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The Hero Work Program – 2014 is Complete

Written by on 6th October 2014 in Blog POSTS with 4 Comments

It’s not really possible to communicate how much satisfaction you get from doing something for someone else…a total stranger that you will probably never meet. But knowing that every thoughtful detail, decision and sacrifice will make a difference for a youth that is at risk makes all the hard work worth it.  If you’ve been around the blog the last few months you might have read about all my amazing clients and vendors who donated furniture and the countless trips across town to pick up used Victoria treasures from here or there. I scoured thrift stores and pillaged my own house to fill this apartment with love and warmth…with a little edge.  One volunteer said it was the perfect “college kid” apartment and that made me happy:)  I wish the very very best to whoever lives in this space and I hope they feel all the love and heart that poured into every wire, nail, floor board, pipe, drop of paint and of course the furnishings and decor…There is Love. The Hero Work Program and Paul Latour are an indomitable force in this city…get involved with the next one…you won’t regret it!

OK here’s the pics!

DSC_0925 600 PIXbefore 600 gallery 800 pixview 1 600dining 600DSC_0933 600 PIXDSC_0934 600bookshelfDSC_0932 600 PIXDSC_0936 600kitchen 600

I’ve had lots of questions about my design so over the next few days I will feature aspects of it and introduce you to the people and companies that made it happen:)

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American Dream Builders – Sunday

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I have been looking forward to this new show and this weekend is the premiere. It’s called American Dream Builders, on NBC.

This new reality series showcases the talents of the most accomplished designers and home builders in America by pitting 12 worthy contestants against one another in a high-stakes competition designed to push everyone’s creative reach. The show will celebrate creativity and style while revealing magazine-worthy home transformations.

With each weekly episode, two teams will take on a brand new project and be asked to redesign and renovate the space from the inside out – all in a matter of days. From Spanish to Tudor to midcentury modern, the designers will be expected to produce sweeping home renovations that bring a fresh, modern sensibility while remaining true to the home’s innate charm and design characteristics.


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Artist Wes Lang

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I don’t exactly have my finger on the pulse of the art scene in New York and LA, but I sure wish I did because I would have found Wes Lang allot sooner. I actually have a Grateful Dead T shirt that I love with this first image on it and I didn’t know who the artist was.  My bad.  His bleak and iconic images are stirring and controversial to some, and for others simply and honestly pay homage to unresolved historical issues and his affection for the Grateful Dead. Either way, I was completely drawn into his interesting body of work this week and thought I’d share a couple and the link for his book here.  Love his work…Check him out! All photos sourced to Wes Lang’s blog, pics are the link



the mind of pure devotion

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Pepper Mill Party Post

Written by on 9th December 2013 in Blog POSTS with 3 Comments

Is there anything more fun than painting and drinking wine at the same time?  This weekend I had a few new friends and some old friends over to my studio to make some personalized gifts for Christmas in the form of custom painted pepper mills. Now,… I won’t tell you who’s who’s just in case you’re the lucky recipient of one of these mills…but it was super fun and I’m so grateful for all of you who made it out to snowy Langford. Here’s the shiny stash that I’ll be delivering to the ladies tomorrow.  I’d love to do this again in Spring..maybe for mothers day?  Check out these works of art!

040-1If you would be interested in joining my next workshop send me a message and I’ll let you know when it happens!

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Wicked West Coast Style

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It’s pretty cool to find something new and exciting right in your own backyard.  The Autonomous Furniture Collective is doing some great things with local reclaimed woods and acrylic that I thought you should see. I love this modern twist on west coast style. Check them out. Pic is the Link as Usual.

aut slide-tillikum-bench

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Choose a Picture and Join Us – Blue Printing November 17th

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Next Sunday, November 17th, Trade Roots and I are hosting a fun Blue Printing Workshop.  Choose a picture (8×10) and if you need help sizing it just email me the picture by Friday and I’ll do it for you.  Once the picture is the correct size I turn it into a negative of itself and print it on transparency paper and That’s it! Everything is provided…and refreshments too!

We have a cool selection of images you can use if you’re stumped or don’t have time…here’s a sample of some images I provided. One of the keys to success is having an image with high contrast and not too much fine detail or text which can have a tendency to turn out blurry. (These ones have already been turned into negatives as described above…so imagine for these pics when we are done the parts that are black will be light and and what is white will be blue) Click Here to Register - Hurry Space is Limited.

blue print samplesIn the End your project can look like this…cool right?


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Wall Panel Effect Without The Price Tag

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One of my projects is getting near completion and after a site visit yesterday I can hardly contain myself…. It is looking soooo good. There is allot to share on this one – but for today I wanted to show you an inexpensive and easy way to add some architectural interest to your home with some trim and paint. Panel moldings are expensive to make and install, but this treatment gives you the look and feel of a Paneled wall without the price tag!

I created a panel effect for two areas in this home using flat front trim that is simply applied to the dryall in a design shown below…the whole thing will be painted in a semigloss when completed. The two spots that got this treatment are the TV Wall and the Dining Room/Stairway which I sketched and shared with the carpenters like this…

tv wall sketchPANEL 600PIXHere’s the TV wall before and after the panel treatment…awesome right!

TV MASHAnd this is the stairway / dining room wall – almost 20ft high – so this is dramatic and awesome in person….If you have a drywall seam covered with a piece of trim like they did (and so do I in my house!)  This is an excellent way to cover it in a much more stylish and intentional way. Booo to all the builders out there who think using door casing on walls to cover drywall seams is acceptable. It’s not!

STAIR MASHIf you would like some help making the place you live a place you love…contact me, I can help!

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Blue Printing

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Had some fun yesterday with my pal Carla. We tried a blue printing project that uses the sun to develop the print …the result is the most incredible Prussian / Indigo Blue.  So what if my hands are kinda blue?!… it’s almost Halloween…is it still cool to be an Avatar character this year??

Blue Printing

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One Room Challenge is Happening Again!

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If you love following along with the One Room Challenge then you’re in luck cause Linda is gearing up to do it again! …And, if you’ve always wanted to be a participant in the One Room Challenge – well then this is really your lucky day! She’s opened it up to everybody! It all starts October 2nd so click the link and see what it’s all about on Linda’s Blog Calling It Home.

What is it? The One Room Challenge is 6 weeks of Designers, Bloggers and DIY loving ladies who tackle a room start to finish while sharing weekly updates and lots of pictures.  I have been lucky enough to join the group three times – and I’m so excited to see the new crew and the new rooms! Good Luck everybody!

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Fab Finds in the Northern Wilderness of BC

Written by on 13th August 2013 in Blog POSTS with 3 Comments

I just got back from a super relaxing vacation in Northern BC. Getting there by car is no joke. A cool 1500+ km (or 932 miles) – Each mapWay -  is enough to make most of us shudder, but it is beautiful country and hey, who could pass up days on end without Starbucks stuffed in a closed vehicle with an old man dog (aka stinky) and a boy (also sometimes stinky). Not me, I guess.

One of the design highlights of my trip was a stop in Smithers, BC. It’s a small town 1200 km north from Victoria and home to the No. 1 Decor store in Northern British Columbia, so you know I had to stop :)   I bought some pillows (of course) and I saw some pretty fab stuff like these  rug covered ottomans, Indian painted furniture and these great cross back chairs – for really decent prices. They recently started their online shopping website and I thought I’d share them with all of you since I liked it so much. Check Out HeartStrings Home Decor and Furnishings. They’re on facebook too.


nicole 1

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