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If you can help…please do

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You may have heard that I am planning the renovation of an apartment in Victoria for the Threshold Housing Society in partnership with the Herowork Program. This 2 bedroom unit will be a safe place for some young people in need and I am committed to making it into a home. This is where I need your help…If you have a chair, or a table or anything else on my list that you think I could use send me a pic in an email and we will figure it out :) . If you follow me you already know that I love to up-cycle and score great deals so this project is right up my alley!  I will update the list as I collect what I need. My email address is nicole@scottdesigns.ca

I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of generosity from my friends and clients but we have a way to go yet…take a look… can you help?  If you would like to donate funds so we can buy some of what we need that can also be arranged with tax receipts etc. And if all you can do is spread the word and share these posts believe me…Every gesture is appreciated!!

list apt

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And a Hero Come’s Along – Herowork in Victoria

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I have a really exciting announcement about a new project I’m involved with! herowork logohomelessIn addition to servicing my amazing group of clients in Victoria I am also taking on a very special project this fall through the Herowork Program. I will be decorating one of four apartments along side three other designers that will be used by the Threshold Housing Society of Victoria.  This tremendous organization is committed to providing safe housing for local youth at risk of homelessness and this project will be a great help.  Some amazing benefactors have come forward to help jump start this renovation and even more amazing local businesses are stepping up to donate time, expertise, supplies and funds to this very worthy cause.  I’m really lucky to be a part of it and I hope you will follow along and even participate if you can. A call for Herowork volunteers in Victoria will be coming soon!



Project summary

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Book It

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If someone on your list is obsessed with Interior design like me (and probably like you too) here’s a couple books that have recently come out that are sure to please.

Nate / Thom / Steven / Eric / Salvage Secrets / Rough Luxe

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For the Love of Tea

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Here are some more great gift ideas from local Tea Companies! Who wouldn’t love one of these! Click around onto the pictures I’ve linked everything up for your viewing pleasure!

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Housing and Homes

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When I was in University I worked as a community living support worker in a residential home for individuals with special needs. Recently Ive been looking at community living settings in Victoria (out of curiosity) and I stumbled upon  the Pacifica Housing Advisory Association. The association works with the Downtown outreach Services office and is supported by government agencies and ministries to provide housing resources for clients living with mental illness, addiction, homelessness or risk of homelessness.

Look at some of the housing options they have created in our beautiful city.  I didn’t know about this! Pics are links as usual

These are just two examples of several extraordinary projects undertaken by Pacifica who are partially supported by local businesses and public funding.

Remember; shelter is one of our most basic needs. Love your home, but save a little love for your community and the people among us in need.

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Homes & Hope in Haiti

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Sometimes the most beautiful homes are built under the worst circumstances. To each new owner who is liberated from tents and uncertainty… these homes, and houses like them, ARE without question the most beautiful houses in the world. Each picture has a story.

Over a million people are still homeless and at risk for diseases like cholera after the January 2010 Earthquake in Haiti.  Help is still needed, donate if you can 

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Just Give’n'er

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I like to think of myself as generous and even charitable, but recently I found out about a man named Paul Latour who is a total inspiration!  He organizes extreme home-makeovers (among other things) for people in need and has a vision for cities everywhere to embrace the concept of community caring and responsibility.  I couldnt agree more!!  Like many business owners in Victoria, I have offered to do whatever I can in the next project and I am Really Really looking forward to the opportunity! Should be in early 2011.

Check him out!!


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