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If you can help…please do

Written by on 27th July 2014 in Blog POSTS with 1 Comment

You may have heard that I am planning the renovation of an apartment in Victoria for the Threshold Housing Society in partnership with the Herowork Program. This 2 bedroom unit will be a safe place for some young people in need and I am committed to making it into a home. This is where I need your help…If you have a chair, or a table or anything else on my list that you think I could use send me a pic in an email and we will figure it out :) . If you follow me you already know that I love to up-cycle and score great deals so this project is right up my alley!  I will update the list as I collect what I need. My email address is nicole@scottdesigns.ca

I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of generosity from my friends and clients but we have a way to go yet…take a look… can you help?  If you would like to donate funds so we can buy some of what we need that can also be arranged with tax receipts etc. And if all you can do is spread the word and share these posts believe me…Every gesture is appreciated!!

list apt

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Pepper Mill Party Post

Written by on 9th December 2013 in Blog POSTS with 3 Comments

Is there anything more fun than painting and drinking wine at the same time?  This weekend I had a few new friends and some old friends over to my studio to make some personalized gifts for Christmas in the form of custom painted pepper mills. Now,… I won’t tell you who’s who’s just in case you’re the lucky recipient of one of these mills…but it was super fun and I’m so grateful for all of you who made it out to snowy Langford. Here’s the shiny stash that I’ll be delivering to the ladies tomorrow.  I’d love to do this again in Spring..maybe for mothers day?  Check out these works of art!

040-1If you would be interested in joining my next workshop send me a message and I’ll let you know when it happens!

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Custom Colour Ball Ornaments

Written by on 21st November 2013 in Blog POSTS with 2 Comments

A couple of years ago I decorated a Christmas tree for a charity auction and I hand flocked a bunch of balls in order to get just the right colours.  Now that you have some background on just how far I will go to make a great tree you won’t be surprised to see that I just custom painted a whole whack of glass balls for a client’s gum drop themed Christmas tree.  I got the idea from the super creative Krista from the Happy Housie blog.  She lives up island and makes everything pretty with paint….just like me! I loved Krista’s idea so much I had to try it… and as luck would have I have a client that wanted a gum drop tree this year……here’s a pic of Krista’s Blue themed Christmas decorations…totally inspiring right!

kristavia The Happy Housie

So, first I went to Michaels with my coupon in hand and bought a few sizes of clear glass ball ornaments, I took off the metal hangers and ….wait for it…..squirted some craft paint inside.  GASP! That’s it. I know you thought it would be harder.

I put my thumb over the hole and shook each one until it had good coverage and let them dry – shaking occasionally in case any paint settled in one spot. I chose these bright happy colours from my craft paints and Im pretty sure my clients will have the cutest xmas tree on the westshore.  You should try it!

ballsHere’s what mine looked like while drying – I’ll share a pic of the tree once it is up!

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Blue Printing Weekend Fun

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cropped blue printsBeautiful Blue Print Posters hanging to dry…these were made by our workshop participants


Last weekend a collection of brave souls joined Carla (from Trade Roots) and myself  in a Blue Printing Workshop. Everyone made a killer blue printed poster and learned the method so they could make their own at home.  I promised to share the details and the steps here on the blog…so here it is.

You will need:

  • Photographers Formulary Cyanotype Kit 07-0090 or the pre-mixed liquids. (I bought it on amazon.com)
  • Water Colour Paper (the paper will be submerged in a water bath)
  • Paint brush or foam brush
  • Freezer paper to line your work surface and a board to work on
  • Gloves, Apron and no fancy shoes
  • Sink or basins to rinse your picture
  • Sunny Day (or at least a break in a rainy day:)


Steps to make an 8×10 poster:

  1. Select an image you want to re-create in blue print.  Size the image to 8×10 (the size of transparency sheets) and then change the image to black and white ….once it is B/W then invert the image so the black and white parts are reversed. I used paint.net but there are lots of free programs online that will help you do this. print the inverted image onto a transparency sheet.
  2. Secure water colour paper to the frezer paper lined surface. (You will be taking your project outside so be sure it is a portable board or tray – we used cardboard lined with freezer paper)
  3. Mix your cyanotype solution in a dark room per the directions and brush it onto the water colour paper in a cross hatch pattern. Cover it well, but don’t use too much liquid – no pooling. It should appear moist and yellow with no REALLY wet spots.  Once covered let it dry.  Once dry repeat this step. This is done in a dark room.
  4. Once your paper is dry place your transparency on top and secure it. You can use tape or place a piece of clean plexi glass or glass on top.
  5. Take your project outside into the sun and place it quickly and keep it still. More direct sun the better, but on a cloudy day it will work…just stay outside a little longer. On a moderately sunny day it takes about 5 minutes. The paper will turn dark green or blue as it exposes.
  6. Remove the glass and the transparency and submerge your project into a bath of water, you can give it a good wash until it runs mostly clear. The last dunk should be in a bath of water and peroxide.  This appears to deepen the blue.
  7. Hang to dry.

042This poster by participant Ryan turned out particularly well. great job everybody!


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Vintage Eclectic in Victoria

Written by on 13th November 2013 in Blog POSTS with 2 Comments

I’m super excited to share the new pics of a finished project in Victoria, BC.  This one is full of vintage treasures and has a modern eclectic vibe  that suits the young family who lives here perfectly.  I loved working on this place.  Many thanks to my amazing clients who totally got what I was laying down, my assistant Kelly and to Leanna Rathkelly, the talented photographer who captured these great shots!  These Pictures also mark the official beginning of my professional profile on Houzz - so be sure to check that out too.

Nicole Scott Interior designSome custom Subway Sign Art that I made for my clients…

Nicole Scott Interior designThat pendant looks like a delicious red candy apple. I love it.

Nicole Scott Interior designVintage furniture surrounded by special things. Doesn’t it just say RELAX ?!

Nicole Scott Interior designA mix of photos and found objects creates a cool and unique personal art gallery…

Nicole Scott Interior designUsing objects and furniture that are meaningful to my clients is a key part of my process as a designer.


If you want some help making the place you live a place you love, contact me..I can help!

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Choose a Picture and Join Us – Blue Printing November 17th

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Next Sunday, November 17th, Trade Roots and I are hosting a fun Blue Printing Workshop.  Choose a picture (8×10) and if you need help sizing it just email me the picture by Friday and I’ll do it for you.  Once the picture is the correct size I turn it into a negative of itself and print it on transparency paper and That’s it! Everything is provided…and refreshments too!

We have a cool selection of images you can use if you’re stumped or don’t have time…here’s a sample of some images I provided. One of the keys to success is having an image with high contrast and not too much fine detail or text which can have a tendency to turn out blurry. (These ones have already been turned into negatives as described above…so imagine for these pics when we are done the parts that are black will be light and and what is white will be blue) Click Here to Register - Hurry Space is Limited.

blue print samplesIn the End your project can look like this…cool right?


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Blue Printing

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Had some fun yesterday with my pal Carla. We tried a blue printing project that uses the sun to develop the print …the result is the most incredible Prussian / Indigo Blue.  So what if my hands are kinda blue?!… it’s almost Halloween…is it still cool to be an Avatar character this year??

Blue Printing

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DIY Wood Block Art

Written by on 22nd August 2013 in Blog POSTS with 2 Comments

I was at the lumber yard the other day and as I wandered around waiting for my cuts I saw a scene similar to this and thought “how cool does that look!” These stacks are like art! and they reminded me of a great DIY project using spindles to create a cool piece of wood block art… if you’re so inclined.


Source Unknown

With some spindles, some stain and a chop saw you can make a pretty cool wall instillation. Check out this one.


Source Unknown

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Paris Sign Workshop at French Vanilla

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What a great summer night at French Vanilla in Oak Bay with some lovely ladies and a little paint.  Last night we created subway style signs inspired by the city of lights and although the similar theme runs through each sign they are totally unique in the end!

Everybody got to work right away… very studious :)


And once the letters were stuck on we painted and then pulled off the stickers…

Photo 2013-07-24 7 56 32 PM

Sheila Stone, owner of French Vanilla (right), and Debra Boeyenga (left) of A French Touch both got in on the action too…nice work ladies.

Photo 2013-07-24 6 09 36 PM

And here’s some happy faces…

Photo 2013-07-24 8 07 58 PM

And there’s always a  few who are camera shy…

Photo 2013-07-24 8 10 12 PM

Join us again in the fall and get your craft on! Same fun, Different Theme.

nicole 1

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Paris Sign Workshop – July 2013

Written by on 25th June 2013 in Blog POSTS with 1 Comment

For this workshop my partner is French Vanilla a popular french PARIS 300 WIDEinspired Home, Garden and Gift store located in Oak Bay.

We will be making Subway inspired signs using the streets, districts and popular attractions found in, and around, Paris.  Participants can choose between two fonts and the colour combo White on Black (shown) or Black on White.  Everything you need is supplied and we will be using the store’s signature Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Wax to make these beauties.  Everyone goes home with a finished sign ready to hang or give as a gift. Register soon and join us! Space is limited.

Register by calling or visiting:  French Vanilla at 1852 Oak Bay Ave Phone: 250-592-0422

Place: French Vanilla (Workshop) 1852 Oak Bay Ave

Dates & Time: Saturday, July 13th (1:30-4:00) and Wednesday July 24th (5:30-8pm)

Cost: $79.99

Supplies: Everything provided

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