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Pounding the Pavement

Written by on 25th June 2012 in Blog POSTS with 0 Comments

Usually I pound the pavement close to home…. I’m either shopping for clients, viewing houses or walking my dog…but this weekend I hit the streets of Seattle to do another Half Marathon and pound the pavement south of the border. I walked this time due to a knee injury and I can safely say Never Again! I’m good, I’m done. I’m satisfied. YAY! Congrats to me and the other 26,000 peeps who played.

Seattle was wet, windy, sunny, hot, windy, cold and drizzly…just what you’d expect I guess. Have a great week. One Room Challenge starts this week. Oh what’s that, you say? better stay with me this week to find out ;)

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Rock n Roll

Written by on 8th June 2012 in Blog POSTS with 1 Comment

Whaaa? June is here and that means the Seattle Rock n Roll half marathon has snuck up on me.  I’m really looking forward to the weekend away with running buddies but my knee problem has relegated me to walking it:(  There is still time to register! I love Seattle and all the great shopping opportunities! (pic is the link as usual)

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My 1st Half

Written by on 8th June 2011 in Blog POSTS with 2 Comments

In the event that you are not already aware that I am crazy…and that I have trouble saying no…. Let me inform you that these two character flaws do have consequences and have landed me in a half marathon this weekend in Tofino.  I’ve been training…sorta…and I have a very generous running buddy who doesn’t mind that I’m slow. Wish me luck!!  Good grief what have I gotten myself into?

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Resolution Redux

Written by on 29th November 2010 in Blog POSTS with 2 Comments

Celebrate New Years Again on New Years Day Eve.

That’s right, I’ll be taking it relatively easy this new years eve in order to run a 10km Resolution Run on New Years Morning….SO My party will be getting started as soon as I cross the finish line!!

Who – Everyone welcome – Running or not.

Where – Nicole and Chris’ House

When –  Jan 1st, 2011

What – Happy New Year (dé·jà vu  style) – Activities for the kids – Raclette Station (mmm) – Fondue station (m mmm) – Great music and good times.

Hope to see you there!

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She’s so Racy

Written by on 20th October 2010 in Blog POSTS with 0 Comments

I’m sure you are dying to know how the run went, and I am happy to say VERY WELL INDEED.  Of course I came in 2054th place overall in my race – but that’s not too bad for a slightly overwight polish girl with a bumm foot and recovering from a cold.

As usual I had the AMAZING support of my running buddy Sandra who came in 2053rd, only because her last name comes before mine. :)   In all it took us 59 minutes and 40 seconds and the best part is that we didnt stop and walk this time. We are definately getting stronger and in the post race euphoria, I may have….just maybe… agreed to do it all again soon. What a crazy way to spend a Sunday morning:)

Great job all you runners out there, it’s not easy.

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