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Rejuvenation at West Elm Vancouver

Written by on 3rd July 2013 in Blog POSTS with 1 Comment

A few months ago some of my blogger friends in the states paired up with Rejuvenation to promote their amazing selection of lights &  I’ve been trying to get one in a client’s home ever since.  Yesterday I stumbled across a little known fact that might make this easier for me, and for you too!  In the West Elm Market store on Granville Street in Vancouver they have a small selection of pendants from Rejuvenation for sale… This is a coup peeps because we do not currently have a Rejuvenation store in Canada.  Stop in and check them out..they are like “eye candy apples” all red and shiny. LOVE!


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Kool Kitchen

Written by on 16th May 2013 in Blog POSTS with 2 Comments

I’m obsessed with a ‘new to me’ blog called Domaine…this feature of fashion designer Kaelen Haworth’s kitchen stopped me in my tracks. Very cool! Pic is the link as usual


Such great architectural features,…and the light! Beauty!

nicole 1

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Bryk House on HGTV

Written by on 24th April 2013 in Blog POSTS with 4 Comments

bryk logo 1

I’m totally loving a new show on HGTV Canada called Bryk House (for my American cousins it is A Bryk At A Time on DIY/HGTV US).

The show follows new designer and mom, Danielle Nicholas Bryk through the trials and triumphs of running her own design business. She’s adorable and talented and I’m hooked!

Here’s two of my fave projects so far. Youthful, eclectic, casual and budget friendly (sorta).

bryk dining

bryk 2

If you want some help making the place you live a place you love, contact me...I can help!

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Crib Crush – Emily Henderson Does it Again

Written by on 23rd March 2013 in Blog POSTS with 0 Comments

This weekend as I browsed some of my favorite blogs I came across one of the talented Emily Henderson’s latest projects. It’s a colourful, cheerful and collected space that I just adore. Take a look! What do you think?





I would love to have a client that loves this as much as I do. Anyone want help creating a hip / collected vibe like this? Contact Me. I can help!  Come back again later this week, I’m creating a shop list to recreate this look and feel.

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Wow! Wildlife

Written by on 16th March 2013 in Blog POSTS with 1 Comment

I am working on a gallery installation in my downstairs living room and so naturally I went looking for cool Buffalo art…as I do. (Buffalo has been my totem forever – it signifies abundance in my life) I was literally stopped in my tracks by a photo of a Bison the other day…it has totally captivated me. (Thanks Amber!)  Strange that I am sending away all the way to England to get a print…but I have to have it. Look at his eyes! The Photographer CAI PRIESTLY is a Welsh wildlife photog living in Banff… amazing…check out his site Tooth and Claw Photography here. I’m also really in love with the polar bear and wolf…too much of a good thing…maybe. I’m still deciding. Do you have any animal fixations? Any animal art? how do you display it?


cai polar

cai wolfOh Canada!! Stunning. Almost makes me miss Alberta…almost…Drop by his site…or like him on facebook…I did!

If you want some help making the place you live a place you love…Contact Me! I can help.

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Rug Obsession

Written by on 4th January 2013 in Blog POSTS with 2 Comments

It’s a good thing I’m going away for a few days because my obsession with this rug is bordering on unhealthy…how many times a day is too many to look at a rug online? …..wait don’t answer that.


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Take a Coffee Break – Local Coffee Gift Ideas

Written by on 26th November 2012 in Blog POSTS with 0 Comments

I love everything on this post today, the only thing it needs is some vanilla sugar and it’s darn near perfect! How’s your shopping going? I hope these local lists are helping you get creative and SHOP LOCAL:)

Sources mugs / tamper / Salt Spring Coffee / knockbox / Breville /

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My Chintz Wish List

Written by on 7th November 2012 in Blog POSTS with 0 Comments

I have a serious crush on a few pieces at Chintz & Co right now.  Which reminds me,  did you know about the insane sale happening there right now? Walk don’t run peeps! serious! Check out these lovelies …. the tall dark and handsome Meurice Lamp and the Madison Console where I could mix up some mean holiday drinks! (Pic is the link as usual)

Anything you’re crushing on at the moment?

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Crib Crush – Nate Berkus

Written by on 4th October 2012 in Blog POSTS with 2 Comments

I really couldn’t love it more.  I watched some of these details being built by Steve Fanuko’s crew last season. It is just incredible to see it decorated. I adore this style. Photos from Architectural Digest

I wonder if I should repaint my cabinets black??

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Future Fabric Watch – 2013

Written by on 27th August 2012 in Blog POSTS with 2 Comments

As the New York International Gift Fair NYIGF wrapped up last week I had to check out the winners in the textile categories, ….you know…being the fabric fanatic that I am.  So what does the future look like according to NYC taste makers and people in the know? THE PAST.  Don’t be discouraged the fabrics are stylish and comforting nonetheless.  As fall is creeping in I kind of love these images and what they represent for the upcoming season. Here are my three faves from the winners circle in the categories 1. overall, 2. bedding and 3. Home Decor.

In the Home Decor category, US based Hedgehouse has come up with this comfy cushion called a Throw Bed for use inside or out.

What is a Throw Bed? Its a down and fiber filled cushion that’s the same size as a twin bed, 40″x70″ yet weighs only 4lbs. The cushion is covered in a removable and washable linen or cotton cover. It comes to you rolled up in a matching bag with a shoulder strap. Its completely portable and very versatile.

I like any company that encourages napping in the future.


I am also totally smitten with Peacock Alley, one of the Bedding category runner ups. Love this slightly masculine Duvet.


And last, but not least, the overall winner, and winner in in the bath category, is Alpaca wizard Alicia Adams.  Her fashions and home decor offerings are heavenly. I’m actually thinking about getting an Alpaca after surfing her site.  Look at these throws!


So there it is. The future is looking like the past. Familiar & friendly, natural colours and textures… not so bad right?

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