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This week on USED VICTORIA I was admiring my very own pillows (Shameless Self Promotion) that are for sale at my favourite local furniture and decor store TRADE ROOTS.  The store has an exclusive line of my  feather filled pillows that you won’t find on my Etsy store or anywhere else.  Check them out at at 545 Herald Street in Victoria…and They’re having a SALE! Pics are the Links as usual




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  1. Okay, now today I’m swooning over these, the last set especially is calling my name! But I still can’t get the pair of maps from the other day off my mind! Must you? ;-)

  2. Jennifer says:

    That is so cool that your client found you through the last ORC!! Your board looks fantastic — the room will be beautiful and I can’t wait to watch the progress!

  3. René says:

    I’m already loving the new floor plan – makes so much sense!

  4. Karen says:

    Hi Nicole…I’m a new reader here to check out your ORC. Have to say I am seriously impressed by your new floor plan! What a difference! I love the ORC so I’m really looking forward to following you week to week. Fantastic start!


  5. LindsB says:

    Just by that new floor plan I know this is going to be an awesome before and after! I love the plan and with a budget that lots of people have this is sure to be a great before and after!!

  6. KATHYSUE says:

    I just found your blog through the ORC and I am so glad I did. Love, love your design board, it will be fun to follow along with the process. Being a retired designer it is so fun to see all you wonderful designers at work,

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