October 27, 2010

Dining Room Light

Another -Look What I Did – Project

Drum shade fixtures are modern and beautiful. I wanted one, but was not able to pay $400-600 dollars in a retail store. So, as usual I made one myself.  First I went to Winners and bought the biggest drum shade I could find in white. ($15)

I measured the diameter and then went to Home Depot and bought this fixture ($99) called Erin easylite.  I had to take apart a few of the assembly pieces on the fixture to get down to the cord, then I simply fed the cord through the hole in the shade and replaced the pieces I had screwed off.  I installed the fixture as normal, and voila. A barrel shade light fixture for $120 bucks. [The people who bought our condo stipulated that the light fixture had to stay…Ill take it as a compliment:)]

Tip: Don’t forget to use frosted bulbs – its easier on the eyes, if you look up into the shade.

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October 27, 2010


Nicole Scott

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