One Room Challenge – Week 6 Final Reveal

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If you’re reading this … then we made it!

Another successful One Room Challenge under the old suspenders.  I’m proud (am I proud? yeah I guess I am) to introduce you to my new design studio / office.  In the past six weeks (thanks to Linda from My Crafty Home Life and the 18 other participating bloggers) I got the nudge to transform a literal junk room in my basement  into a cool space to meet up and talk turkey… complete with the unintentional smattering of  accessories in this years “colour of the year” Tangerine Tango.

Three  words to describe my One Room Challenge? Re-purposed, Inexpensive and Awesome. Let me show you around…

First up a gigantic recycled glass vase and fallen branches from nearby mountain trail…

Handsome Homesense Cubby filled with my paint supplies and accessories…



Desk (was an old table) from Craiglist that got a makeover here and my lovely Tolix Chairs from Trade Roots in Victoria that I blogged about here.

My Vintage poster that I matted and framed myself takes center stage and can be seen from the adjacent room. I love it.  And yes, I hung those cool wood frames from Chintz & Co on the wall but I haven’t found just the right pieces to insert yet. oops!

Ahh… my DIY marble sewing surface. I’m gonna start my pillow empire form this very spot so watch out sistas!

Here’s a shot of my line of pillows that I will start officially selling in September via Etsy. So purdyI’ll have a hard time letting them go!

I created a little Photo Booth area to take shots of my pillows…so if you see my funkadelic stool on Etsy you’ll know it’s one of my creations!And yes, the trim still needs to be installed…ran outa steam for that project before the deadline.

A little styling action to check out…

And last but not least is the full shot which is hard to capture but oh so necessary.  I ended up getting the chandelier at McLarens after trying a few options. I swapped the traditional bulbs for something a little different and now it suits me just fine! I love my new office..hope you liked it too! :)


I couldn’t end this post without thanking Linda from My Crafty Home Life for all her hard work and encouragement throughout these last 6 weeks (and beyond). Thank you for including me in what has undoubtedly become an internet sensation! I’m excited to see what the future holds for you and the One Room Challenge and wanted you to know it has given my blog, and me!, a wonderful boost from a humble island beginning even waaaayy up here in Canada. Thank you Linda! I hope we continue to stay in touch.

I also wanted to give one more thanks to Emily A. Clark for her oh so fab dining room / office makeover which was my initial inspiration for the bookcase. Thanks Emily!

For good measure here is a shot of my room before (ahh my eyes!!)

Oh The Horror!!

And my inspiration Board from 6 weeks ago…I nailed it! Oh and if you want to play catch up you can see my Week1, week 2, week3, week 4, and week 5 here.


…now go and check out the other challengers and see  their rooms!

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  1. Girlfriend, I will continue to say it…you are one of…if not…THE first person I met blogging. What a lucky day that was for me. You should be so proud of how amazing your space turned out! You nailed your inspiration photo (Emily’s office). Your styling skills are super sick and I hate how easy you make it look. One day, we will have a power-tools throw down….until then…I continue to learn from you. This looks fantastic, and your nieces deserve to play “zoo keeper” in here some time. You need to let me know when that Etsy shop of yours opens.

    • Nicole says:

      Thanks Linda! As I always I love your comments and you would be a worthy opponent in a tool throw down. Lets call it a “challenge” and then we both win :) . It’s fun to play with you and your friends!

  2. Kim says:

    Nicole this is fantastic! Your table turned out beautiful and what a nice big surface for your desk! I was a huge fan of the “bull” art while you were creating it and it looks perfect in your space! Your pillows are going to be a huge hit … I think you might be adding some more marble sewing spaces for your empire!! Awesome job!

  3. Nicole… it just looks so inspiring! I would so work in there! I love the way you are displaying your pillows! And your styling of the bookcase is perfect!

    • Nicole says:

      Tiffany you have no shortage of inspiration for your blog. But thanks for the compliment! Glad we got to do this again!

  4. Emily says:

    Everything is so clean-lined but still so warm and cozy! I love your new pillow line as well!! You did a great job on this space!!

  5. Kelly says:

    Wow! I knew your room would turn out fabulous, but this looks even better than I thought it would. Your finishing touches and styling of your favorite things just bring it all together so perfectly. I love that it is a very functional space too…not just pretty. Like Linda said, I hate that you make it look so easy…why wasn’t I born with that gift? I can’t believe most of your “new” findings were either recycled or found at the swap. It looks really great Nicole!!

    • Nicole says:

      Thanks Kel! When you move here we can go hunting at all the cool markets and decorate your new house together :)

  6. Such great organization – looks great.

  7. Your room turned out FABULOUS! I love all the rustic toushes, the Tolix chairs {I am jealous} and all the added touches! Good luck on the pillow line, I was thinking of the same thing. Funny – great minds think alike!

    • Nicole says:

      Thanks Barbara…so glad I got to meet a local (sorta) blogger through all of this! Absolutely start an etsy shop too! There’s room for everybody and your pillows are wicked awesome!

  8. Nicole, your room is stunning! Sign me up for pillows! The farm table and mable sewing table are my favorite things. I love the mix of modern and rustic.

    • Nicole says:

      Thanks Danylle for all your support – You rock! I love that table too…thought about maybe having dinner down there one night soon just for kicks :)

  9. gorgeous room! i love the mix of classic & rustic, it looks awesome. i’m a new victoria resident as of late spring, so i’ll be checking out the couple of shops you mentioned here :)
    love all your pillows, and it’s fun to see where you’ll take photos for your shop — do you mind sharing where you got the tripod lamp? it looks like just what i’m looking for for my own living room!
    thanks for the inspiration, it’s gorgeous!

    • Nicole says:

      Hi Lesley
      Glad you clicked over. I was just checking out your shop! So cute…we may need to talk about all things etsy. The tripod was actually from Homesense about 2 years ago. I go often though and I have seen variations on the design since then…so if I see one I’ll message you. Welcome to Victoria BTW!

  10. This is an absolutely amazing transformation. I absolutely love the style of your room…and what an excellent workroom to create those fabulous pillows…i have my eye on those! I love the vintage modern feel to the room. great job!!!

    • Nicole says:

      Thanks Heather! You are the sweetest. glad I found you or vice versa during this challenge. Keep up the great work over there on your blog!

  11. Love, love, love this room! Your mix of vintage industrial finds is fantastic! I’ve been searching for one of those giant glass vases forever. Super job!

    • Nicole says:

      Thanks Kelly. I thought this might get your sustainable attention! Glad you like it. Oh and BTW that bottle is from Urban Barn and it is recycled glass from Spain I think? I named mine chubbs

  12. WHY do you live sonfar away from me? I would hire you in a heartbeat. I just love how you take your inspiration photos and bring the room to life. AWESOME job Nicole!

    • Nicole says:

      Janet that’s so nice! Guess we will just have to admire one another from afar :) I coulda used your help with my pictures…its pretty dark down there. Hope you’re having a great summer!

  13. StagerLinda says:

    Where to start…your transformation of that funky space is AMAZING! You worked your design board perfectly. It has everything I covet: functional chic bookshelves, big ole bulletin board, awesome cubby for supplies, a beast of a desk top, shee shee desk chair for her highness, great chairs for dropper-inners, and atmosphere out the waazoo. I am SO jealous yet inspired by your work!

  14. Junell says:

    Wonderful transformation. Great form & function along with a sense of calm & organization. Love the pillow & periodical cubbies. Enjoy! WTG!

  15. I just left a comment in the wrong place. My eyes are crossing at this point and I’m not even able to figure out how to comment on your blog, Nicole. What styling skills you have! I’m pretty jealous. And would you send me a link to your Etsy store? Your office space is incredible!

  16. Lisa says:

    What a fantastic work space! I love the art, the pillows, the tolix chairs….the whole things looks like such a great space to get work done!

  17. Girlfriend!! You are nothing short of amazing! This space is so fabulous and inviting to work in.

  18. GASP! SO beautiful. I love those pillows! Can’t wait for your etsy shop today.
    Thank you so much for your kind words on my interview on Hodge Podge today.
    Means so much. Congrats on completing the ORC…I don’t know if I would have made it! Wonderful job. xo

  19. Jessica says:

    Hi…love what you & Emily have done with your office space. One question!! Where do you store your files, printer and cords. I work from home for a large corporation and want a glam office that still functional.

    Thanks a ton!

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