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Woohoo! It’s happening again peeps…The One Room Challenge is back and this time is more exciting than ever because we are moving on out of my house and into a client space! Follow along for 6 weeks and you can see how I work and maybe take away some inspiration to complete a room in your place.  This time around there are so many amazing talented designers and design bloggers that I can’t wait to introduce you to the crew! More importantly I cannot wait to see what amazing things they do that will inspire me too! Here they are…(Links to all their beautiful blogs are listed below)

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Let’s get started!!! The room I’m tackling is a living / dining combo in a downtown Victoria apartment.  My client is a  brilliant and beautiful young thing and she wanted to refresh and glam up her place with big style and a small budget.  She actually found me because of the last One Room Challenge so it is fitting that I’m taking on her place this time around. First step was to visit her home and get a plan together, and full disclosure…this meeting happened awhile ago so that extensive planning could be done. She told me at the outset that she wanted to…


After our initial meeting I drew up a plan, I call it an inspiration board, and I do this for all my client projects.  This board illustrates the colour direction incorporating blues and my commitment to re-using her pieces in new and creative ways.

living dining combo

floor plan mash upSo now you have an idea of where I started…a great space, some existing furniture pieces to work with, a budget of $2000 and a plan that my client loves. I am working double time to finish a few elements of this project by the 6 week deadline so check back often for updates on my progress and the DIY elements of this One Room Challenge that I’m sure you will like!

The projects are going to shake out like this….I think….

list 2

Now go check out all the other Challengers in alphabetical order below and see what they’re planning for the next 6 weeks of pure designing and decorating madness!

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  1. Kim says:

    Love your Plan!! Can’t wait to see it all come together … this is SO fun!! xo

  2. Julia Ryan says:

    OKay, I am SO on board with this room! It’s going to be amazing. Can’t wait to see your process!

  3. Oooh, how exciting. And do you know Ikea right now has that rug in stock! Shocking!!! I have been keeping an eye on that rug for over a year and it is never in! I would start the car!

  4. Love your plan and I have been wanting to use that Ikea rug in a space.

  5. Great new furniture arrangement! I’ve loved that Ikea rug and navy dresser forever! It’s going to look amazing, Nicole!

  6. Jennifer says:

    That is so cool that your client found you through the last ORC!! Your board looks fantastic — the room will be beautiful and I can’t wait to watch the progress!

  7. I can’t believe the difference your floor plan did to the space. It looks so warm and inviting now. Holy cow, you know how to space plan. How cool that she found you from the last ORC. I am loving your ideas. That is a lot for that budget. Well done!

  8. Karen says:

    Ooops…I accidentaly commented on your previous post….was meant for your ORC post. My bad :)

  9. Loving that ikat! And your space plan- perfect!!

  10. Love the new floor plan…so welcoming. Can’t wait to see this come to life!

  11. Loving the board so I know the room is going to be outstanding. Can’t wait to see all your DIY projects!

  12. I’m loving the new furniture arrangement . Excited to see furniture makeovers, too!

  13. Your inspiration board is a lot of fun, and the new floor plan is just awesome! It totally pulls this space together, and makes it feel way more cohesive, cozy and comfortable. And… that’s just on paper – I {can.not.wait} to see your challenge unfold – Nicole, it’s going to be incredible! You go girlfriend!!

  14. sherry hart says:

    Nicole….great suggestions for that space!! So neat that she discovered you last year during the ORC….can’t wait to see that board come alive:)

  15. Wonderful floor plan!! Can’t wait to watch!!

  16. Beautiful plan! I love blue and the floor plan will make the space seem much larger.

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