Mercury Retrograde

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Retrograde…moving in the opposite direction.  My weekend DIY that never was…

Christmas decorating is upon us and one of the hottest trends this season is mercury glass.  As an ardent DIY’er I sought out tutorials online and found several on how to create the look for less. Yay!!! The trick is to buy a special mirror like paint called Looking Glass by the Krylon paint company. Sounds easy enough…so off I went to Rona, Home Depot, Canadian Tire, Michaels, Walmart and Home Hardware…enough….I couldn’t find it anywhere…and later learned that it is not sold in Canada.  Sad that I couldn’t make cool stuff like this….

…I went home and searched online and found that through you can buy a can  for $18 USD  plus shipping of almost $30 for one can!!! OK.  I’m headed back to the stores tomorrow to simply buy the candle holders I liked and as long as it’s under $50 bucks..I’m still ahead. Happy Shopping Peeps!!

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  1. Hey Nicole…if I can find it, I could probably ship you some? E-mail me!

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