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Kool Kitchen

Written by on 16th May 2013 in Blog POSTS with 2 Comments

I’m obsessed with a ‘new to me’ blog called Domaine…this feature of fashion designer Kaelen Haworth’s kitchen stopped me in my tracks. Very cool! Pic is the link as usual


Such great architectural features,…and the light! Beauty!

nicole 1

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Kitchen Reno Reveal

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I’m not super busy at the moment, so took the opportunity to take some photos of my Kitchen. The only remaining items to complete are the decorative side panels on the cabinetry and the toe kick.  I’m sure you can see past the imperfections:)



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Kitchen – My Take

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Here is another room in my series showing you how to achieve my eclectic style using resources on Vancouver Island.  Some of you may recall that I’ve been re-decorating my kitchen over the past couple months and was inspired by a Los Angeles kitchen featured in my March Crib Crush.  I wanted a slightly retro vibe, but more than anything I wanted to add some character to what I considered to be a badly laid out and predictable light maple cabinet kitchen.

See my painting cabinets post to see how I painted the cabinets.  Here was my design inspiration mood board for the kitchen project.

Rug – eBay (it is so hard to choose!)

Cabinet Paint Colour – Niveous – Benjamin Moore

Light – Home Depot (in store only)

Hardware – Richelieu – Rona

Tiles – White Subway Style – Tile Town (Grout colour Dove Gray)

Faucet – Price Pfister – Rona

Counter – Diresco Quartz (Beach Black) – FloForm Countertops

Breville – Mine was a Xmas gift 6 years ago – great investment!! Check Home Outfitters, Sears London Drugs & Costco.

LeCruset Pot – Costco

Wooden Salad Bowl – Metchosen Cafe Gift Shop.

Portuguese Rooster – Havent found one yet

Basil Plant – Haven’t killed it yet!

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Kitchen Confidential

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The search for countertops and tile continues and while I have found the materials I like I still have some comparison shopping to attend to to in order to be certain I have found the best price.  I recently found a photo of a kitchen ALOT like my own and Ive been carrying it around on my iphone to keep me focused amidst the sea of tiles and stone I have jumped into. I think it’s pretty great and reflects a great deal of what I am trying to achieve in my house. The owner of this little kitchen is LA area blogger Lisa Borgnes Giramonti who writes www.abloomsburylife.blogspot.com

As someone who has dreamed about re-decorating her kitchen for years I am shocked at how difficult the task of choosing and staying committed to my choices has been.  Decisions like counters and tile are very expensive and permanent and I am a little hesitant to make the final final decisions.  I’m getting there though, we are close. But I think it is a valuable experience to share with other prospective re-decorators and with any of my own future clients. That is, that it really does take time to develop your preferences, weigh all the factors, the costs etc and make the final decisions.

My best advice is to look at lots of pictures and based on the ones you like go to your local suppliers and get some samples you can sign out and bring home.  Once you start to get a feel for specific products you like (and can afford) go back online and to your magazine stash and find pictures that incorporate your colours and textures to see it all together. This process will help you narrow the choices down and will also help you visualize all of the elements together.  The Houzz app on my sidebar is a great resource for pictures too. Happy hunting!!!

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How I Painted My Cabinets

Written by on 20th February 2011 in Blog POSTS with 3 Comments

Disclaimer – This is not an easy job… or a weekend job. I spent two weeks on the process and then two more days to re-install and put on the new hardware. Not for the faint of heart!

If you’re game then here are my suggestions and steps for success!

Take a bad before shot (the worse it looks the better your”after” shot will look)

Bad Before Shot

Then you have to take all the doors off, But WAIT Number them first and put a corresponding number inside it’s cabinet home.  Best place to put the number is in the hole for the cabinet hinge. Tape’s no good because you have to remove it when you paint and then things get all mixed up!

Remove the Doors and Number Them

Maybe I should have emptied the cabinets, but I didn’t. This is real life folks!!

Next step is to remove ALL the hardware, handles, hinges and everything – this will make your job so much easier…trust me.

Next step is to wash the doors on both sides with TSP and be sure to also RINSE them off as the TSP residue will prevent good adhesion from your primer.

Washed, Filled and Lined up for Primer

After they are dry you can begin to fill the holes where the old handles lived.  I used wood filler and a putty knife and after it dried I sanded it and did it again. Try not to leave a big smear of the filler on the door surface, make your repair small and as good as you can possibly get it. Sand the surface of the doors with a palm sander, or by hand if you’re comfortable with a medium grit sand paper.

After sanding use a tack cloth to clear the surface of all debris. (What the heck is a tack cloth??) It is a sticky cheese cloth type of thing, costs about $1 at the paint store and it picks up all the remaining stuff on your door before you paint and despite it’s sticky texture it does not leave any residue on your door. Get one or two, you’ll thank me!

Next you are ready to prime.  Use an oil based primer and make sure it is well mixed.  My trick was to place the door on a small box on a lazy Susan so I could spin the door and get good coverage on all sides.  Try this, it was a good trick!

Spin that Door

Apply the primer thinly with a brush meant for oil based paints. Allow it to dry at least overnight.  I placed each door on a box in my basement to dry flat like this…

Doors Hanging Out

I kept the Uppers and Lowers separate through the whole process and it helped keep me sane.  You will need some room to spread out and let them dry flat so prepare your space for this.

Once your primer is dry, look at those hardware holes you filled and make sure they are smooth smooth smooth. If not, sand again and prime again.  The primer is important over the filler so the texture of the topcoat doesn’t change over the filled areas.  Allow it all to dry.

Once dry you are ready to start painting. I recommend the Benjamin Moore Advance Paint in a Pearl Finish. It is adverstised to set up like oil paint but it can be cleaned up with water and I can confirm it does both beautifully.  You will need two brushes (if you are working on two sets like I was – this allows you to wash and dry your brushes throughout the several days of topcoats you have ahead of you). I also recommend having some of those small rollers on hand.  The best type is the one that is the same circumference of a full size roller but 1/3 of the length. These give a nice flat roll of the paint. I Don’t recommend those skinny longer mini rollers (fuzzy nor sponge) the fuzzy type is not good with this paint it clumped up and was no longer round…a total mess and the sponge ones put too much air into the paint and can leave bubbles.

The best technique is to roll and then brush the thinnest most even coat you can and then roll lightly over it all again. Careful that you catch any drips on the edges…the Advance paint has a tendency (like oil) to do this, but the lazy Susan is a great help in getting to all sides and preventing this. Let each coat dry at least overnight.  I did three coats on the front and two on the insides of all my doors.

During this process you also have to paint the sides of your cabinetry and the little trim bits inside the cabinets. I used the roller exclusively for this part.

Sand Prime and Paint the Cabinetry too

At this point I was pretty exhausted by the whole thing and so I took a few days off.  When I returned I re-installed the doors, made a cardboard template for the new hardware I purchased and spent a full day installing the hardware. I love using my drill so this part was kind of fun:)

Almost Everything Back in it's Place

Next step is to get a new sink, have the counter tops measured and order the back splash tile.   New lighting is also a must and I feel like we are well on our way to having a great ‘like new’ kitchen!!

You can do it too peeps!! it just takes time, space to spread out and patience.  I ran out of all of these at one point or another, but that’s normal. It’s done and I cant wait to call in the professionals to do the counter and the tiling work!!!

Let me know if you found this helpful. I am happy to answer questions or give suggestions. just email me. nicole@scottdesigns.ca

Cabinet Colour – Niveus by Benjamin Moore

More Posts to Come!!

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