Wood

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Would you like some wine, cheese and bread?  Check out my latest acquisition…a fab serving platter/chopping block with a natural edge.  The warm colour of the wood and the organic shape make it the perfect accessory for my slightly retro right angled kitchen.

Next Stop Charelli’s on Foul Bay Rd for some amazing local cheese and serrano ham (pic is link to their amazing shop)

Don’t forget some bread from Fol Epi at 398 Harbour Road in Victoria (no website, you just have to go!)

And of course a little wine! In fact, last week I had a wine consultation from a sommelier friend of mine, so I have some exciting white wines chilling that I’ve never tried before!

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Bowl of Art

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I saw these on facebook this morning (thanks YAM!!) and they really caught my eye.  The Winchester Gallery in Oak Bay is featuring the glass art of Mel Munsen…check it out.

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Buffalo Roundup

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You know how etsy does a roundup…well here’s my take resulting from my semi-regular searches of etsy for unusual and cool (to me) art pieces featuring my animal totem…the buffalo.  Be sure to check out etsy and your local art sales for affordable art pieces that mean something to you!

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Heart of Gold

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Neil Young’s Heart of Gold. It’s a favourite!! This weekend I took a sad looking large size canvas I bought on discount at Winners (Good tip: there’s no way you could get such a large canvas for so cheap at the art supply store) and decided to re-invent it.  I used mod podge all over it to add some texture to the canvas and let it dry. Then I painted it all over with a coat of dark brown paint (left over from my fireplace mantle colour mishap).  Once dry I smudged black and some metallic paint all over the brown base to get some movement. Once dry I printed off the lyrics and started to stencil the lyrics onto the canvas in various shades of gold metallic paints. Here are the results:

It looks a bit weird with the flash but the results in person are terrific. I’m really happy with it. Super easy DIY Idea for all you crafters out there!!

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Housing and Homes

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When I was in University I worked as a community living support worker in a residential home for individuals with special needs. Recently Ive been looking at community living settings in Victoria (out of curiosity) and I stumbled upon  the Pacifica Housing Advisory Association. The association works with the Downtown outreach Services office and is supported by government agencies and ministries to provide housing resources for clients living with mental illness, addiction, homelessness or risk of homelessness.

Look at some of the housing options they have created in our beautiful city.  I didn’t know about this! Pics are links as usual

These are just two examples of several extraordinary projects undertaken by Pacifica who are partially supported by local businesses and public funding.

Remember; shelter is one of our most basic needs. Love your home, but save a little love for your community and the people among us in need.

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Pop Inspiration

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These days many of us are looking for more than just design inspiration. Maybe it’s the job or the relationship…but sometimes we need a reminder of just how great we are.

These wood block printed posters by englishman Anthony Burill are colorful and charming daily affirmations worthy of note.

Simple honest design, simple honest message…I’m simply and honestly drawn to them…

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Stinking Fish

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I am always encouraging people to include local and First Nations Art and objects into their interiors.  I like that they make a room feel authentic and most often the piece has a story behind it / memories attached which elevate it to special status in a home. There is a great oppotunity this summer to acquire your own piece of local art and to meet some great local talent via the Stinking Fish Studio Tour in July and August 2011.  Check it out!! You’re not going to find this stuff at the mall peeps!

Here are just a few of the cool pieces available that I spotted from participating woodworking artists, but check out the link above for all mediums including painters, potters, glass, jewellry you name it. Pics are the links as usual

I need this cutting board

Understated Awesomeness

I Promise to eat more salad if I had this bowl

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5 Things

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5 Things Million Dollar Decorators Taught Me.

1. Decorating IS a service industry, but insiders try to keep this on the down low.

2. Using three names, or punctuating your name with your middle initial, is essential.

3. Sometimes boys are prettier than girls.

4. Temper Tantrums and Thunder Stealing are totally acceptable behavioural characteristics among the design set.

5. And finally, the large and slightly obese yellow lab is the new “it” dog in L.A.

What have you learned?

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