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Need a Desk? Use a Table

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I did it, and so can you!  Just google “office desk” and see how uninspired some desks can be.  Then cast your gaze on these great examples of tables turned desks and you’ll be a believer too. I love this one, a little modern and a little glam! Danish Designer Malene Birger. love!

 3. Malene BirgerAnd a little closer to home, a home office design that inspired my little studio by Emily A. Clarke

emilyIf you want some help making the place you live a place you love…contact me, I can help!

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Obsessed With Layered Rugs

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It’s dangerous when I have lots of work to do and all I REALLY want to do is look at rugs online.  It’s true I am obsessed and this  time it is with layered rugs.  Over the holidays I spotted a little design goodness in the form of layering rugs…that is, laying out two similar looking carpets to make one large and totally awesome one! Umm genius! So, although I should be reading for a research contract about summer frosts and root crops in 1881….. I bought this instead. Is that bad? I have issues.

ARDABILThe actual inspiration for this Tuesday night procrastination is that I am going to layer rugs in one of my client’s homes and I’ve been playing around with pictures  and figuring out why sometimes it works – and other times not so much. Check out these examples below…it’s really not rocket science, and when you think about it it’s cheaper than buying a large rug… and more versatile too. You can move the small guys around much easier.

So, I have step one complete on my journey to a  layered look with this new Iranian beauty and I will be on the hunt for a suitable companion in the weeks to come.   For my client’s place I am layering a Persian on sea-grass…it is going to be fab!

rug blogIf you want some help making the place you live a place you love, contact me….I can help!

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Wicked West Coast Style

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It’s pretty cool to find something new and exciting right in your own backyard.  The Autonomous Furniture Collective is doing some great things with local reclaimed woods and acrylic that I thought you should see. I love this modern twist on west coast style. Check them out. Pic is the Link as Usual.

aut slide-tillikum-bench

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Custom Console Table – Progress Report

Written by on 22nd October 2013 in Blog POSTS with 1 Comment

If you missed it, I’m having a custom console table made for my living room. It’s 6 feet long and it’s being crafted by the good people at Trade Roots in Victoria, BC.  I brought them a photo and dimensions a couple months ago and they are turning my idea into beautiful reclaimed/industrial reality.boards 1

If you can’t find what you need I am a huge advocate of getting a talented person to help bring your idea to life.

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Bedroom Shop List

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I love finding deals, but it’s not easy and requires allot of shopping combined with good instincts. I knew what I wanted for a recent bedroom design so I set out locally to find a few great pieces – and just cause I’m nice like that… here’s my bedroom shop list and sources so you can see how it came together.




If you want some help making the place you live a place you love, contact me…I can help!


West Elm


Pine Lighting

Rugs On Time


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Gone Custom

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custom introduction

If you want some help making the place you live a place you love…Contact me, I can help!

nicole 1

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Rejuvenation at West Elm Vancouver

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A few months ago some of my blogger friends in the states paired up with Rejuvenation to promote their amazing selection of lights &  I’ve been trying to get one in a client’s home ever since.  Yesterday I stumbled across a little known fact that might make this easier for me, and for you too!  In the West Elm Market store on Granville Street in Vancouver they have a small selection of pendants from Rejuvenation for sale… This is a coup peeps because we do not currently have a Rejuvenation store in Canada.  Stop in and check them out..they are like “eye candy apples” all red and shiny. LOVE!


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Local Love – The Frugals

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Ever looked at the shipping rates for IKEA from Vancouver? Ouch!  I discovered a local business last year that makes living and shopping on Vancouver Island a breeze. You can order IKEA, Pottery Barn, West Elm etc through them and boy will they deliver.  For someone like me, who shops for others…this is an amazing service.  SOOO let me introduce you to my new pal Megan of the Frugals!!

I caught up with this busy mom of three and asked her about her business and even more important all about her! I wanted to know how this started and why she chose personal shopping as her business model.

Megan confessed that she is indeed a shopaholic and personal shopping is a great way to utilize her extensive knowledge of many stores inventories and her great instincts for finding deals.  Did you know that demand is so great that she goes over to Vancouver every Friday?! Yep, Have you placed your order yet?

I wondered how does she do it? I mean, That’s allot of stuff!  She told me her husband has a strong back :) and helps with the big stuff, and that they often rent a larger truck to accommodate the orders. The Frugals doesn’t have a formal partnership with IKEA in the corporate sense, but the staff at IKEA Vancouver sure know Megan and they work closely with her to fulfill and load up her customers orders each week.

Did you know that Megan is also an interior designer and she loves being able to help her customers make design choices frugals emailwhen they are selecting their purchases. This is a great added bonus to her services!!

I have personally used The Frugals to order from IKEA for myself and for clients and I have also done it the hard way by borrowing a friends truck and made the trip over…so I can tell you that the convenience of Megan’s company cannot be beat!!  I’m a total convert and plus she’s a sweetheart so that makes it an easy choice.  Call or email her and get your style fix…Victoria’s great…but sometimes you just want a little of the big city in your space!


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Girl Room No. 2 – Projects and Products

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Here’s a breakdown of the products and projects for the Girls Room No. 2.

j room mash

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Sweet Seats

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I’ve been working on a few dining room / dining area plans lately and thought I’d share some sweet seat options that I’ve been recommending to clients. These options are good looking, easy to wipe down, durable and budget savvy – just what the families I work with are looking for.

First, classic Tabouret french style chair in a vintage finish…instantly transform a dining set by swapping your old chairs for these guys. The mix is eclectic, stack-able, functional and looks great…added bonus – they come as a set of four and in a variety of finishes. Pic is the link

overstock 291This next option doesn’t add any more cush for your tush, but they are a budget friendly way to add some fun retro chairs and colour (if you desire) to an eating area. They really are very comfortable, and I dare your kids to try to loosen or tip them:) They come in Silver, Charcoal, Black, White Green and Red. Pic is the link

overtock charc 198

Buying 4 or more chairs online for delivery to Canada is tricky because most carriers say they are too  big (grrr) although I was recently introduced to a website that makes it possible (Thanks Danielle!) It is called Ship Happens and I am going to try it out this summer on an order of chairs…or a rug…hmmm I haven’t narrowed it down yet. But I’ll keep you posted. Basically your items ship to a warehouse in Sumas WA and you take the Abbotsford border crossing to go pick it up. Sounds easy enough.

If you want some help making the place you live a place you love, contact me…I can help

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