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Industrial Console Table by Trade Roots

Written by on 6th March 2014 in Blog POSTS with 1 Comment

I don’t often get to work on my own place but when I do I’m a pretty happy camper! A few months ago I started to discuss an idea for a long (6ft) industrial wood and steel console table for under our TV. Christos is one of the owners of Trade Roots and he helped me translate what was in my head into a proper drawing.  Next , we shopped for the wood (I blogged about it here) and in a few months I had this beauty. Stained maple and treated steel Industrial Console Table…we all agreed it was badass!

1016381_687617507956423_296082914_nSo, when I got this bad boy home I got busy buying a new TV and getting it mounted. My husband was in total agreement with my design plan for a change ;) Funny how that works. Once the TV was installed it was time to start shopping the house for lots and lots of stuff to fill it with. If you don’t know me, well…I like a full look. I like big hair, big sweaters and full shelves.front 1I didn’t have to shop for anything…it wasn’t hard to find things I loved around the house so I just played around until I found a combination I liked. I assure you this arrangement will change frequently but I love having some of my cool things on display. I used my fallen branches from Mill Hill Park, some of my collections like my carved bears and globes.

close 1You can really see the cool effect that the treated black steel takes on. I don’t know what those metal magicians did over there but the results are rough and industrial and butchy and awesome. Love it.  The combination of this Cajun style metal with the smooth appearance and rich stain of the wood is really terrific. It’s the tension that makes it sing!

closeBIG Big thanks to Christos and Christian at Trade Roots for making this totally stunning console exactly to my specs. We love it. If you want one, or have an idea you should contact them and let them make it a reality!

And, if you want some help making the place you live a place you love…contact me, I can help!


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tUSEDay VICTORIA – Used Victoria Pick of the Week

Written by on 18th February 2014 in Blog POSTS with 0 Comments

This week my tUSEDay VICTORIA pick from UsedVictoria.com is a set of nesting tables perfect for a chic living room.  I love placing nesting tables in opposing directions like this instead of a single coffee table. Pic is the link. Beautiful Living room pic is from Lonny Magazine

36595125_934If you want some help making the place you live a place you love…contact me, I can help!

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Need a Desk? Use a Table

Written by on 30th January 2014 in Blog POSTS with 0 Comments

I did it, and so can you!  Just google “office desk” and see how uninspired some desks can be.  Then cast your gaze on these great examples of tables turned desks and you’ll be a believer too. I love this one, a little modern and a little glam! Danish Designer Malene Birger. love!

 3. Malene BirgerAnd a little closer to home, a home office design that inspired my little studio by Emily A. Clarke

emilyIf you want some help making the place you live a place you love…contact me, I can help!

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Wicked West Coast Style

Written by on 4th December 2013 in Blog POSTS with 1 Comment

It’s pretty cool to find something new and exciting right in your own backyard.  The Autonomous Furniture Collective is doing some great things with local reclaimed woods and acrylic that I thought you should see. I love this modern twist on west coast style. Check them out. Pic is the Link as Usual.

aut slide-tillikum-bench

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Custom Console Table – Progress Report

Written by on 22nd October 2013 in Blog POSTS with 1 Comment

If you missed it, I’m having a custom console table made for my living room. It’s 6 feet long and it’s being crafted by the good people at Trade Roots in Victoria, BC.  I brought them a photo and dimensions a couple months ago and they are turning my idea into beautiful reclaimed/industrial reality.boards 1

If you can’t find what you need I am a huge advocate of getting a talented person to help bring your idea to life.

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Written by on 10th September 2013 in Blog POSTS with 1 Comment

This week on tUSEDay VICTORIA I found a console with great proportions and loads of potential. Click the Pic for link


If you want some help making the place you live a place you love, contact me…I can help!

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Written by on 20th August 2013 in Blog POSTS with 1 Comment

This week I was really drawn to this old wood coffee table…and the fact it is on Salt Spring may have something to do with it. You see, if I decide to go get it…maybe I can take a few days off and enjoy the island! Genius! Pic is the Link as Usual


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Want to go shopping? Yes, I WOOD!

Written by on 24th July 2013 in Blog POSTS with 1 Comment

If you have been following along, I’m having a custom piece of furniture made…oooh la la! And because this is my first time, it’s pretty big, and I just knew that all of you out there wanted the details too because it’s not every day that you get something made Just For You!  To re-cap, I teamed up with the wonderful and talented dudes at Trade Roots (Christos and Cristian) and they rendered some drawings of my table concept.  Click here to see the table design they did for me.  The next step was to go shopping…woohoo, but it wasn’t exactly the mall. we went here…

the place

PJ White hardwoods on David Street is full to the ceiling with beautiful and exotic wood products.  We chose maple in order to stay within my budget…

the selection

There are three shelves to build and in order to get the proper depth the boards shown (above) here will be joined together…that’s a carpentry term…(I was paying attention:).  Christos and I pulled out lots of potential candidates and he showed me how he looks for special burls and movement in the grain that will look sharp after staining. We were also looking for straight boards without major flaws…

his pick

Christos was a little camera shy but he does love him some wood and wanted me to capture the raw maple for posterity…nice boards man!

my pick

iPhone’s are wonderful things, but it’s safe to say this pic is among the worst iPhone atrocities in recent memory. I do look pleased though, we found all the wood for the shelves. Stay tuned for next steps!

nicole 1

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Written by on 15th July 2013 in Blog POSTS with 2 Comments

This week I could hardly believe my eyes on Used Victoria – Check out this mid century beauty! Pic is the Link As Usual



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Gone Custom

Written by on 5th July 2013 in Blog POSTS with 4 Comments

custom introduction

If you want some help making the place you live a place you love…Contact me, I can help!

nicole 1

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