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Original Art – The Skating Party

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If you have been following along with my design of an adorable bedroom for twin girls I have an absolutely charming little update! Amidst the drywall dust and tools tonight we agreed on this small – but full of character – painting from the Etsy store The Litus Gallery.  Some people immediately assume that original art is very expensive – but Etsy has so much talent and such great prices that is simply not true!  I prefer to mix original paintings with photography and other mediums if I can and this time it looks like I’ll get my wish!  I have some inexpensive photography and prints lined up to compliment this little painting.

As a designer it’s not easy to pick artwork for clients…it’s a very personal decision so when I am given the task I always work hard to find the right pieces. I had been searching for a couple weeks when last weekend I saw my clients at Thrifty Foods right after their skating lessons…”Aha”, I thought…Skating! And shortly after that my searches zeroed in on this little gem.

il_570xN.504874135_m9zu1If you want some help making the place you live a place you love, Contact me…I can help!

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Bedroom Shop List

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I love finding deals, but it’s not easy and requires allot of shopping combined with good instincts. I knew what I wanted for a recent bedroom design so I set out locally to find a few great pieces – and just cause I’m nice like that… here’s my bedroom shop list and sources so you can see how it came together.




If you want some help making the place you live a place you love, contact me…I can help!


West Elm


Pine Lighting

Rugs On Time


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Fab Finds in the Northern Wilderness of BC

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I just got back from a super relaxing vacation in Northern BC. Getting there by car is no joke. A cool 1500+ km (or 932 miles) – Each mapWay -  is enough to make most of us shudder, but it is beautiful country and hey, who could pass up days on end without Starbucks stuffed in a closed vehicle with an old man dog (aka stinky) and a boy (also sometimes stinky). Not me, I guess.

One of the design highlights of my trip was a stop in Smithers, BC. It’s a small town 1200 km north from Victoria and home to the No. 1 Decor store in Northern British Columbia, so you know I had to stop :)   I bought some pillows (of course) and I saw some pretty fab stuff like these  rug covered ottomans, Indian painted furniture and these great cross back chairs – for really decent prices. They recently started their online shopping website and I thought I’d share them with all of you since I liked it so much. Check Out HeartStrings Home Decor and Furnishings. They’re on facebook too.


nicole 1

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Another Weekend Flew By!

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I’ve been so busy I hardly have any time to blog! This weekend I continued Rug hunting, attended a cool Vintage sale in a beautiful garden location and painted an en suite bathroom (walls and ceilings) applause :) .  Next step is decor and lighting. What did you get up to this weekend?

weekend update

If you want some help making the place you live a place you love…contact me, I can help :)

nicole 1

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Rejuvenation at West Elm Vancouver

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A few months ago some of my blogger friends in the states paired up with Rejuvenation to promote their amazing selection of lights &  I’ve been trying to get one in a client’s home ever since.  Yesterday I stumbled across a little known fact that might make this easier for me, and for you too!  In the West Elm Market store on Granville Street in Vancouver they have a small selection of pendants from Rejuvenation for sale… This is a coup peeps because we do not currently have a Rejuvenation store in Canada.  Stop in and check them out..they are like “eye candy apples” all red and shiny. LOVE!


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Local Love – The Frugals

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Ever looked at the shipping rates for IKEA from Vancouver? Ouch!  I discovered a local business last year that makes living and shopping on Vancouver Island a breeze. You can order IKEA, Pottery Barn, West Elm etc through them and boy will they deliver.  For someone like me, who shops for others…this is an amazing service.  SOOO let me introduce you to my new pal Megan of the Frugals!!

I caught up with this busy mom of three and asked her about her business and even more important all about her! I wanted to know how this started and why she chose personal shopping as her business model.

Megan confessed that she is indeed a shopaholic and personal shopping is a great way to utilize her extensive knowledge of many stores inventories and her great instincts for finding deals.  Did you know that demand is so great that she goes over to Vancouver every Friday?! Yep, Have you placed your order yet?

I wondered how does she do it? I mean, That’s allot of stuff!  She told me her husband has a strong back :) and helps with the big stuff, and that they often rent a larger truck to accommodate the orders. The Frugals doesn’t have a formal partnership with IKEA in the corporate sense, but the staff at IKEA Vancouver sure know Megan and they work closely with her to fulfill and load up her customers orders each week.

Did you know that Megan is also an interior designer and she loves being able to help her customers make design choices frugals emailwhen they are selecting their purchases. This is a great added bonus to her services!!

I have personally used The Frugals to order from IKEA for myself and for clients and I have also done it the hard way by borrowing a friends truck and made the trip over…so I can tell you that the convenience of Megan’s company cannot be beat!!  I’m a total convert and plus she’s a sweetheart so that makes it an easy choice.  Call or email her and get your style fix…Victoria’s great…but sometimes you just want a little of the big city in your space!


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Bargain Hunter Blues

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One of the most frustrating things about my commitment to bargain hunting for my projects is the fact that I encounter limited quantities and discontinued items all the time.  Sure, I tell you about my awesome scores and highlights.  But truth is, since I shop in the clearance and sale sections allot, I tend to choose items that are on the verge of being eliminated… So…. Sometimes I win and I get a great piece for a client at a great price (happy dance followed by glowing blog post) …and sometimes I lose … like this week, a hat trick of discontinued items for the basement project. Hmmpf. I’m really pissed about that under the TV piece…Like I might not get over it for a long time…Help me recover with your tales of tough retail love.

91222d78-314b-479c-87a9-4e05ec8a6069_zps271ee944Don’t worry about me, I’ll recover. The worst thing is that I go back to the drawing board, and that’s not so bad at all.  I’m truly to committed to finding beautiful quality pieces for less, and I won’t stop till we’re both happy!

If you want some help making the place you live a place you love...Contact Me, I can help!

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Get the Look Local

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So here’s a shop list for those of you #yyj mid century loving decoristas who want to create this Em Henderson look locally for…ehem…ALLOT less. See below for the thrifty shop list (cause that’s how I roll) and a single shot of the inspiration pic again cause it’s just that cool..

emhen mash

Shop List

  1. Blue Couch – Full House Modern
  2. Gold Cocktail Table – West Elm
  3. Colourful Assortment of pillows – Etsy
  4. A La Plage, A La Piscine collection by – The House of Gray
  5. Antique Brass Bar Cart – Crate and Barrel
  6. Flying Pig – Urban Barn
  7. MCM Leather chair – Used Victoria
  8. MCM Dining chairs – Used Victoria
  9. Blue Lamp – Target (or a can of spray paint)
  10. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree – Garden Centre
  11. Leather Pouff – The Cross
  12. Light Fixture - CB2
  13. Ben Ourain Rug – West Elm - or see my DIY tutorial here

 Inspiration: Emily Henderson’s recent LA Project.


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One Room Challenge – Finishing Touches

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Is it really almost over? Yep, the most recent One Room Challenge Spring 2013 edition is almost complete.  What is it? The One Room Challenge is 20 rooms & 20 Design Bloggers kicking butt and taking names in 6 short weeks. This is week six so I’m showing you the final touches on the Girl Glam Apartment I’ve been working on in Downtown Victoria and next week is the big TA DA!  If you want to catch up with my project from the start it’s all here.

Here’s what I’ve been up to this week…

We ordered these awesome nesting tables from overstock.com (who now deliver to Canada)…..LOVE!


And I scored an antique brass floor lamp for $69 at Home Sense / Home Goods…Score!

069 - final

My client purchased a couple new pieces of art via Etsy during this whole process and we re-used and re-purposed several items she already had (as I love to do) in order to create this gallery wall behind the couch…SUPER AWESOME!

gallery close - final

Another Home Sense / Home Goods purchase was this handsome hammered little buddy…SO CUTE!


A few more details… I made her a pillow in the same fabric as the dining room chairs, and found a mercury glass bowl at winners and a crystal polar bear at the Da Vinci Flea Market for a little bling bling…Polar Bear is My FAVE!

050 - finalAnother update was a new lampshade. Old style to drum style shade…but obviously the base was already cool :)


I also did a small DIY project using some vintage postcards and some grass-cloth wallpaper.  The budget has run out, but my client had a few more gold frames that were unused and I had a few vintage postcards and a remnant roll of grass-cloth. We put our stuff and our heads together and simply cut the grass-cloth to size and stuck the postcards on top, cleaned the old glass and voila! Free and Fabulous. The postcards depict the Empress CP Hotel and the BC Provincial Legislature…the two most iconic buildings in our beautiful city of Victoria BC.

gold frames - final

So that’s it. I was creative and used what she had and made thoughtful classic purchases within a very tight budget. Check back next week to see my final photographs!

list 2 week 6

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Bling it On!

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I’m supposed to be writing… but I had to take a break to source some lights for a pretty Paris inspired  home office project I’m working on. Undaunted by a tight budget I knew overstock.com would come through…and boy did they. Check out these lovelies dancing around the $200 limit.  Sometimes I soooo wish I was a girly girl.


If you need help making the place you live a place you love Contact me…I can help!

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