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Finding the Right Carpet

Written by on 7th January 2015 in Blog POSTS with 1 Comment

It’s a big purchase and it can stress some people out, so I often get the call to help Victoria area families in finding the right carpet for their home.  This week I have the great pleasure of finding a few carpets for a cool mid century reno of an older house in Oaklands.  I thought you might like to see how it evolves from the beginning to clicking OK on a major purchase.

First, I need to see your space so I can understand your furniture that will have to play nice with the rug, and of course get a measurement or two.  In this case the raw space is perfection, white walls, hardwood floors, restored fireplace and a gray mid century sofa kind of like this one. Yay!

younger-sofa-mid-century-modernSo, next step is to find out what you like. In this case my clients like the idea of Persian carpet and an eclectic mix of styles – but they’re not 100% sure.  So I collect a few pics to help illustrate the look in the context of their room and their furniture.  Like these pics with a busy Heriz, or a fun and brightly coloured Kilim….

redbrightA surprising fave was the combination of neutral carpets in the same scheme, like this example…

bethany nauert eclectic living room design tufted sofa persian rug metal trunk coffee table cococozy

Next step is a selection of rugs that I think they’ll like… I admit there is not much selection of rugs where I’m living….. Lots of machine made horror stories, but not much with a soul, so I shop online with a few trusted sources and proposed these beauties earlier this week. I found a good selection and here are a few that I chose…

rugs 600pixStay tuned for what they choose. It’s going to be a fun room to decorate!

If you want some help making the place you live a place you love….contact me, I can help!

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Do You Tulu?

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The original shag carpet from the middle east , known as a Tulu,  fits perfectly into the urban bohemian interiors that so many of my clients are loving right now. This picture from ABC carpet and home featuring rooftop Tulu rugs captures the bohemian girl trend perfectly.


Antique Tulu carpets are known for their funky colour combinations and irregular shapes. Think of them this way… Fuzzy Fraggle meets Kilim rug.

tulu kilim dotcomThe weaving technique is characterized by the tufts of wool that are left out to insulate against cold temperatures.

tulu 3There are some neutral examples of Tulu rugs too. These two black and white beauties could work almost anywhere..Rugs from Kilim.com

tulu 5If you want some help making the place you live a place you love…contact me, I can help!

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Obsessed With Layered Rugs

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It’s dangerous when I have lots of work to do and all I REALLY want to do is look at rugs online.  It’s true I am obsessed and this  time it is with layered rugs.  Over the holidays I spotted a little design goodness in the form of layering rugs…that is, laying out two similar looking carpets to make one large and totally awesome one! Umm genius! So, although I should be reading for a research contract about summer frosts and root crops in 1881….. I bought this instead. Is that bad? I have issues.

ARDABILThe actual inspiration for this Tuesday night procrastination is that I am going to layer rugs in one of my client’s homes and I’ve been playing around with pictures  and figuring out why sometimes it works – and other times not so much. Check out these examples below…it’s really not rocket science, and when you think about it it’s cheaper than buying a large rug… and more versatile too. You can move the small guys around much easier.

So, I have step one complete on my journey to a  layered look with this new Iranian beauty and I will be on the hunt for a suitable companion in the weeks to come.   For my client’s place I am layering a Persian on sea-grass…it is going to be fab!

rug blogIf you want some help making the place you live a place you love, contact me….I can help!

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Vintage Eclectic in Victoria

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I’m super excited to share the new pics of a finished project in Victoria, BC.  This one is full of vintage treasures and has a modern eclectic vibe  that suits the young family who lives here perfectly.  I loved working on this place.  Many thanks to my amazing clients who totally got what I was laying down, my assistant Kelly and to Leanna Rathkelly, the talented photographer who captured these great shots!  These Pictures also mark the official beginning of my professional profile on Houzz - so be sure to check that out too.

Nicole Scott Interior designSome custom Subway Sign Art that I made for my clients…

Nicole Scott Interior designThat pendant looks like a delicious red candy apple. I love it.

Nicole Scott Interior designVintage furniture surrounded by special things. Doesn’t it just say RELAX ?!

Nicole Scott Interior designA mix of photos and found objects creates a cool and unique personal art gallery…

Nicole Scott Interior designUsing objects and furniture that are meaningful to my clients is a key part of my process as a designer.


If you want some help making the place you live a place you love, contact me..I can help!

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Living Room Love

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I wrapped up another project in Victoria recently which involved a living room for a young family.  I absolutely loved working with them… and because they were so willing to take my ideas and make them happen – the whole thing was done in no time at all!  You can see that bookcases were added to each side of the fireplace for storage and style.  The large Persian rug was a deal from ecarpetgallery and the over-sized leather couch makes an inviting and casual statement.

ddedc337-74bd-4f66-9f75-0d4c95798653_zpsb32c2810Some of the tips and tricks for personalizing this space involved collecting some of the homeowners things in one place and then deciding what would be good for the walls and shelves.  Once we knew how to use the existing items they loved I knew what we might need to fill in a few gaps and make it feel finished.

004-600My clients built the shelves on either side of the fireplace themselves! Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about!

002-600We agreed that the green tile was dated, but instead of changing it we chose to put bits of awesome in every other place in the room so it’s not the focus – and to be honest – you don’t even notice it.

005-600I added lots of colour to this room to make it bright and light.  I used the carpet as an inspiration and convinced them to go with the primary palette for accessories because I didn’t want them to take it too seriously. They’re young and fun and their home should reflect that.

008-600They did the gallery wall themselves and I could not be more proud! Bravo you guys! I couldn’t have done it better!

015-600The furniture in this room is a mix of one of a kind custom pieces and thrifted scores..that’s my favourite kind of space.

024-600We really played with a mix of furniture styles in this room too…. Bridging the Mid-Century teak and vintage Persian rug with colourful accents…

023-600As usual I’m happy it’s done, and sad at the same time:(  I always miss my projects when they’re done.  Thankfully we are also finishing the dining room – Pics of that someday soon.

Check out how it looked before:

before 2



If you would like help making the place you live a place you love ….contact me, I can help!

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Weekend Update

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My weekends lately are filled with design appointments and shopping – pretty much a design nerds dream.  But it is starting to catch up to me a little..I’m pooped!

Let’s see….I bought a rug at ecarpetgallery- the prices and selection are insane.  Ive been getting clients to buy rugs here for months and finally treated myself to one too! 9×12 for $600. come on!


I did a little sewing for my friends over at The Housse and made a boring dog bed into a beauty with a coordinating pillow for the human bed, of course ;)

Photo 2013-08-16 4 01 04 PM

I painted creamy beige and calming whites in a client’s home as we make the choices for paint and flooring! Exciting. My fave is OC 5 Maritime White

maritime white oc5But I think she’s leaning toward Niveous OC 36

niveous oc36And….. I also started working with another new client and her love of bold colours and ethnic patterns got me all excited so of course I acted like a total dork at the appointment clapping my hands and High fiving her. OMG I know, I know… Meh, I’m gonna hope it was endearing. Check out the Inspiration pics she sent me!


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This week on Used Victoria I spotted a unique item….one worth seeing…even if it is out of the average thrifter / upcycler’s budget. The seller says they bought it in Morocco…Click the Pic for the Link it is pretty awesome!30394914_934

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Another Weekend Flew By!

Written by on 22nd July 2013 in Blog POSTS with 1 Comment

I’ve been so busy I hardly have any time to blog! This weekend I continued Rug hunting, attended a cool Vintage sale in a beautiful garden location and painted an en suite bathroom (walls and ceilings) applause :) .  Next step is decor and lighting. What did you get up to this weekend?

weekend update

If you want some help making the place you live a place you love…contact me, I can help :)

nicole 1

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This week on Used Victoria I spotted a huge rug with a small price…and they’re taking offers.  Negotiate a bit and get it cleaned – what a score! Pic is the link as usual


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This week on USED VICTORIA a pretty persian runner caught my eye.  I would definitely negotiate…but I think it’s lovely. Pic is the link as usual

31241531_934If you want some help making the place you live a place you love…contact me. I can help!

nicole 1

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