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Like most design enthusiasts I have a mad crush on Moroccan everything and in particular a style of rug that originates from the Middle Atlas Mountains in Morocco; the Beni Ouarain. These wool carpets are named after the Beni Ouarain Berber tribe who make this distinctive diamond and geometric pattern on natural ivory sheep’s wool. There are many Berber tribes who pass down traditional carpet weaving traditions, but this particular style has gained super star status in western design owing to its simplicity and endorsement from some of the biggest names in design. I love it too.

Take a look at the rug I just finished for my guest room, and how I made it.

I used black thread for this project although it takes on a navy blue look which is just fine by me :) Here’s an example of a beautiful hand made Beni Ouarain rug form Morocco. Props to the amazing women who still craft these rugs by hand, but this was a quick budget friendly fix that’ll hold me over until the rug budget gets an infusion of cash.































 What d’ya say? Think you might try it?

I’m going to make a couple more for some nursery projects I’m working on.

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  1. HOW nice for your guests to have a fluffy rug when they step out of bed. You are a genius!

  2. Wait a sec….you cut each thread one by one….can you still see straight? This rug is fantastic, and my hat is off to you, sister. I will not be doing this one.

    • Nicole says:

      Linda, No…It’s 6 threads at once…and this is from the woman who taped a Greek key pattern on a rug to within an inch of her life. Chicken! :)

  3. Wow, you made that! In the first photo I thought it was the real deal. Impressive!

  4. Just came over from Knock-off Decor–love this idea to makeover a rug!

  5. Molly says:

    Did you end up trying it with yarn? I think its going to be my next project and would love some tips.

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