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Happy Thanksgiving!

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I love this modern and rustic – totally casual and inviting table set for a feast with friends.  I hope wherever you are, and whatever your holiday leanings you have a safe, stylish and happy long weekend! All the best!

51bcf1fad9127e25bf0017dc._w.540_s.fit_via apartment therapy

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Holiday Decorating

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It sneaks up on you..Holiday Decorating that is. I just put out this little mercury glass orb and I realized that it has officially begun….bring on the holidays I’m ready to decorate.

dbea4969-fe5e-4172-9c73-dfad66376daa_zps176e27a9Over the next couple weekends I’ll make it happen. When you are you going to get down to it?

I’m still in love with mercury glass and gold tones for this season but I get to satisfy my need to do different looks by helping clients decorate their trees. win win:)

 If you want some help making the place you live a place you love…contact me, I can help.


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Custom Colour Ball Ornaments

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A couple of years ago I decorated a Christmas tree for a charity auction and I hand flocked a bunch of balls in order to get just the right colours.  Now that you have some background on just how far I will go to make a great tree you won’t be surprised to see that I just custom painted a whole whack of glass balls for a client’s gum drop themed Christmas tree.  I got the idea from the super creative Krista from the Happy Housie blog.  She lives up island and makes everything pretty with paint….just like me! I loved Krista’s idea so much I had to try it… and as luck would have I have a client that wanted a gum drop tree this year……here’s a pic of Krista’s Blue themed Christmas decorations…totally inspiring right!

kristavia The Happy Housie

So, first I went to Michaels with my coupon in hand and bought a few sizes of clear glass ball ornaments, I took off the metal hangers and ….wait for it…..squirted some craft paint inside.  GASP! That’s it. I know you thought it would be harder.

I put my thumb over the hole and shook each one until it had good coverage and let them dry – shaking occasionally in case any paint settled in one spot. I chose these bright happy colours from my craft paints and Im pretty sure my clients will have the cutest xmas tree on the westshore.  You should try it!

ballsHere’s what mine looked like while drying – I’ll share a pic of the tree once it is up!

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DIY Xmas Decor

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I have two words for you. TARGET & CLEARANCE.  These chunky funky trees were painted red and green but I could see the potential and scooped them up right away. Originally, I painted them black…meh too boring … so yesterday I got out the metallic craft paints and went to town. I used antique gold, light gold and a bronze which is really more copper looking but it all works.

Decorator tip. Don’t crowd a collection. I prefer a cleaner look so even though I actually have 4 trees, it was too much on the little table I chose …so remember it is ok to break it up…display your collection in two or more places if you have enough pieces, or simply pack it away for next year. Here’s how I did it.

Like all good crafters I did thin light coats and dry brushed the paint so there were no brush strokes…the results were great. And hey, if next year my decor is purple I can do it all over again. sooo easy.

How’s your decorating shaping up?

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West Coast Weekend Update

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Yesterday I was busy visiting clients and giving advice on holiday decorations all over town…it was a dream!  One of my stops was in Sooke to start the decoration of a cottage by the sea. It is so adorable it’s crazy…more on the cottage later. I needed to simply and tastefully decorate for xmas, choose a colour palette and theme and leave the tree for the family to do themselves. No problem.

Here’s the view…

And here’s the mantle I started with.

I chose some driftwood accessories from Homesense (The garland the star and a tree) which totaled just over $50 dollars. Everything else was already there. The colour palette mimics the colours inside and out. Natural wood, white and green.

I stood outside in the pouring rain. In Suede Boots (I almost cried) snipping cedar from the forest right outside their door and just layered it into the driftwood garland and a set of Champagne coloured LED lights. The clients had candles everywhere so I grabbed all the white ones I could find and grouped them. Smelled great!

I used accessories like old books and antique or old objects from around the cottage to create little vignettes but mostly I put things away inside the built in cupboards for a clean and simple approach to Christmas.

It was dark by the end of the day but made for a calm and oh so pretty holiday room.  The family will do a charlie brown tree on their own and I left them with some ornaments and suggestion to keep the colour palette to green white and metallic. So nice.

If you want some help with your holiday decorating it’s not too late. Contact me…Of course I’ll help you, I’m nice like that.

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Industrial Christmas – Holiday Decorating Tips

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Industrial and Christmas don’t really go together in most people’s minds. But I love to decorate with a little edge and the trend toward oversize and industrial pieces is not slowing down so I think it will be useful to try to incorporate what we’ve got in boxes in the crawl space with what is happening in design today. Who loves a challenge? I do!

Letters in Lights

You know how you love those oversize letters? Me too! Try this DIY idea. Cut some large scale letters out of cardboard and wind some lights around them and prop them up for the holidays. SO CUTE RIGHT! Click the pic for the tutorial.

  •  JOY
  • LOVE
  • ALOHA…you catch’in my drift?
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Subway Sign DIY

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If you were one of the lucky peeps who joined us down at the Trade Roots Store in October to make Subway Signs…it was soooo nice to meet you! I had a blast and since my sample signs got hi-jacked by the store (just kidding – I let them have’em) I had to make another one.  This time I used a stretched canvas frame instead of the MDF just to give it a try…and I got it cheap at Winners on Clearance (like I do:)

And yes, I have started my holiday decorating…I had to. More on decorating with Industrial style for the holidays soon…

I painted the fugly clearance canvas in an off white flat paint and let it dry.  I then printed the letters in the Roadway font on Sticker paper from the office supply store. Cut out the letters individually and did some minor measuring to ensure straight line placement and good spacing. Once everything was stuck down I used flat black spray paint and I like the small amount of bleed under some of the letters. My favourite part actually! In the workshop I had people use a flat black latex and a roller…this works too. I just wanted to try the spray as well.

The ideas for this style of sign are endless, but I have to give credit to The Simple Kind of Life Blog for the tutorial of how she made an awesome version of her own that inspired me. Thanks Jessica!

If you’re interested in making a sign like this. (Or in a Christmas style/theme)  Contact me soon and we’ll get ‘ er done.


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Use What You Got – A Decorator’s Holiday Tips

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Decorators Tip #1 – FIND it and FILL it

The holiday decorating season is upon us and since I help other people with their residential decorating I have to be on the ‘ornamental ball’ in my own place! My first holiday decorating tip is to USE WHAT YOU GOT, shop your own house for real!  Search the house for bowls, vases, boxes and other decor items that you would not have necessarily associated with the holidays and experiment with how it would look filled with glass ornaments, pine cones, nuts, lights etc etc. Get your inner decorator on and try this.  Here’s a few examples of where I have done it and a few great examples from Pottery Barn…Fa la la la la la

This cute little glass box from India works perfect with my Gold theme…

Pine Cones and Ornaments in a bowl made by my Aunt. Nice

Your Homework is to FIND IT and then FILL IT!

I’ll do another tip soon. Thanks for stopping by!

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Mercury Retrograde

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Retrograde…moving in the opposite direction.  My weekend DIY that never was…

Christmas decorating is upon us and one of the hottest trends this season is mercury glass.  As an ardent DIY’er I sought out tutorials online and found several on how to create the look for less. Yay!!! The trick is to buy a special mirror like paint called Looking Glass by the Krylon paint company. Sounds easy enough…so off I went to Rona, Home Depot, Canadian Tire, Michaels, Walmart and Home Hardware…enough….I couldn’t find it anywhere…and later learned that it is not sold in Canada.  Sad that I couldn’t make cool stuff like this….

…I went home and searched online and found that through amazon.com you can buy a can  for $18 USD  plus shipping of almost $30 for one can!!! OK.  I’m headed back to the stores tomorrow to simply buy the candle holders I liked and as long as it’s under $50 bucks..I’m still ahead. Happy Shopping Peeps!!

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Simple Wreath Idea

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I found this oversized gray painted willow wreath at winners the other day. I painted on a little glue here and there and sprinkled some glitter on it.  I took three large rusty metal bells I had left over from a country style wreath I did last year for the coffee shop and dry brushed them with silver craft paint. Tied them with black sparkly ribbon at different heights and voila! Cheap cheerful and nowhere near traditional.

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