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Are you Up For It?

Written by on 13th December 2011 in Blog POSTS with 0 Comments

The Pantone Colour of 2012 is….Tangerine Tango

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Do White Right

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Some people are afraid of colour, but if I had to pinpoint a design scheme I shy away from…it is white. It may be my big lovable (and sometimes dirty) dog or my penchant for eating grape Popsicles in bed but I’ve never had white jeans (well except that brief stint after seeing Dirty Dancing in the eighties) and I’ve never had a white couch or bedspread either.  Don’t get me wrong, the clean crisp feeling white emotes is very desirable, I guess I just know my limits :(   This amazing beach house by Ascher Davis Architects has done white right. So bright, casual and inviting. Each room is punctuated by a bold hit of colour or black and the overall effect is that the house feels like summer! Now if only Summer would arrive on the west coast! photos from elle decor

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Hair Don’ts

Written by on 16th September 2010 in Blog POSTS with 0 Comments

OK,  the greys were showing and to be honest about 4 months of roots (re-growth for the un-initiated), the stylist is on holiday until mid October and funds are a little tight-ish so the logical choice is a DIY project, Right?.  I see those skinny witches with their long flowing locks tempting me on TV with a 10 minute fix GUARANTEED!  And honestly with every pony-tail day I was becoming more desperate and willing to believe that I too could have natural looking, shiny, multi-faceted (WTF does that mean?) hair color.   I did the deed and it looks so bad, I’m not joking, I look like Im wearing this dark wig I got for a halloween costume a few years ago. Dammit!  It’s sort of got a brugundy twinge, OMG I hate even writing the words. NOT GOOD.

I guess the issue here is why did I do it? I am certain (and husband confirms, YES) that the last time I did it myself I hated it and cursed the hair monsters.  He thinks that maybe there is a chemical in there that causes me to forget my previous experience..interesting theory.   I have a twisted relationship with my hair. Straight curly, long short, blonde brown ughh. Not a wonder they call many of the hair products “therapy” – I think I need some.  Box says 28 shampoos until it washes out.

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