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Yesterday I was busy visiting clients and giving advice on holiday decorations all over town…it was a dream!  One of my stops was in Sooke to start the decoration of a cottage by the sea. It is so adorable it’s crazy…more on the cottage later. I needed to simply and tastefully decorate for xmas, choose a colour palette and theme and leave the tree for the family to do themselves. No problem.

Here’s the view…

And here’s the mantle I started with.

I chose some driftwood accessories from Homesense (The garland the star and a tree) which totaled just over $50 dollars. Everything else was already there. The colour palette mimics the colours inside and out. Natural wood, white and green.

I stood outside in the pouring rain. In Suede Boots (I almost cried) snipping cedar from the forest right outside their door and just layered it into the driftwood garland and a set of Champagne coloured LED lights. The clients had candles everywhere so I grabbed all the white ones I could find and grouped them. Smelled great!

I used accessories like old books and antique or old objects from around the cottage to create little vignettes but mostly I put things away inside the built in cupboards for a clean and simple approach to Christmas.

It was dark by the end of the day but made for a calm and oh so pretty holiday room.  The family will do a charlie brown tree on their own and I left them with some ornaments and suggestion to keep the colour palette to green white and metallic. So nice.

If you want some help with your holiday decorating it’s not too late. Contact me…Of course I’ll help you, I’m nice like that.

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  1. Sorry the boots got wet…bummer. This is really lovely. What about that view. Are you kidding? I would never leave.

  2. Beautiful! Right up my alley – driftwood and a setting like that. You don’t need anything more! Nice job :-)

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