March 3, 2011

Say it Right

You’ve been reading your magazines and researching your favourites but how the heck do you pronounce some of those names?  Are you a little shy to speak the words in a store or showroom?  I’ve heard a few pronounciations that I was sure were off, but who am I to say, right?  Well you and I are not the only one’s in the dark and lucky for us a movement is afoot on style sites like Apartment Therapy and Plinth and Chintz to tell us how to pronounce them once and for all.  I have included the ones I wonder about the most but you can click on the links above for some pretty comprehensive lists of hard to pronounce brands and deisgn items:

Ikat Fabric – Pronounced “Eee Cat”

Miele Appliances – Pronounced “Mee Luh”

Kilim Rugs – Pronounced “Kee Leem”

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March 3, 2011


Nicole Scott

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