December 13, 2011

Are you Up For It?

The Pantone Colour of 2012 is….Tangerine Tango

July 18, 2011

Do White Right

Some people are afraid of colour, but if I had to pinpoint a design scheme I shy away from…it is white. It may be my big lovable (and sometimes dirty) dog or my penchant for eating grape Popsicles in bed but I’ve never had white jeans (well except that brief stint after seeing Dirty Dancing […]

September 16, 2010

Hair Don’ts

OK,  the greys were showing and to be honest about 4 months of roots (re-growth for the un-initiated), the stylist is on holiday until mid October and funds are a little tight-ish so the logical choice is a DIY project, Right?.  I see those skinny witches with their long flowing locks tempting me on TV with […]