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I have a new project, a home office, so I’ve been trolling Used Victoria allot lately.  I saw this and had a flashback of making my pottery barn knockoff desk a couple years ago.  I can’t use it in my job…but maybe you can?  This one is really similar to what I used and since there’s just one, this is how I would suggest it could be used to make a great desk. (Pics are the links as usual)


You can click on this pic of my desk below to see how I did it.


I’m also going to start posting items on Tuesday that people are looking for. So if that’s you…let’s say you want a specific thing but don’t have time or luck on Used Victoria, Shoot me an email…I might find it! This one is for my dear Sheila.


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  1. You are the best! What a great piece, and the price is so right! Thanks for thinking of me :-)

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