March 16, 2011

Ikea and the Island

When doing a home renovation project one learns the vitrue of patience and the hard lesson that you cannot control everything.  As a researcher and design buff I assure you that I researched my kitchen options thoroughly and no combination of sales or products at island stores can beat the prices at Ikea for kitchen cabinetry. So if price is your main issue, the styles at Ikea work for you and you don’t mind doing the assembly yourself it IS the right choice.

Like most things in life there is a downside and, yes peeps, I recently experienced it. But you can benefit from my experience and we’ll all be the wiser:)

PCL Ikea day trip: This is a super fun way to spend a saturday, BUT Check the Ikea website to ensure your items are in stock BEFORE you go over, or you may be disappointed like I was ;(  Bah such a rookie mistake!!!

Getting your order ready to ship: You should know that it is not a simple matter of a nice Ikea worker in Richmond assembling your order and putting it on a truck. Most of the delivery contents ship from California, to Richmond and they only ship when all the pieces are there. Having shopped just after the kitchen event, I was told they were having some stock issues… hmmm

Timeline:I was told that the delivery from date of purcahse was going to be 8 days.  I never heard from Ikea so I started calling around day 7 to ask about delivery times etc, and that’s when the confusion started.  My delivery took 20 working days to get here, that’s a whole month! so be prepared for this possibility. And adjust your counter top and tile trades accordingly.

Customer Service: I found the service polite, but totally not helpful. The young men and women I was passed around to did not have any REAL answers to my questions, and in several cases just lied about where my delivery was (of course I only figured this out after the fact).  Thumbs down on the lying…who does that?

Delivery Service:This part of the order went exactly as planned, the company received my order from the ferry, called me that day, made an appointment to deliver the following, and came right on time. Clearly the third party delivery company is not the problem.

I still love you Ikea, but I might need a break for awhile.

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March 16, 2011


Nicole Scott

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