January 3, 2013

Design TV Lineup

The channels promised marathons that would please this holiday season…I don’t think so. Boo hiss. TV sucked this Christmas and as a result I completed a large puzzle, re-read books and magazines and generally got a hate on for the networks who are obviously holding out on me. Not to worry though… it’s all getting geared up to start next week again and here’s the details, cause I’m nice like that:)

retro-tvIn order of Appearance…

JAN 3 – On Slice –  Jennie’s Wedding on Flipping Out 6pm PT

JAN 4 – On Slice – Flipping Out “Barbie Bitch” 10pm PT

JAN 9 – On W – Candice Tells All 7:30pm PT

JAN 10 – On W – Million Dollar Decorators 8pm PT

JAN 10 – On W – Vancouver’s own Love it or List it 10 pm PT

DAILY – On OWN – The Nate Berkus Show – 1pm ET /10am PT

I didn’t find any new schedules at the moment for Sarah 101 et al, or my fave real estate shows like Million Dollar Listing LA & NYC, Selling New York, Steve Fanuko etc. But I’ll keep you posted.

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January 3, 2013


Nicole Scott