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Progress at the Union in Victoria

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Sometimes the smallest apartments present the biggest challenges. This 700 sq foot 2 bedroom + den condo in Chinatown is a casual, family friendly place for my clients to hang out in Victoria.

d0ac2b1d-7e0a-4cd9-b776-7112ac266b6e_zps23a466eeI used a custom sectional to fit the tiny footprint and kept the major pieces light with youthful accents.

DSC_0680 PIX 1000More updates to come from this fun project in the Union Building situated in our vibrant Chinatown!


If you want some help making the place you live a place you love…contact me, I can help!

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Weekend Update

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Happy Canada Day!! It’s still holiday time in Canada land and although I made time for a few margarita’s it has been a busy working weekend:)

Here’s what I’ve been up to…

weekend projects

1st. A Bench slipcover for Josee and Murray from the Housse

2nd. Sunday morning Swap n Shop in Langford to snag this great wood crate for my client Danielle – it will be a wall shelf in a bathroom design we are working on. score.

3rd. This one’s for me – it is a 1920′s (I think – still have to do some research) wood bead salesman’s sample card – also from the Swap – I’m going to frame it.

4TH – A new client family with a living room and dining room concept in the works.

What are you up to??

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Stinking Fish Artist and Studio Tour 2013

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Have you checked out his homegrown – right in our backyard – artist tour yet? Strange Name…Great Idea. Click the pic for the details.

stink 2013

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Local Love – The Frugals

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Ever looked at the shipping rates for IKEA from Vancouver? Ouch!  I discovered a local business last year that makes living and shopping on Vancouver Island a breeze. You can order IKEA, Pottery Barn, West Elm etc through them and boy will they deliver.  For someone like me, who shops for others…this is an amazing service.  SOOO let me introduce you to my new pal Megan of the Frugals!!

I caught up with this busy mom of three and asked her about her business and even more important all about her! I wanted to know how this started and why she chose personal shopping as her business model.

Megan confessed that she is indeed a shopaholic and personal shopping is a great way to utilize her extensive knowledge of many stores inventories and her great instincts for finding deals.  Did you know that demand is so great that she goes over to Vancouver every Friday?! Yep, Have you placed your order yet?

I wondered how does she do it? I mean, That’s allot of stuff!  She told me her husband has a strong back :) and helps with the big stuff, and that they often rent a larger truck to accommodate the orders. The Frugals doesn’t have a formal partnership with IKEA in the corporate sense, but the staff at IKEA Vancouver sure know Megan and they work closely with her to fulfill and load up her customers orders each week.

Did you know that Megan is also an interior designer and she loves being able to help her customers make design choices frugals emailwhen they are selecting their purchases. This is a great added bonus to her services!!

I have personally used The Frugals to order from IKEA for myself and for clients and I have also done it the hard way by borrowing a friends truck and made the trip over…so I can tell you that the convenience of Megan’s company cannot be beat!!  I’m a total convert and plus she’s a sweetheart so that makes it an easy choice.  Call or email her and get your style fix…Victoria’s great…but sometimes you just want a little of the big city in your space!


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Victoria Home Show April 19-21, 2013

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It’s April…that means it’s time for the Victoria Home Show. Here’s all the details. (Pic is the link as usual)



If you want some help making the place you live a place you love, Contact me…I can help.  Let’s go to the show together!

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Benjamin Moore – Back Then

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I’m gonna get down to a little painting and gardening this weekend. Maybe even another re-upholstery task. What Can I say….The sun is shining and I’m motivated.

What are you up To?

Here’s a cool vintage poster (undated) from Benjamin Moore…You see! Peeps have doing this DIY thing forever!

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Inspiration in odd places

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Every day me ‘n the dog hop in the car and go pick up the mister from work. He works in the vicinity of a huge recycling plant that crushes cars and other stuff….every couple weeks an empty barge shows up and over a period of two short days these guys on bulldozers Tetris these old cars and trucks onto the boat for a trip to god knows where.  I love to park here and wait where I can watch this process unfold week after week. I’m astounded at how many vehicles are always being loaded up, I mean we ARE on an island…how many cars can there be? Until I figure out the answers to these burning questions I thought I’d share a couple snaps I took a few weeks ago…

011 - 600

I’m totally inspired by a client of mine who takes great local urban/editorial pictures and see’s inspiration everywhere she goes…so I thought I’d try to play photographer for a day until she lets me feature her work on the blog for you all to enjoy.

002 - 600

What do you think? Cool. Weird? Cray Cray? I’m kind of loving the idea of framing one of my pics  in a white mat/white frame combo.

Crisp vs Crushed, Clean vs Dirty, New vs Recycled.

ribba-frame__39799_PE132825_S4If you want some help making the place you live a place you love, Contact me…I can help!

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Home Show This Weekend

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If you’re planning any Reno’s to your house this year, you should check out the builders show this weekend. It’s a great place to get some savings on decking, landscaping, windows, kitchens and bathrooms.  Find the details here.

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Furniture Designer to Watch – Oliver Scott

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I want to introduce you to a new talent in the Victoria design community; his name is Oliver Scott (no relation) and he is a phenomenal wood worker and furniture designer with a new local company… Caledonia Silva.  His style is a fresh mix of Danish Modern and Arts and Crafts which you can see in his portfolio projects here.  My favourite piece so far is the Honeybee sideboard…isn’t it awesome!

honeybee x2

Oliver moved to Victoria from Scotland about 4 years ago with a desire for a life change and a passion for furniture design.  His work pays homage to old world joinery traditions but has a cool modern sensibility and edge that make these pieces so appealing for contemporary living.

Oliver has several pieces available and is working on a line of furniture to launch next year. (Watch him take IDS West 2013 by storm) His goal as a designer and craftsman is to make his creations as accessible as possible without compromising on materials or technique; and trust me,  he is so approachable that you are welcome to contact him to see his work or to collaborate with a truly gifted wood worker & commission a piece.

When I met with him recently I found his Scottish accent utterly charming combined with a gracious and humble cast when asked about his many talents.  I wanted to know what he loved most about his new wood working venture and he effortlessly related that he loves problem solving and working with wood creatively but that the greatest feeling he gets is from designing a piece and having somebody really like it!

So hey, If you like his work, be sure to tell him:) He’s on facebook

I’m sure that as a new business there are many new projects on the horizon for Caledonia Silva, but as a decorator I am most excited about Oliver’s plans to start producing wood Barn Doors! Yes!! You read it right.  I’ll be featuring his Barn Door creations as soon as they are done…email him if you want to know more.

All the best to you Oli! You are a Designer to Watch!

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West Coast Weekend Update

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Yesterday I was busy visiting clients and giving advice on holiday decorations all over town…it was a dream!  One of my stops was in Sooke to start the decoration of a cottage by the sea. It is so adorable it’s crazy…more on the cottage later. I needed to simply and tastefully decorate for xmas, choose a colour palette and theme and leave the tree for the family to do themselves. No problem.

Here’s the view…

And here’s the mantle I started with.

I chose some driftwood accessories from Homesense (The garland the star and a tree) which totaled just over $50 dollars. Everything else was already there. The colour palette mimics the colours inside and out. Natural wood, white and green.

I stood outside in the pouring rain. In Suede Boots (I almost cried) snipping cedar from the forest right outside their door and just layered it into the driftwood garland and a set of Champagne coloured LED lights. The clients had candles everywhere so I grabbed all the white ones I could find and grouped them. Smelled great!

I used accessories like old books and antique or old objects from around the cottage to create little vignettes but mostly I put things away inside the built in cupboards for a clean and simple approach to Christmas.

It was dark by the end of the day but made for a calm and oh so pretty holiday room.  The family will do a charlie brown tree on their own and I left them with some ornaments and suggestion to keep the colour palette to green white and metallic. So nice.

If you want some help with your holiday decorating it’s not too late. Contact me…Of course I’ll help you, I’m nice like that.

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