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Fall 2014 Lineup for Design TV shows

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If you’re like me and you are bored to death with the home improvement line up on TV ….you need to check out my picks for fast paced, rude, crazy & even sexy real estate and interior design TV shows that I love watching all winter.

Thumbs Up – Genevieve’s Renovation - If you blinked in early October you probably missed Genevieve Gorder’s new show chronicling her NYC apartment renovation. In it she buys the apartment next door and blows through the walls to make a bigger apartment. Bitch stole my look! I want to hate her, but I don’t …and I happily soaked up every detail making notes for when my time comes:) It’s too bad that they showed all the episodes in the span of one week. Like I said, if you blinked you missed it. You might be able to catch some episodes on HGTV Canada online if you really want to see it. I liked it allot.


Thumbs Up – Million Dollar Listing NYC. It’s no secret I love these handsome devils Fredrick, Ryan and Luis. They’re such jerks and they sell the most amazing apartments you have ever seen.  Maybe the fact that I’m so focused on the interiors is why I can love this show that so many others seem to hate. They’re hot, entertaining and rich…West Coast rainy night television win in my books! This one started a couple weeks ago and is on Monday Nights on Slice. It’s not too late to get hooked:)


Starting Soon – Million Dollar Listing LA.  Even though the adorable Madison aka Malibu Ken does not appear to be in the cast this season, it’s still too tempting to pass on this amazing show of wealth on the west coast. Add in the drama between Josh and Josh and the (will they or wont they) wedding of Altman and Heather…I mean… you have to tune in.  I never miss this one and it starts Monday Oct 27th on Slice. Be there.


I looked into Million Dollar Decorators because there hasn’t been much chatter about a third season…looks like the jury is still out and it has not been confirmed yet. I’ll be keeping an eye on this. Delicious :)


My affection for Jeff Lewis is well known and any of his quirky shows on Bravo capture my attention. Season 8 of flipping out is being filmed although no details yet on when it will air on Bravo Canada. I’ll keep you posted.


Thumbs Up – Rehab Addict. I have been watching Nicole Curtis restore old homes for a couple years and I was so glad to see her again this week with a new season dedicated to an old mansion in need of repair. She’s a flipper you can love. No drama…just dust. Check her out on HGTV Thursdays Fridays and Saturdays.


I loved the American Dream Builders competition concept hosted by Nate Berkus and I tuned in faithfully this spring, but I guess the ratings were bad so NBC will not be doing a second season.  Sad.


Thumbs Down – Jennie Garth Project.  This is really just a celebrity amateur hour. She’s not a little girl anymore so whining and acting like one is annoying to watch and her style is not a match for me. So I pass on this one.


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Designer TV Update

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This past week has been a big one for Design TV….And where have I been?  Sewing in my studio oblivious to all the goodness that has somehow taken over HGTV Canada.  It was once the worst channel of all….you know,  filled with nothing but House Hunters and Holmes on Everything…but it seems those days are over…for now at least. These are my picks for the new lineup.


Wednesdays HGTV -  Million Dollar Listing New York 7pm and 10 pm PDT

New blood, and new drama this season…Ryan is a cute as ever, Fredrick has some major personal drama and new guy Luis is waaaayyy better than silly little boy Michael from last year.   LOVE THIS SHOW!million-dollar-listing-new-york-season-2-cast-and-info

 Fridays HGTV – Flea Market Flip 6pm and 9pm PDT

Check out Lara Spencer in this challenge style show where the players shop the market, flip their items and then return to re-sell. Most profit wins!! I’m in. This show started last week on the 15th.


Saturday HGTV – The Real Designing Women 10am and 1pm PDT

The description says it is a fast paced documentary style look at the behind the scenes world of 4 of North Americas most successful designers.  Haven’t seen it yet…looking forward to it.

HGTV REal des wqomen

I don’t actually have time to watch TV anymore…thank goodness for the PVR and my unhealthy obsession with Ryan (see above) or I wouldn’t have checked again to see what’s new…Check your schedules peeps..Enjoy.  If you have seen any of these intro episodes tell me what you thought!?!

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Flipping Out – New Season

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Jeff Lewis is Back! I’ve waited patiently and filled the void with other nonsense TV shows. But this one’s the real deal.

Season 6 starts in Canada Thursday Nov 8th at 6 PM PT on Slice. I heard he ‘s threatning to fire Zoila! (Pic is the link as usual)

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American Beauty

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Oooh a new book by one of my favourite interior designers, Thom Filicia,  is coming out Nov 13th.


This book covers the decoration of his house at Finger Lakes, NY and captures his modern and classic American style beautifully. CANT WAIT!


This might be an early holiday gift for myself.  Are you getting your shopping done early this year??

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Crib Crush – Nate Berkus

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I really couldn’t love it more.  I watched some of these details being built by Steve Fanuko’s crew last season. It is just incredible to see it decorated. I adore this style. Photos from Architectural Digest

I wonder if I should repaint my cabinets black??

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I’m a Guest at Amanda Forrest Design Group

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Hi peeps.  I’m so happy to direct you to a new post (hopefully a series) on the Amanda Forrest Design Group Blog!  I’m taking incredible interiors and sourcing all the goodies here in Victoria and Vancouver just for you! Well, and me too. Hop over and show some love so maybe I can stick around for awhile!

 Amanda Forrest Design Group is a Victoria based design firm providing outstanding Interior Design, Staging, Event Planning and Styling to clients in BC and across Canada. Her star is on the rise…and if she looks familiar it’s because you’ve seen her on the Marilyn Denis Show and all the promos are on right now for the new season. Check her out!


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Interior Therapy – Season 1 Starts Wednesday

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Everyone’s favorite obsessive-compulsive house-flipper is moving in with his clients. Bravo’s Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis follows Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos as they move into someone else’s home and Jeff does what he does best — judge their flaws and redesign their space.

He’ll observe the homeowners, diagnose their problems, and then take over their house for five days — with the goal of improving them inside and out. Of course he does this by using a combination of brutal honesty, impeccable design, and a few unique solutions that only Lewis could come up with. His trusted assistant Pulos, and his loyal housekeeper, Zoila Chavez, are along for the ride to make sure he doesn’t go too far over the line. This time, Lewis is not just redesigning a space; he’s redesigning people’s lives.

via www.Bravotv.com

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Open Concept

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This week I am researching contemporary open concept living – dining – kitchen spaces for a potential client and I knew just where to start to collect the most awesome inspiration photos….Jeff Lewis Design.

I’ve been a fan of Flipping Out from the start and one of his best flips on the show (IMHO) was his first Valley Oak residence in LA.  This space is going straight to my tablet for what I hope will be a successful pitch meeting in the very near future. I hope you like it as much as I do! He’s such a rock star!



































































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Table Talk

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This week after Million Dollar Decorators the blog world was abuzz over Jeffrey’s purchase of an occassional table instead of a coffee table for his sun room. Gasp…I know…riveting. I think this angle is played out and I’m actually more interested in the provenance of the table itself anyway.  Over a year ago I copied this picture, not knowing who was behind it…only that I loved it’s cheeky chunky and cheerful design.  Now thanks to the show I know it is by John Dickenson.

Lonny Jun-Jul 2010

Now everyone is talking about John Dickenson’s work because of the TV show’s popularity and why not, he sounds like he was a cool guy…and his designs speak for themselves.  If you’re interested the Style Saloniste blog written by Diane Dorrans Saeks has a nice article written about him.

If only Jeffrey could have bought more than one for his sun room…a group of three would have been perfect and cheap…only 51k!

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Friends with Benefits

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I know I know, I’m a little obsessed with Million Dollar Decorators, but it’s been a slow couple months and I need entertainment!  I’m not so interested in Mary McDonald’s work, but I’ve decided I want to be friends with Nathan Turner so he can decorate my *fantasy* simple yet elegant Spanish style beach mansion…   Check out some pics below of the house he did for his friend Melissa. This is apparently how you live if you are an L.A. Divorcee.  Good to know! (Photos via Bravo)

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