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Thanks for coming back to check out my progress in the one room challenge! If this is your first visit (I’m so glad you stopped by)  click here to see the first three weeks of my girl glam apartment project.  This past week I tackled a coffee table that my client inherited from her parents which was actually made by her grandfather. It was a big heavy piece and I knew right away we needed to lighten it up if it was going to stay. Here’s how it looks today…


And here’s how it looked when it arrived at my house for a makeover…

before tableI sorta kinda got a Moroccan vibe from the open work on the sides and I fer sure wanted to take the top off and replace it with glass, …. my client wasn’t exactly as sure as I was so I showed her an inspiration pic to help persuade her…it worked.

Stanley-Furniture-Avalon-Heights-Roxy-Round-Glass-Coffee-TableFirst thing I had to do was take it apart which was no easy task cause her grampa was very meticulous and built this table for a hurricane. I carefully removed the top and the bracing and decided that this table was going to live out the remainder of its days upside down.

taking it apartAfter that I sanded and used wood filler on the holes and knicks….sanding and re-filling several times…  It had a thick black enamel paint on it so I sanded the sides a little, but not allot, and then primed it with gray primer.

during photo 1Next I was ready for the gold, and I wanted it to have some movement…not a flat gold so I used two colours of spray paint and used some craft paints too in order to get some variation in the colours.  The product I like best is Rustoleum metallics in Antique Brass & Pure Gold and craft paints in Sahara Gold, Antique Gold and you guessed it…gold.:) I applied the spray paint like the Karate Kid and used my larger art brushes to apply the craft paint. it’s subtle…and certainly more effort…but it turned out really good.

during tableI was nervous to bring it over to her apartment because I knew it was a sentimental piece but thankfully she likes it and the glass guy arrived on time so it wasn’t naked for long. here’s how it looked…

finished with glassThis was a fun, inexpensive and easy transformation. The table was free, and the paints were $20. The glass was by far the most expensive part at $185 incl taxes & delivery. If I were to do it again I would scour used furniture stores for a glass table and re-use the top. Turns out round glass is kind of a pain and we had to get it cut in Vancouver and brought over to the island…hence the price tag. we learn :)

58 resized 2Next week I’ll reveal the dresser I’m painting for under the TV…My client did the base coat painting and I’m going to try to take it up a notch with a distressed / stained finish…we’ll see how it goes.

list 2 week 3-1


Welcome back to week 3 of the One Room Challenge! 20 Bloggers, 20 Rooms and tonnes of creativity & fun!  This week I’m crossing the tufted bench off my list.  My client found it for $120 on Used Victoria and we selected a teal Chenille from Chintz & Co. to re-cover the damaged black velvet.  Overall it was a pretty easy project and I think it turned out great!

Bench After

bench before

Did I mention the LUCITE LEGS!!! Sexy addition to this girl glam apartment wouldn’t you say? The black velvet was nice, but I am obsessed with colour for her apartment and green and blue are pretty much the only directions she wants to go…so I am full on Blue and Green baby.

Here’s what I did…

1st four steps - mark up

I had custom buttons made at Capital Iron , re-used the strong thread from the old black buttons and bought a really long needle from the fabric store.

2nd steps - with mark upsI first placed all the buttons and then started pulling them tight from the back. I worked from the middle out the the edges & I wore my winter leather gloves cause it kills your bare hands. Oh, and Santa if you’re reading this…I really think it’s time I got a compressor and pneumatic staple gun…don’t you?  Yes, I did this with a manual stapler…I am accepting pity in the comments section :)

3rd steps with markupsI had to fidget with the corners, a bit but I made it work. phew – another project done! Next week I’m going to finish the coffee table! No tools…just fumes. I am all over that! I hope Linda doesn’t read that…She’s very concerned about some of us reckless DIYers…I promise to work outside. Promise! And that’s cool with me cause on the west coast we have spring and green grass and sun and all that Jazz. Great outside painting weather for sure! Oh man, I hope Linda doesn’t read that either. Love you East Coast Ladies!

list 2 week 3


Hi Peeps thanks for coming back to check out my ORC project! I’m working on a girl glam apartment…

This week the dining room is done, and I’m moving on to some other DIY projects in the living room. Here’s how it looked Saturday morning after I styled it a little…cute right!!!

010 (2) marked up

When the quote to slipcover these 4 simple IKEA chairs came back at $800 my client and I had a discussion to look at other options.  Truth is that with a small budget there weren’t many, and I sooo badly wanted to update the floral pattern chairs.  So, in a moment of pure insanity, ……no, bravado …, unfounded confidence…I was heard to say “Oh yeah, they look simple. I can sew them..” Ugh  So the last couple weeks I’ve been sewing, and seam ripping and drinking and crying. OK, not crying…but LOTS of procrastinating and complaining to my dear husband. So the take away here folks is that I’m Not Gonna Do It Again.

Not Sew Easy After all! This challenge should be called IRC “I R Crazy” Cuz I get way too jacked up with excitement for these projects.

Dining Chairs Mash

There were some bright spots though…We got the Rug from IKEA (yay!). And swapped out the old Light for a new one…much better.


I did a little thrift store shopping for accessories and my client bought a bench on Used Victoria (our local version of Craigslist) She’s awesome!  I’ll be re-covering it for next weeks update…I know what you’re thinking…but it’s not the same as sewing slipcovers…I’m OK with it…really I am.

list 2 week 2

Oh, and of course I should show you a proper before pic…

001 (2)



Woohoo! It’s happening again peeps…The One Room Challenge is back and this time is more exciting than ever because we are moving on out of my house and into a client space! Follow along for 6 weeks and you can see how I work and maybe take away some inspiration to complete a room in your place.  This time around there are so many amazing talented designers and design bloggers that I can’t wait to introduce you to the crew! More importantly I cannot wait to see what amazing things they do that will inspire me too! Here they are…(Links to all their beautiful blogs are listed below)

ORC Banner Blog Headers

Let’s get started!!! The room I’m tackling is a living / dining combo in a downtown Victoria apartment.  My client is a  brilliant and beautiful young thing and she wanted to refresh and glam up her place with big style and a small budget.  She actually found me because of the last One Room Challenge so it is fitting that I’m taking on her place this time around. First step was to visit her home and get a plan together, and full disclosure…this meeting happened awhile ago so that extensive planning could be done. She told me at the outset that she wanted to…


After our initial meeting I drew up a plan, I call it an inspiration board, and I do this for all my client projects.  This board illustrates the colour direction incorporating blues and my commitment to re-using her pieces in new and creative ways.

living dining combo

floor plan mash upSo now you have an idea of where I started…a great space, some existing furniture pieces to work with, a budget of $2000 and a plan that my client loves. I am working double time to finish a few elements of this project by the 6 week deadline so check back often for updates on my progress and the DIY elements of this One Room Challenge that I’m sure you will like!

The projects are going to shake out like this….I think….

list 2


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  1. Linda says:

    Nicole – I am having too much fun discovering you and the others through your one room challenge….

    Your page has the greatest look! Will you share how you are creating your collage boards and the “handwritten list”?

    Thank you so much for your time (when you have it again).


    • Nicole says:

      Thanks Linda! What a nice compliment…I’m so glad you like the style of my blog. Of course I’ll share my tricks with a few weeks when I’m not covered in paint :)


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