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Heading for Nowhere

Written by on 31st August 2011 in Blog POSTS with 1 Comment

This song has haunted me ever since I moved to Victoria two years ago. Jets Overhead are an amazing local band who are making it big!! I only just watched this video for the first time yesterday, I always pictured them at the greyhound station downtown when I listened to it….but this video and the song itself have served as yet another musical inspiration for deisgn, see if you can spot the video locations around town. Have a great long weekend!

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Impossible – My Take

Written by on 23rd July 2011 in Blog POSTS with 0 Comments

Another Design interpretation/inspiration from a song and music video that I can’t stop loving.  Check out this look it’s kinda creepy/sexy. Pop me an email if you want shop details for any of the items.


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Temper Trap

Written by on 22nd June 2011 in Blog POSTS with 0 Comments

Lately Ive been listening to music as I research my decorating projects and I realized that I am totally inspired by music, lyrics and even music videos.  I figured I could illustrate this inspiration through my blog posts and we could both listen to some great tunes and review some of my decorating and design inspirations. (sorry if you’re at work peeps, plug in your headphones…it’s worth it!)

This Temper Trap Song and Video have the dubious distinction of being my first example.

The song makes me feel like summer and the video’s flourescent bulbs are a great use of light and movement.  It is all about the lights! And many designers, including myself are obsessed with finding the right light and the right amount of lights in order to visually balance and soften a room. The vertical bulbs remind me a little of Johnathan Adler’s Meurice Light.

I can imagine these hipster dudes hanging out in a corner like this….

Of course all of the above is available here on the island or via the internet. Shoplist. Runner-Dwell Studios; Chair-By Design Modern or eBay, Light – Johnathan Adler via chintz & Co; Kaleidascope Les Paul pic-Etsy; Long Exposure Photo – Chromaschema on Etsy [LOCAL VICTORIA PHOTOG!]; Table – West Elm. Iced Coffeee…mmm gotta go get one.

That was fun, I’m already thinking about my next post:)

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