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Masculine Master Bedroom

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A new masculine master bedroom concept for a client. Global, masculine, moody and sophisticated.

bedroom mash

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Website Under Construction

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You may notice some changes over the next couple weeks as I transition from this web format to a new style of website.  Same URL and still me…just a fresh look.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


constIf you want some help making the place you live  a place you love…contact me, I can help!

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Indigo Pillow Covers – Hemp

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Last year I ordered this cool vintage hemp fabric and I finally got around to making it into some lumbar style indigo pillow covers.  Such a beautiful blue is achieved through this indigo dye process and a cool geometric relief pattern too.  These will be in my shop by the end of the week but they wont last long…

DSC_0023[1] 600 with stamp

If you want some help making the place you live a place you me, I can help!

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Finding the Right Carpet

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It’s a big purchase and it can stress some people out, so I often get the call to help Victoria area families in finding the right carpet for their home.  This week I have the great pleasure of finding a few carpets for a cool mid century reno of an older house in Oaklands.  I thought you might like to see how it evolves from the beginning to clicking OK on a major purchase.

First, I need to see your space so I can understand your furniture that will have to play nice with the rug, and of course get a measurement or two.  In this case the raw space is perfection, white walls, hardwood floors, restored fireplace and a gray mid century sofa kind of like this one. Yay!

younger-sofa-mid-century-modernSo, next step is to find out what you like. In this case my clients like the idea of Persian carpet and an eclectic mix of styles – but they’re not 100% sure.  So I collect a few pics to help illustrate the look in the context of their room and their furniture.  Like these pics with a busy Heriz, or a fun and brightly coloured Kilim….

redbrightA surprising fave was the combination of neutral carpets in the same scheme, like this example…

bethany nauert eclectic living room design tufted sofa persian rug metal trunk coffee table cococozy

Next step is a selection of rugs that I think they’ll like… I admit there is not much selection of rugs where I’m living….. Lots of machine made horror stories, but not much with a soul, so I shop online with a few trusted sources and proposed these beauties earlier this week. I found a good selection and here are a few that I chose…

rugs 600pixStay tuned for what they choose. It’s going to be a fun room to decorate!

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Two is better than One – Coffee Tables

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When it comes to coffee tables and small spaces I really believe two is better than one. I’ve been wanting to do tandem coffee tables  for awhile…some of my past client’s reading this might even recall my valiant attempts to sway them:) Recently one of my client’s agreed and two little square glass lovelies arrived in the mail shortly thereafter. We got around to styling them today and I love the simple mix of some of her art books with some  accessories and a small, somewhat dodgy, arrangement of berries from her yard.


DSC_0016 resized

You know me, I love stylish interiors AND getting a deal for less. So, as usual I sourced a table that looks almost exactly like it’s much more expensive cousin. Full disclosure: My client painted the “Steal” tables in a flat black paint because the distressing on them wasn’t exactly to our taste. I think they look fantastic and everyone is satisfied that we didn’t pay a premium for the same look. Go team!

tables compare

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Holiday Decorating Tip #3 – Songza

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My tip this week is to select some great tunes to get you in the mood to decorate. I’m obsessed with Songza (a free Music site) on my computer and my iPhone and I can tell you that the xmas playlists they have ARE the soundtrack to my holiday season!

If you’re like me you have had various colour phases with your tree decor… This year my goal is an Authentic Christmas  and so I picked the most special ornaments at random from each of my whims from Christmas past … I also enlisted an impartial third party to hang the ornaments (my two nieces) so you can be guaranteed that anything they ever made me out of macaroni is featured front and center. It’s cool, and I like it.  The only thing I would do differently is to tell them at the beginning This is NOT a race:)DSC_1214[1] 600 pix

This year I also opted to use my summer garden globe lights instead of my little Christmas strings. Those old Christmas ones were half burnt out anyway, and I like the slightly retro feel of the big fat bulbs.

DSC_1216[1]  600 pix

So there it is, my happy random and big bulb Christmas tree for 2014. My nieces selected the teen pop Christmas playlist from Songza while we did this holiday decorating…I didn’t know Beiber wasn’t cool anymore. Now I’m off to get the sparkles off my face.

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Holiday Decoration Tip #2 – One Thing You Love

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polish edited

No matter what your style, and no matter which holiday traditions you celebrate, there are items that we cherish during special times of the year.  Sometimes it’s a new shiny thing you fell in love with in a shop, and sometimes it’s an heirloom piece that you have loved forever. Either way, my holiday decoration tip #2 is to seek out that one piece of holiday happiness…just one, and put it on display. It’s kind of like a warm up for the real deal decorating but also a reminder that less is more, and that sticking to the things that matter most is what makes holiday decorating feel authentic.

This year I chose a new item, this Polish Pottery ornament I found at Homesense. It’s not expensive but it’s simple beauty and my Polish heritage drew me to it right away. I put it in a cool root bowl and just let it shine on its own. I can’t wait to hang it on the tree and hope that no wayward dog tails smack it down like last years carnage…but that’s another story…

polish ornament

Remember that anyone can buy a sleeve of ornament balls and decorate a tree….it’s the meaningful things that matter. Even if they don’t match your decor, even if they’re super ugly clay and macaroni blobs that were made by a child in art class. Those are the keepers. One of the sweetest stories my in laws told me about my husband was that he made a clay snake in art class when tasked with making a Christmas ornament…and so, the Christmas snake was inducted into their family traditions from that day forward. Find your snake.

Tell me about your One Thing, I’d love to hear about it!

If you want some help making the place you love a place you love…contact me, I can help!

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Holiday Decoration Ideas – Tip #1 Berries

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DSC_1136  600 pix

Every holiday season I get lots of requests for holiday decoration ideas and I simply LOVE helping clients decorate their homes for the holidays.  Did you know that I can help with everything from tree placement and colour choices to arranging beautiful vignettes using your existing decorations?  In addition to my in home design and shopping services I also LOVE to share my tips and tricks for a beautiful holiday display…so… even if you don’t have me over for eggnog, you can still get my decorating input:)

Now, I know it has been a hot minute since Halloween so, let’s take it easy and start off slow. Remember that we are working our way up to the big enchilada and these are little steps that you can take in November to start to get in the spirit of the season…no matter which holiday you celebrate.

Let’s start now, here’s holiday Decor tip #1. Berries in a Vessel. Yep …you take some berries and put’em in someth’in. Simple Simple and beautiful. You can do this, I know you can.

Tip -  I will use the berry stems for a centerpiece now and in December I stick them in the branches of my decorated tree.  If the colour doesn’t match your tree ornaments a couple bursts of spray paint will do the trick.Fall-Berries-in-Vase

If you want some help making the place you live a place you love…contact me, I can help!
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Fall 2014 Lineup for Design TV shows

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If you’re like me and you are bored to death with the home improvement line up on TV ….you need to check out my picks for fast paced, rude, crazy & even sexy real estate and interior design TV shows that I love watching all winter.

Thumbs Up – Genevieve’s Renovation - If you blinked in early October you probably missed Genevieve Gorder’s new show chronicling her NYC apartment renovation. In it she buys the apartment next door and blows through the walls to make a bigger apartment. Bitch stole my look! I want to hate her, but I don’t …and I happily soaked up every detail making notes for when my time comes:) It’s too bad that they showed all the episodes in the span of one week. Like I said, if you blinked you missed it. You might be able to catch some episodes on HGTV Canada online if you really want to see it. I liked it allot.


Thumbs Up – Million Dollar Listing NYC. It’s no secret I love these handsome devils Fredrick, Ryan and Luis. They’re such jerks and they sell the most amazing apartments you have ever seen.  Maybe the fact that I’m so focused on the interiors is why I can love this show that so many others seem to hate. They’re hot, entertaining and rich…West Coast rainy night television win in my books! This one started a couple weeks ago and is on Monday Nights on Slice. It’s not too late to get hooked:)


Starting Soon – Million Dollar Listing LA.  Even though the adorable Madison aka Malibu Ken does not appear to be in the cast this season, it’s still too tempting to pass on this amazing show of wealth on the west coast. Add in the drama between Josh and Josh and the (will they or wont they) wedding of Altman and Heather…I mean… you have to tune in.  I never miss this one and it starts Monday Oct 27th on Slice. Be there.


I looked into Million Dollar Decorators because there hasn’t been much chatter about a third season…looks like the jury is still out and it has not been confirmed yet. I’ll be keeping an eye on this. Delicious :)


My affection for Jeff Lewis is well known and any of his quirky shows on Bravo capture my attention. Season 8 of flipping out is being filmed although no details yet on when it will air on Bravo Canada. I’ll keep you posted.


Thumbs Up – Rehab Addict. I have been watching Nicole Curtis restore old homes for a couple years and I was so glad to see her again this week with a new season dedicated to an old mansion in need of repair. She’s a flipper you can love. No drama…just dust. Check her out on HGTV Thursdays Fridays and Saturdays.


I loved the American Dream Builders competition concept hosted by Nate Berkus and I tuned in faithfully this spring, but I guess the ratings were bad so NBC will not be doing a second season.  Sad.


Thumbs Down – Jennie Garth Project.  This is really just a celebrity amateur hour. She’s not a little girl anymore so whining and acting like one is annoying to watch and her style is not a match for me. So I pass on this one.


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New Look for a Little Nook

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I recently designed this little nook in a small vacation condo for a tween girl.  She knew she wanted it to be white on white with fluffy bedding and not too much colour. The nook is dark without any windows, or a door for that matter, so it was a tall order to make it both function and look like a cool tween girl bedroom. I bought the little desk online and added brass castors to the legs so it can be easily moved out of the way.  This was necessary, because that’s her Murphy bed along the back wall. The great guys at Murphy Wall Beds of Canada installed this double bed perfectly and let me tell you, it was tight! I simply styled the desk and walls with a slightly bohemian flavour and placed mis-matched antique hooks all over the other wall (because there is also no closet) for hanging clothes and bags. She can roll up jeans and T-shirts in the cubbies and most importantly she has a little corner of the place that is just hers.




murphy bed

the nookIf you want some help making the place you live a place you love…contact me, I can help!


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