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Unless you’ve been under a rock lately, you know that  Target stores across Canada are getting ready to open their doors and with that some big announcements were made this week to create even more anticipation among the masses. Target’s marketing is no joke, I mean who can forget the Jason Wu collaboration or the Missoni frenzy from a year ago…they love them some buzz and they’re good at it!

Hey…I’m not above any of it…and I admit I was happy to hear the news that Target Canada will be selling the home decor line assembled by cutie pie dream boat / celebrity Interior Designer Nate Berkus! It wont be long until we can go shopping here in Victoria with the Tillicum location set to open this spring  and the Hillside location is expected to open in Spring 2014.  If you live elsewhere in Canada, here’s a list of the store openings and their expected dates.

I’m looking forward to checking it out. Target has some great affordable options for the home and you can bet the bargain hunter and the decorator in me are ready to go. Start the Car!…contact me, we’ll go shopping:) Pics are the links as usual



Nate Berkus Collection for Target


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  1. Start the car… I’m on my way!!! Can’t wait :-)

  2. Kelly says:

    Schedule me in for the first shopping trip! …I’m serious…you’re not allowed to go without me!

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