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New Look for a Little Nook

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I recently designed this little nook in a small vacation condo for a tween girl.  She knew she wanted it to be white on white with fluffy bedding and not too much colour. The nook is dark without any windows, or a door for that matter, so it was a tall order to make it both function and look like a cool tween girl bedroom. I bought the little desk online and added brass castors to the legs so it can be easily moved out of the way.  This was necessary, because that’s her Murphy bed along the back wall. The great guys at Murphy Wall Beds of Canada installed this double bed perfectly and let me tell you, it was tight! I simply styled the desk and walls with a slightly bohemian flavour and placed mis-matched antique hooks all over the other wall (because there is also no closet) for hanging clothes and bags. She can roll up jeans and T-shirts in the cubbies and most importantly she has a little corner of the place that is just hers.




murphy bed

the nookIf you want some help making the place you live a place you love…contact me, I can help!


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The Hero Work Program – 2014 is Complete

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It’s not really possible to communicate how much satisfaction you get from doing something for someone else…a total stranger that you will probably never meet. But knowing that every thoughtful detail, decision and sacrifice will make a difference for a youth that is at risk makes all the hard work worth it.  If you’ve been around the blog the last few months you might have read about all my amazing clients and vendors who donated furniture and the countless trips across town to pick up used Victoria treasures from here or there. I scoured thrift stores and pillaged my own house to fill this apartment with love and warmth…with a little edge.  One volunteer said it was the perfect “college kid” apartment and that made me happy:)  I wish the very very best to whoever lives in this space and I hope they feel all the love and heart that poured into every wire, nail, floor board, pipe, drop of paint and of course the furnishings and decor…There is Love. The Hero Work Program and Paul Latour are an indomitable force in this city…get involved with the next one…you won’t regret it!

OK here’s the pics!

DSC_0925 600 PIXbefore 600 gallery 800 pixview 1 600dining 600DSC_0933 600 PIXDSC_0934 600bookshelfDSC_0932 600 PIXDSC_0936 600kitchen 600

I’ve had lots of questions about my design so over the next few days I will feature aspects of it and introduce you to the people and companies that made it happen:)

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Progress at the Union in Victoria

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Sometimes the smallest apartments present the biggest challenges. This 700 sq foot 2 bedroom + den condo in Chinatown is a casual, family friendly place for my clients to hang out in Victoria.

d0ac2b1d-7e0a-4cd9-b776-7112ac266b6e_zps23a466eeI used a custom sectional to fit the tiny footprint and kept the major pieces light with youthful accents.

DSC_0680 PIX 1000More updates to come from this fun project in the Union Building situated in our vibrant Chinatown!


If you want some help making the place you live a place you love…contact me, I can help!

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2013 A Year In Review

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2013 A Year In Review – This year was filled with exciting projects and new directions for Nicole Scott Designs.  Here’s some of my design project highlights from 2013; it all happened so fast that honestly each of them feel like yesterday! I am SO looking forward to many more exciting projects and new client relationships in 2014. I hope you will be following along…and of course, Happy New Year to You!

2013 highlights


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Victoria Home Show April 19-21, 2013

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It’s April…that means it’s time for the Victoria Home Show. Here’s all the details. (Pic is the link as usual)



If you want some help making the place you live a place you love, Contact me…I can help.  Let’s go to the show together!

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Benjamin Moore – Back Then

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I’m gonna get down to a little painting and gardening this weekend. Maybe even another re-upholstery task. What Can I say….The sun is shining and I’m motivated.

What are you up To?

Here’s a cool vintage poster (undated) from Benjamin Moore…You see! Peeps have doing this DIY thing forever!

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Inspiration in odd places

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Every day me ‘n the dog hop in the car and go pick up the mister from work. He works in the vicinity of a huge recycling plant that crushes cars and other stuff….every couple weeks an empty barge shows up and over a period of two short days these guys on bulldozers Tetris these old cars and trucks onto the boat for a trip to god knows where.  I love to park here and wait where I can watch this process unfold week after week. I’m astounded at how many vehicles are always being loaded up, I mean we ARE on an island…how many cars can there be? Until I figure out the answers to these burning questions I thought I’d share a couple snaps I took a few weeks ago…

011 - 600

I’m totally inspired by a client of mine who takes great local urban/editorial pictures and see’s inspiration everywhere she goes…so I thought I’d try to play photographer for a day until she lets me feature her work on the blog for you all to enjoy.

002 - 600

What do you think? Cool. Weird? Cray Cray? I’m kind of loving the idea of framing one of my pics  in a white mat/white frame combo.

Crisp vs Crushed, Clean vs Dirty, New vs Recycled.

ribba-frame__39799_PE132825_S4If you want some help making the place you live a place you love, Contact me…I can help!

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Style Spotting – McLaren

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I’ve been looking for two light fixtures for my basement and got totally distracted by these glamorous Harlow beauties at local lighting mecca McLaren Lighting… I don’t have the ceiling height down there for the chandeliers but the sconces are definitely going to be part of the design. LOVE [Pics are the links as usual]

mclaren style spotting


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Home Show This Weekend

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If you’re planning any Reno’s to your house this year, you should check out the builders show this weekend. It’s a great place to get some savings on decking, landscaping, windows, kitchens and bathrooms.  Find the details here.

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Furniture Designer to Watch – Oliver Scott

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I want to introduce you to a new talent in the Victoria design community; his name is Oliver Scott (no relation) and he is a phenomenal wood worker and furniture designer with a new local company… Caledonia Silva.  His style is a fresh mix of Danish Modern and Arts and Crafts which you can see in his portfolio projects here.  My favourite piece so far is the Honeybee sideboard…isn’t it awesome!

honeybee x2

Oliver moved to Victoria from Scotland about 4 years ago with a desire for a life change and a passion for furniture design.  His work pays homage to old world joinery traditions but has a cool modern sensibility and edge that make these pieces so appealing for contemporary living.

Oliver has several pieces available and is working on a line of furniture to launch next year. (Watch him take IDS West 2013 by storm) His goal as a designer and craftsman is to make his creations as accessible as possible without compromising on materials or technique; and trust me,  he is so approachable that you are welcome to contact him to see his work or to collaborate with a truly gifted wood worker & commission a piece.

When I met with him recently I found his Scottish accent utterly charming combined with a gracious and humble cast when asked about his many talents.  I wanted to know what he loved most about his new wood working venture and he effortlessly related that he loves problem solving and working with wood creatively but that the greatest feeling he gets is from designing a piece and having somebody really like it!

So hey, If you like his work, be sure to tell him:) He’s on facebook

I’m sure that as a new business there are many new projects on the horizon for Caledonia Silva, but as a decorator I am most excited about Oliver’s plans to start producing wood Barn Doors! Yes!! You read it right.  I’ll be featuring his Barn Door creations as soon as they are done…email him if you want to know more.

All the best to you Oli! You are a Designer to Watch!

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