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Pipe and Board Shelving

Written by on 31st January 2014 in Blog POSTS with 0 Comments

It’s no secret that I have a design crush on Trade Roots on Herald Street. I love them cause they make awesome custom pieces at an affordable price.  For instance, right now I have a client wanting pipe and board shelving in the living room. So of course, I think of them to build it and then my thoughts turn to Kyle Schuneman’s awesome living room (BELOW) utilizing this DIY shelf goodness for inspiration. It’s one thing to build it, but another to fill it properly. And that’s where I come in!


I think it’s tres importantay to make sure your shelves are spaced to show off your things in a balanced and collected/cool sort of way.  It’s easy to do it wrong, so I figured I would show you some examples of filling this style of shelves to their best advantage. Think about shape, colour, size left to eight and back to front. Utilize the whole shelf. It’s totally finE to have some accessories from HomeSense tossed into your mix but it shouldn’t all be new stuff especially with this sort of vintage industrial look – You will probably have to hit the Vintage stores cause mixing is Key!

pipes mashI like a fuller look, so I want to see books and stuff, and YOU when I take a browse over by your bookshelf. So represent yourself well and display all the weird and wonderful things that make you unique. Measure some of your tallest books’n things to make sure they’re gonna fit.

suspipeYou can consider painting the wall behind your pipe and board too. This black backdrop looks great and adds to the industrial feel.

suspipblkIf you want some help making the place you live a place you love…contact me, I can help!

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Go to Your Happy Place / Room

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Kids are Cool.  This weekend I had the pleasure of using my decorating skills to make a little girl very happy and guess what…it made me happy too! If you’ve been following along there is a second room too. But I’m not finished yet – so I’ll reveal that one in a week or so.  In the meantime here’s what I did (with mom’s help of course)

This Room is all about re-use and recycling of furniture and accessories and I made the pillows and bedding to get a custom colour combo and perfect patterns for less…









I’ll go over some of the products and techniques for the room throughout the week. If you have any questions – just drop me a line. Here’s what I did…


And as always…   If you want some help making the place you live a place you love...Contact Me…I can help!

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The Lamp Post

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As it happens I have three projects that require a floor lamp…and since each space is completely different you would think I’d be looking at very different specimens…not so. In fact, I’m suggesting a really similar set of options to the Glam Downtown Apartment, the Eclectic Living Dining Room and the travel inspired Media Room. Who knew!

Here’s a look at the versatile lamps that I’m loving lately…And of course, I have to mention that I am a deal Hunter…if you hire me I won’t stop till I find the best piece at the best price. I promise:)

Lots of warm metals and similar styling…at least I’m consistent right!?!

Lamps Post


What do you think of this pharmacy style lighting?

Contact me if you want some help making the place you live a place you love!

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2012 – Year in Review

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Happy New Year Peeps! I’m ready to get the new year started and I’m so excited to share some new interior design client projects with you and some great plans for my own house too. Stay with me…it’s going to be a great year!
Refresh your memory, or check me out, by clicking any of the grid months highlighted below.

Fireplace remodel, One Room Challenge Master Bedroom, Kelowna Living and Dining Room, My first article on a local store called Trade Roots, One Room Challenge My Design Studio, My Etsy Pillow Launch, My Subway Sign DIY Workshop, My Subway Sign DIY, Beni Ourain DIY rug project.

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My Chintz Wish List

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I have a serious crush on a few pieces at Chintz & Co right now.  Which reminds me,  did you know about the insane sale happening there right now? Walk don’t run peeps! serious! Check out these lovelies …. the tall dark and handsome Meurice Lamp and the Madison Console where I could mix up some mean holiday drinks! (Pic is the link as usual)

Anything you’re crushing on at the moment?

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Earthy and Colourful

Written by on 25th October 2012 in Blog POSTS with 1 Comment

Check out my latest design proposal for a basement project influenced by the clients love of South American Art and travelling. I hope they like it!

 See you at my workshop this Sunday!!

Contact me if you would like some help making the place you live a place you love!

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I’m a Guest at Amanda Forrest Design Group

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Hi peeps.  I’m so happy to direct you to a new post (hopefully a series) on the Amanda Forrest Design Group Blog!  I’m taking incredible interiors and sourcing all the goodies here in Victoria and Vancouver just for you! Well, and me too. Hop over and show some love so maybe I can stick around for awhile!

 Amanda Forrest Design Group is a Victoria based design firm providing outstanding Interior Design, Staging, Event Planning and Styling to clients in BC and across Canada. Her star is on the rise…and if she looks familiar it’s because you’ve seen her on the Marilyn Denis Show and all the promos are on right now for the new season. Check her out!


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Nursery – Take II

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Baby Mamma wants a little less Brown and Orange and a little more of the colour mix from the folded blankets pictured below.   Just goes to show you that inspiration comes from anywhere! Requirement for this little dude’s room is still soft and  mellow…we are gettin there!


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Variations of Eclectic

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I have found that many folks appreciate eclectic style decor but once we start talking about it I realize that we have very different ideas of what it means..Indeed, there is a broad meaning to the term, and similarly a great deal of styles that are genuinely eclectic.  So why not take some time and identify, deconstruct, analyze and illustrate the different types of eclectic design I see in my mind, and out there in the big old world.

ec·lec·tic/               iˈklektik/

adjective: Deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.

First Let’s Talk about Industrial Eclectic.  Followed by some more posts illustrating modern, traditional and electric eclectic etc. Ok, not electric…just seeing if you were paying attention.

A cool modern interpretation of industrial eclectic from Apartment Therapy.  The owners Jessica and Johnathan have taken some classic mid century chairs, lighting and teak dining furniture and added over sized industrial letters. Cool.  A few stools that have an industrial edge guard the kitchen and the whole place has a youthful, playful vibe that would have read straight modern without the industrial elements. Very hip…Call this one.  Hip eclectic


Next let’s contemplate a softer side…Country eclectic. Of course country style interiors wrote the book on vintage cool functional accessories. This urban farmhouse is an example of mixing eclectic vintage elements like an old coca cola sign into an interior punctuated by cheerful painted  furnishings and softer lines. Lauren and Paul’s House Tour here.

Many eclectic interiors are home to a collector and the display of treasured items ultimately becomes the focal point.  Take a look at Sheryl Crowe’s house featured in Elle Decor. Her Kitchen is all about industrial functionality and display.


What about the  neutral side of eclectic?  Is there anything out there for the greige crowd who want a little eclecticism in their lives but not too much flash? Heck ya! Check out what Jennifer has created at the Old Painted Cottage! The addition of this cart table and some other mixed era vintage pieces results in a soft industrial eclectic interior.


Some folks should just start out easy, like me and incorporate some awesome chairs into your space..it’ll up your cool factor like 10 points, instantly. I like this shot from Design Sponge of some Tolix chairs around an old table. It inspired me to get mine!

I think it is worthwhile to note that you certainly don’t have to live in a downtown loft in order to incorporate industrial touches into your home. Trip Haenisch artfully added industrial flavour to a residential home by adding a reading corner with some industrial style shelves and accessories.

Simply adding some interesting industrial style lighting can transform an area of your home.source

The architecture of a space can lend itself to the industrial eclectic look too. Consider these commercial style railings mixed into a traditional country style home. Great mix

So that’s a little peek into industrial eclectic. You can achieve it with accessories, furniture and, of course, architechture.

Come back again for more inspiring photos and discussion about other eclectic design styles.

If there is anything in particular you would like to see, drop me a line in the comments.

Well Looky at that! Desire to Inspire has some Industrial Goodness today too. Check it out here

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Nursery – Orange and Brown

Written by on 4th August 2012 in Blog POSTS with 3 Comments

Here is an orange and brown nursery scheme I pitched for a hip new baby that’s almost here!!

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